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Coco and Bethenny get their fannies stimulated!
September 24th, 2013 under Bethenny, Ice-T/ Coco. [ Comments: 1 ]

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Bethenny Frankel is not afraid to go there on her daytime talk show and today Coco and her got Fanny Lifts. That’s right women go to get the butts beautified with electrodes and the Skinny Martini lady got that done with the woman is most known for her a$$.
So watch as the two woman hold hands and make the faces they probably make when they use something else electric down there.
You know what after that video, I am thinking of getting a Fanny Facial! Whose with me?


The ladies of The Real all feel Coco’s butt!
July 25th, 2013 under Ice-T/ Coco, The Real. [ Comments: none ]

Coco Austin is a guest on the new talk show The Real tomorrow and all but one of the female hosts felt her big soft butt. Not only did Tamar Braxton, Loni Love, Adrienne Bailon, Jeannie Mai and Tamera Mowry-Housley cop a feel, Ice-T’s wife showed them how to shake their booties just like she does. Although none of them have an asset quite like hers.


Ice-T says something about big butts that shocks Conan O’Brien!
June 12th, 2013 under Conan O'Brien, Ice-T/ Coco. [ Comments: none ]

Ice-T and his wife were on Conan O’Brien’s talk show and they talked about her infamous butt. At one point in the interview Ice-T said, “I think a lot of brothers need some butt because that is the impact area. You understand me? You don’t want to break a pelvis or anything. You dig?” By the look of the TBS late host’s face, you can tell he has never been able to dig to the point that a pelvis might be broken.
Butt, I am but, isn’t all the Law & Order: SVU star said. He also admitted that he can be a creepy man and that Coco can see her a$$ets. I just won’t elaborate why he said those things, you will just have to watch the video above to hear what he said.
Oh here is Ice-T’s picture of Coco that TBS censors would only let you see 3 whole seconds of.


Caption Coco and Bethenny Frankel!
June 14th, 2012 under Bethenny, Caption the Celeb, Ice-T/ Coco. [ Comments: none ]

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this picture of Coco and Bethenny Frankel is worth at least that many. So go ahead and caption this picture from Bethenny‘s daytime talk show.


The truth is finally revealed about Coco’s a$$!
February 20th, 2012 under Ice-T/ Coco. [ Comments: none ]

For years we have wondered if Coco’s big a$$ is real and today The Doctors found out the truth. Ice-T’s wife was given an ultrasound on the daytime talk show and we found out that her tush is all hers and no implants have been added. Is it wrong for me to still doubt it?
Now over to the Doctor who was doing the ultrasound, I love when he says, “I am penetrating through the various tissues.” I bet she has never heard it described in that way before in her life, if you know what I mean? I sure as heck haven’t.


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