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Is Eric Stonestreet the new Meghan Markle?
September 21st, 2018 under Modern Family, The Princes of England. [ Comments: none ]

Every year, Modern Family goes out of their way to make Halloween special and this year is no exception. We do not all of what they are going to do, but we do know that Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cam (Eric Stonestreet) are going as the Duke and Duchess of Essex. Since Ferguson is a ginger, it makes sense that he is going as Prince Harry and his husband is going as his wife. That makes sense right?

I hope that means that Phil and Claire will go as Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Wouldn’t that be perfect for Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen?

I don’t want them to kill off that “significant character” on this episode. How creepy would that be?

Since we do not know when that person will die, we will just have to start tuning in on Wednesday when the show returns for its 10th season with all new episodes.


Who is going to die on Modern Family?
September 13th, 2018 under Modern Family. [ Comments: none ]

Modern Family is probably going into its final season this year and looks like someone is not going to make it to the last episode. The sitcom co-creator Christopher Lloyd told Entertainment Weekly, “We’re handling some bigger life events in this season.” Then he added, “We do deal with a death, which is certainly a topic that families have to deal with, and on television, it’s not easy to do because that’s a heavy subject. But at the same time, it would seem unusual for a family not to go through it.”

That mysterious person will die during the first part of this season that debuts September 26th on ABC. When it comes to who it is, all he would say is that it is “significant character on the series.” That and the effects of their death will be played out for a few episodes.

Who do you think will die? I think it will be DeDe Pritchett (Shelly Long). I personally do not think they can kill off any of the leads even if it is the final season. Although, I can think of who I would want it to be…


Eric Stonestreet is asked if this is Modern Family’s last season
June 22nd, 2018 under Kathie Lee and Hoda, Modern Family. [ Comments: none ]

For several months, there have been rumors that the 10th season of Modern Family will be its last. Today when he was on Today, they asked him it was true. He told them, “Well, I don’t know for sure, but we are not contracted to do an 11th season.” He then told Hoda Kotb that they will probably make a decision by Christmas.

The last time they went in for negotiations, the decision was finalized closer in May rather than January. It will be interesting to see what they will this time around.

Is there any hope for more seasons? Cam said, “I am open to it. I think we’re all open to the idea. But we don’t want to go away yet.” Only time will tell!

Do you think it is time for the sitcom to end or would you like more seasons?


Has Eric Stonestreet hit hard times?
May 8th, 2018 under Hard times, Modern Family. [ Comments: none ]

Eric Stonestreet is on hiatus from Modern Family and he was photographed working at Healzer’s OK Tire Store in Ness City, Kansas. Does that mean he is looking for some extra cash to get him through the months the show is not in production? Nope, he is just promoting his cousin’s business. Hopefully, it works and he gets a few more people in the store!


Comedian Gabriel Iglesias and Modern Family’s Rico Rodriguez can be twins
January 29th, 2018 under Modern Family. [ Comments: none ]

Gabriel Iglesias is going to guest star on Modern Family and he looks just like on of the show’s stars. When I looked at this photo of him with Ed O’Neill and Sofia Vergara, I honestly thought he was Rico Rodriguez. I was looking dead center and then when I noticed Manny on the side, I was like which one is which. One of them could be cloned from the other one. Did you think Iglesias was Rodriguez and vice versa?


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