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Joaquin Phoenix is saying hello to the Hulk?
July 12th, 2010 under Joaquin Phoenix, Marvel Comics. [ Comments: none ]

(photo from WireImage)

I guess Joaquin Phoenix wasn’t serious when he said he was retiring from acting because according to CHUD he is considering taking on the role in The Avengers. Ed Norton was mistakenly released from the film and that is who they are thinking of replacing him. When I think of Bruce Banner I think of Ed Norton, when I think of The Hulk I think of Joaquin Phoenix unshaven and rapping.
Plus I just think the way that he said that he turned his back on Hollywood and retired, he needs to work way his back into the biz and not be handed such a great role for his return the big screen. But that is just me.


Joaquin Phoenix should stick to rap
January 22nd, 2010 under Joaquin Phoenix, Liv Tyler, Miley Cyrus. [ Comments: none ]

A clean cut and shaven Joaquin Phoenix has finally emerged after last year’s lunacy to do a PSA with Miley Cyrus and Liv Tyler. After watching that video, I think he was better off when he was rapping than doing that.
While TWLOHA is all about a good cause, that video is anything but.


Joaquin Phoenix’s Rap Battle with a heckler
March 12th, 2009 under Joaquin Phoenix. [ Comments: 2 ]

Joaquin was doing his “Rap” at LIV in Miami, at a concert sponsored by Belvedere 1X, when a fan decided to heckle his rapping. Joaquin didn’t take to well to the reaction by his fan, so he decided to jump off the stage and confront him according to AP.

“We have a (double-expletive) in the audience,” he said before jumping into the crowd. It was not immediately clear whether the two men exchanged any blows.
“I saw the guy screaming at Joaquin, and Joaquin just came down,” said Jorge Lledo, 30, of Miami Beach.
The bizarre spectacle struck many in the audience as the latest prank in an extended farce staged by Phoenix. Affleck, an Oscar-nominated actor who is also Phoenix’s brother-in-law, is making a documentary about Phoenix’s career shift.
“(Affleck’s) camera was filming the whole time, so it makes me think he has ulterior motives,” said Luis Gendron, 23, of Miami.
“He knows the game he’s playing, and he’s good at it,” Gendron said of Phoenix.

Gotta love Joaquin. You never know what he is going to do next, but the one thing you know is that it will be crazier than the last thing he did. The things Casey Affleck and him will do for their documentary, I wonder what they will come up with next?


Joaquin Phoenix’s painful interview on Letterman
February 12th, 2009 under David Letterman, Joaquin Phoenix. [ Comments: 1 ]

I know I am in the minority, but I really felt bad for Joaquin Phoenix during that interview on David Letterman. You can so tell that he doesn’t he want to be there and felt really uncomfortable during the whole interview. And it didn’t help that Letterman was a condescending jerk and didn’t take into account that he was nervous or bother to do any research on him. I mean it has been no secret that he is doing old skool rap which if he did the research he could have had some real chuckles with him and not at him. What also didn’t help was his audience that laughed every time he opened his mouth. I mean you can seriously watch Joaquin shrink into suit as each second goes on. With all those factors that probably will go down as one of the worst interviews in Late Night TV. Poor Joaquin will end his talk show career on that note.
BTW that is why I love Jimmy Kimmel Live! so much, he is warm and takes his guests’ feelings into consideration. I know Letterman has been doing it longer, but he could learn a lesson from Kimmel. Seriously whenever I wind up watching an interview of Letterman’s he always comes off as a pompous jerk and coming in at number 2 to Jay Leno he has no reason for that ‘tude.


Joaquin Phoenix talks about his music
January 17th, 2009 under Joaquin Phoenix. [ Comments: 4 ]

Raw Vegas caught up with Joaquin Phoenix before he performed his music and he talken about his acting retirement. When I think of Joaquin doing music, I though he would be all about the grunge especially with that look. It still freaks me out that he is doing rap. It just seems so wrong. Anyone else saw him doing old school rap?
UPDATE: Celeb Warship posted video of his performance which is worse than we imagined.


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