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Is Rebel Wilson the only Aussie not in Dundee?
January 29th, 2018 under Chris and Liam Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe. [ Comments: none ]

RimFire Films released the first full trailer for Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home, and almost every famous Australian is in the film. There is Liam Hemsworth and his brother Chris Hemsworth, Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman, Isla Fisher, Margot Robbie and Ruby Rose. The only two people from Down Under that are missing are Rebel Wilson and Men At Work. Which makes you wonder who they pissed of not to be this promo?

There is one more Aussie missing and that is Paul Logan? Hopefully Crocodile Dundee will make a cameo in the movie that is out this summer.


BTWF roles: Russell Crowe on Young Doctors
June 26th, 2017 under Before They Were Famous, Russell Crowe. [ Comments: none ]

Before Russell Crowe was surrounded by his Merry Men in Robin Hood, he was lonely because his parents did not spend time with him on Young Doctors. How sweet and innocent did the then 12-year-old doctor look in that 1977 episode?


Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling are not nice guys to each other!
May 13th, 2016 under Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling, Stephen Colbert. [ Comments: 1 ]

Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling might be nice to each other in the their movie The Nice Guys, but on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert it was completely another story. When the new dad said that Crowe wouldn’t do the movie with him, the Oscar winner said he was referring to all Ryans. At that point, Gosling’s feelings were hurt and he walked out. The CBS host continued the interview without the heartthrob, but the cutie wasn’t going to let that happen. He kept interrupting it, until the Gladiator fired off a T-Shirt at him from a gun. Then when Gosling finally came back, Colbert screwed it all up.
That would’ve been a much funnier bit if it didn’t last 6 minutes. Colbert needs to learn how to not make a planned bit feel not feel so planned. It should feel more natural and not so stiff. I’ve seen better acting in school plays. What do you think?


No, no, no, Noah
November 15th, 2013 under Russell Crowe. [ Comments: none ]

The first trailer is out for Noah. I would rather be forced to listen Russell Crow singing in Les Miserables in loop than go see that movie on Match 27th.


Do Russell Crowe and Jimmy Fallon really have to pee?
June 11th, 2013 under Jimmy Fallon, Russell Crowe. [ Comments: none ]

Jamie King, who choreographed for Michael Jackson, was on Late Night yesterday; and he taught Jimmy Fallon and Russell Crowe how to do some of his signature dance steps. One of the moves was MJ’s infamous crotch grab and you just have to watch the video to see how (put your own adjective here because you will have one) it looks when they do it. That screenshot is just a little preview, and yes it is all that good.
You can watch the full video below and enjoy it over and over again!.

There is some news about The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon that debuts next year; Amy Ozols, a longtime Late Night with Jimmy Fallon write, has been promoted to be the producer of the show.


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