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Mila Kunis does the absolute worst Chewbacca!
July 31st, 2018 under Jimmy Fallon, That '70s Show. [ Comments: none ]

Mila Kunis was a guest on The Tonight Show yesterday and Jimmy Fallon challenged her, Questlove and Zachary Quinto to a new game called Say That To My Face. Basically, each player is given several face masks of famous people that they cannot see whose mug it is, and their team member gives them clues to who it is. When the mask holder guesses who it is, then the next person goes until the clock runs out.

Sounds like an easy game, until Mrs. Ashton Kutcher got Chewbacca and tried to do his Wookie sound. But it is that stupidity that made this game a laugh riot. My cheeks hurt from laughing because it was hard to be kind to the stars that they were trying to decribe. Phrases like “I have a big butt” or “I am Putin’s bitch!”

If you need a laugh today, this will do it. That and Kunis’ story about her disaterious honeymoon with her husband in an RV. To hear the story, then click here!


Alec Baldwin was dared to become an actor
July 26th, 2018 under Alec Baldwin, Jimmy Fallon. [ Comments: none ]

When you think of Alec Baldwin, you think of him as an actor and assume that is all he ever wanted to do. Turns out that was not always the case. In fact, he told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show yesterday that he was studying pre-law at George Washington Univerity, but then something happened.

What happened? His friend dared him to audition for NYU’s acting program and he got in. Since he was still young, he felt he had to do it because he would never get another chance to do it. Therefore he did it.

When he was taking classes there, he asked the head of the program why he let him in. Was it because he is such a natural talent? Nope. The professor told him, “You were the only straight guy that applied.”

If you think about it, had the stars not aligned just so, we would not have the Baldwin acting dynasty and Justin Bieber would be engaged to someone else. Crazy how a dare can change your life and so many others.

Deep thoughts for today.


Tom Cruise cannot stop laughing
July 24th, 2018 under Jimmy Fallon, Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes/Suri. [ Comments: none ]

Tom Cruise is a very serious man. He laughs, but it is a controlled laughter. Yesterday, when he was on The Tonight Show, he could not control himself. Could be because Jimmy Fallon asked him to star in Mad Lib Theater with him and the two of them acted out the silliest scene. It is hard to keep a straight face when you are saying such goofy things.

The goofier, the better for us. It was nice to see Cruise have some fun and let loose. He should do it more often. It would make him more likable and approachable.


Barbra Streisand’s late dog feels the same about Pierce Brosnan’s singing as us
July 20th, 2018 under Barbra Streisand, Jimmy Fallon, Mamma Mia, Pierce Brosnan. [ Comments: none ]

Remember how much you loved the movie Mamma Mia until Pierce Brosnan started singing? Well, you are not alone! When Remington Steele showed the movie to Barbra Streisand at her house, he found out he was not made of steal when her late dog Sammy bit him.

How did Babs react to it? Bronan told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show yesterday that she asked how her dog was doing first. You cannot blame the pooch because his singing was just painful. The actor can do a lot of things, but singing is just not one of them.


I’ll tell you what I want, what I really want is Charlie Puth singing songs from the ’90s!
July 18th, 2018 under Charlie Puth, Jimmy Fallon. [ Comments: none ]

Even though Charlie Puth was born in 1991, he really loves singing chart-toppers from that decade. So much so, he released not one, but two albums from that era.

Yesterday, when he was on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, he performed 3 songs from his two albums. Not as they were, but in his own seductive style. Those catchy tunes by Blink 182, Lit and Spice Girls are a different type of catchy with his twist on Small Things, My Own Worst Enemy and Wannabe.

Sadly the albums are not real because I would so buy them. You know I have been hearing about him for ages, but today is the first time I listened to Charlie Puth. Now I cannot stop listening to his tracks. Dang you Jimmy Fallon, I want to Marvin Gaye let’s get it on and not in a sexual way! Put ’em up!


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