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The Voice coaches in Germany did not recognize an auditioning Rita Ora!
November 17th, 2017 under The Voice. [ Comments: none ]

Rita Ora decided to have fun on The Voice in Germany and auditioned to be on the show in back of the coaches. Since their backs were to her for :40 seconds. Then when they all turned around, they did not know it was the singer even though she was singing her tune Your Song. In fact, Mark Forster said to her, “It sounded almost like the original.” Yvonne Catterfeld even agreed with her co-coach, so when Ora introduced herself the German singer said to her, “OK, you’re kidding us. Just let me know are a doo-ble [double].” The Brit reassured her she is the real thing.

Proving the coaches are familiar with her music, but not the singer herself or that she was a coach in London on the singing competition back in 2015. Can we say ouch? On a positive note, at least they all turned around. Although, I was hoping for the opposite.

Who else besides me hopes they do something like that on The Voice in the US, like that time one of Christina Aguilera’s Mouseketeer buddies auditioned and she did not know who he was. That was classic.

xoxo Michael!


Blake Shelton reads the mean Tweets about him being Sexiest Man Alive
November 17th, 2017 under The Voice. [ Comments: none ]

A post shared by Blake Shelton (@blakeshelton) on

When Blake Shelton was named People’s Sexiest Man Alive on Tuesday, a lot of people, including me, were perplexed. In fact, some people even went as far to go on social media and voice their opinions. Since they written online, their voices were silent. Therefore, The Voice coach gave them one by reading what they wrote. The consensus is that all the other male celebrities in the World died so that he could get the honor.

Was he upset about it? Nope, he just laughed it off. It that humbleness and those dimples that is slowly making me realize that People made the right choice.


Trace Adkins takes credit for Blake Shelton’s sexiness!
November 16th, 2017 under The Voice, Trace Adkins. [ Comments: none ]

A lot of us were surprised when People named Blake Shelton as their Sexiest Man Alive, and we are not alone because Trace Atkins feels the same way. The Honky Tonk Badonkadonk singer posted the above photo and said, “So apparently Blake Shelton (@blakeshelton) is the world’s sexiest man? Well, I suppose. Never did pay much attention, but then again this picture was taken before he learned how to be sexy from me. Congrats, BS you heartthrob.”

Can I tell you, I find Adkins do sexy with that deep voice, ponytail and his really dry sense of humor. Thus, I believe he taught The Voice coach how to shake his honey bee! What do you think?

You know what, I love the way the Country Music artists joke with each other. They are probably the closest group of celebrities out there.


Hugh Jackman gives People’s Sexiest Man Alive Blake Shelton some advice
November 15th, 2017 under Hugh Jackman, The Voice. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday, People announced that Blake Shelton is their Sexiest Man Alive this year and a former one has some advice for him. Hugh Jackman, 2008’s winner, Tweeted to him, “Hey @blakeshelton … take it from me … humble only gets you so far. Milk the sexy status for ALL it’s worth. The reign goes all too quickly. Just ask @VancityReynolds @people.”

Am I the only person wondering how he got the title? I mean, he is the second person from The Voice to get the honor and even though both men are very sexy, they are not the Sexiest Man Alive sexy. What do you think?


Is Blake Shelton checking out Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback?
April 26th, 2017 under Gwen Stefani, The Voice. [ Comments: none ]

Even though, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have been going out for over a year, that doesn’t mean he stopped checking out her a$$ets. The Rich Girl shared a photo of her boyfriend checking something out and it looks to be her honey bee. Bad boy! Happy boy, but bad boy!


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