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George Lopez is such an ugly woman, only Schwarzenegger would have sex him!
May 24th, 2011 under George Lopez. [ Comments: none ]

As expected Arnold Schwazenegger and his mistress Mildred “Patty” Baena are the talk of all the late night shows. But unlike all the other ones, George Lopez is the only Latino hosting one. So he seized the opportunity to dress up as the maid, who left such a big mess no one can clean it up. Let’s just say he was so ugly in drag, I think that that only the Governator would be interested in doing the nasty with him.
BTW I wonder if when Maria Shriver hired her, it was kind of like how Daniel Meade’s dad hired Betty on Ugly Betty? You know, thinking that she wasn’t his type and that there was no way he would want to sleep with her? Guess that plan backfired for her, if that was the case.
BTW below is the skit that ran on Lopez Tonight yesterday.


George Lopez is no Mr Myagi
May 13th, 2011 under George Lopez, Ralph Macchio. [ Comments: none ]

Ralph Macchio was on Lopez Tonight and George Lopez recreated his famous move The Crane from The Karate Kid. Who knew the TBS host was so limber?


Nick Cannon says that Mariah Carey’s labor drove him to the psych ward!!!
May 12th, 2011 under George Lopez, Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon. [ Comments: none ]

Nick Cannon was on Lopez Tonight yesterday and he talked to George Lopez about his brand new twins. He shared with the TBS late night host about the birthing experience and how his son and daughter got their names.
As prepared as Nick was for their birth and even with a few test runs, he still freaked out when the actual time came. He was so nervous that he got lost in the hospital and found himself in the psych ward instead of the maternity one. What a way for the boy and girl to start off their first day in the world.
Now when it comes to their names even with the written explanations Moroccan Scott and Monroe sounded kind of unusual. Well now that he explained their meanings and importance they sound so much better. As we know their daughter was named after Marilyn Monroe and they chose her last name because it is a “strong name for a woman.” I personally love the name. Now when it comes to their son, who was named after a room in their place, it was also the same room that they got engaged in. How sweet is that? And his parents don’t call him by his full name, instead they call him Rock. That will definitely help him as he grows up from getting teased by his classmates.
Nick also revealed that twins are still in the hospital and they will be home any day now. Let’s hope they bring them home ASAP because if I were a baby I would want to experience their nursery as soon as I could.


Mark Wahlberg finally meets Justin Bieber!!!
October 25th, 2010 under George Lopez, Justin Bieber, Marky Mark. [ Comments: none ]

Back in August Mark Wahlberg was on George Lopez and he told the talk show host that his daughter Ella Rae has Bieber Fever so he called Justin Bierber for her but he never returned his call. Well yesterday Marky Mark became the best dad in the world to his little girl because he did something better than get her a call from the Baby singer, he was able to get her to meet him at the Variety’s 4th Annual Power Of Youth Event. Looking at her face, Marky Mark will get her to do whatever he wants until she hits puberty or until she has her next crush.
BTW I am glad that Justin Bieber made time to meet Ella Rae because I would have feared for him if he didn’t because Wahlberg threatened to mess up his hair if he didn’t get back to him…


George Lopez is getting a divorce…does his wife get her kidney back?
September 27th, 2010 under Divorce, George Lopez. [ Comments: none ]

(photo from WireImage)

George Lopez and his wife Ann are getting a divorce after 17 years of marriage according to TMZ. They added that they had been working on details of their split for a while, but have decided for an amicable divorce to protect their 15 year old daughter. There was no reason mentioned why the two are divorcing, but earlier in the year The National Enquirer reported that the TBS late night host had hired at least one hooker.
Back in 2005 the couple made news when Ann donated one her kidneys to her husband, so I have to wonder does she get it back in the divorce? Afterall she gets half of everything in California!


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