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Meg Ryan and Julian McMahon?
November 23rd, 2009 under Meg Ryan, Nip/Tuck. [ Comments: 1 ]

(photo from Bauer Griffin)

Looks like Meg Ryan had something to celebrate for her 48th birthday on 11/20 because according to The Herald Sun she has been seen getting cozy with the 41 year old Julian McMahon. The two have been seen having several dinners together and at one of them they were seen holding hands. I wonder if she realizes he just plays a plastic surgeon on Nip/Tuck and he isn’t really one? Sorry I couldn’t resist.


WTF happened to Meg Ryan?
May 11th, 2008 under Meg Ryan. [ Comments: 1 ]

Meg Ryan used to be so beautiful, but what did she do to her face? So sad. 

Sleepless in New York City
March 11th, 2008 under Meg Ryan, Reunions. [ Comments: 2 ]

Ever wondered what happened to Sam Baldwin and Annie Reed from Sleepless in Seattle? Now we get a glimpse of what the couple would have been like when they got together, and now we know why there was never any sequel to the movie because it woulds have been boring. 
Talking about sequels let's hope Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks are talking about doing a sequel to Joe Versus the Volcano. 

Who looks older…Madonna or Meg Ryan?
June 22nd, 2007 under Better than..., Madonna, Meg Ryan. [ Comments: none ]

People (Madonna) and Daily Mail (Meg Ryan)
Believe it or not both women are under 50, but look like they are senior citizens. If either woman used a brush it would take decades off their looks. 

How old is Meg Ryan?
June 22nd, 2007 under Meg Ryan. [ Comments: 1 ]

Because she is really looking like crap. Such a shame because Meg Ryan was such a naturally beautiful woman before she got all that work done. 

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