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Liv Tyler bothered by the pressure to lose baby weight immediately
September 17th, 2006 under Admirable People, Liv Tyler. [ Comments: none ]

Liv Tyler has slammed celebrities who lose weight too quickly after giving birth. The ‘Lord of the Rings’ star gave birth to her son, Milo, with musician Royston Langdon, in December 2004, and insists she had no desire to lose her pregnancy weight quickly, despite the pressure on actresses to stay thin. She told Britain’s OK! magazine: "Dieting is always a pain. I wanted to enjoy my time out with my son and not be frantic and miserable about not eating and working out. "It bothers me that there is this culture about having to immediately lose you extra weight and I wasn’t interested in getting into that." Liv, 29, says 20 months after giving birth she is still struggling to shift the last of her pregnancy pounds. She added: "I’ve been having a hard time losing the last bit of weight I’d gained during my pregnancy.

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Good for her because she always looks amazing whether she is skinny or has a little meat on her bones!


Liv Tyler looks great without make-up
August 29th, 2006 under Liv Tyler, No makeup. [ Comments: 3 ]


B!tch! I wish I looked that good without make-up


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