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Misha Collins takes several cream pies to the face!
October 1st, 2018 under Supernatural. [ Comments: none ]

The Supernatural set seems like it would be a lot of fun to work on. Now we know that it is a funny set too.

That is because the other day Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and a few other smacked a few cream pies into Misha Collins’ face. I am not exactly sure why, but Sam Winchester wrote, “Donation link is here!!!”

At least it was for a good cause. Is it just me or does Castiel look like The Joker when he smiles with all of that whipped cream on his face? I know he is too good looking to play the role, but still.

When it comes to their show that is going into its 14th season, it will be back next Thursday for us to enjoy again.


Proof Misha Collins hasn’t aged a day in 10 years!
September 20th, 2018 under Supernatural. [ Comments: none ]

Misha Collins is celebrating his 20th year in acting, 10 of them with Supernatural as Castiel. To honor the milestone, he shared a photo from when he first put on the trenchcoat to one from this week. If he did not put dates on the pictures, I never would have known they were taken exactly a year apart. Would you have known?

Supernatural is back with all new episodes for its 13th season on October 12th.


Don’t call Misha Collins a pussy for wearing this male romper?
August 13th, 2018 under Supernatural. [ Comments: none ]

Misha Collins is very comfortable in his manhood. So much so, he wore this supernatural male romper with a cat eating pizza. Not many men would dare to wear that, but, then again, not many men are like our favorite television angel. And we would not have it any other way.

I wonder if Castiel will wear it on Supernatural when the show returns to The CW on October 11th. Can you imagine how Sam and Dean would react to seeing him wearing that under his trenchcoat?


BTWF: Misha Collins in Girl, Interrupted
July 12th, 2018 under Before They Were Famous, Supernatural. [ Comments: none ]

Before Misha Collins was a good boy on Supernatural, he was a bad boy in Girl, Interrupted. How sexy was the 24-year-old in that 1999 movie?


Misha Collins has seen better days
July 11th, 2018 under Better Days, Supernatural. [ Comments: none ]

A post shared by Misha Collins (@misha) on

Misha Collins not only plays an angel on TV, but he looks like one too. Well, most of the time. Yesterday, he returned to work on Supernatural and they messed up his good looks. Instead of seeing that perfect looking mug, it appears to be all busted up. Did he have a hard hiatus? Nope, he just had a “rough” first day back at work. At least in the makeup room when they made him look like that.

To find out why Castiel is all battered and bruised, mark your calendars for October 11th. That is when The CW show returns for its 14th, yes 1-4, season!


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