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Oh farts, Last Man on Earth, The Mick and Nine-Nine are axed, while others are renewed
May 10th, 2018 under Fox, NBC, Will Forte. [ Comments: none ]

Today is the day that most of the broadcast networks make up their minds on what shows they want to keep and which ones they don’t. The latter leaving people like me downing a bottle of St John’s Wort.

The first sad news came from January Jones who broke the news that The Last Man on Earth was cancelled after only four seasons. She wrote, “To our @lastmanfox’s been an amazing 4yrs, thank you for all the hard work, we love you and will miss seeing you every day! And thank you to our fans who loved and laughed at these ridiculous and lovably flawed characters. @orviv your brain is a national(global?),treasure ❤️” She is not kidding about Forte’s brain, it is scrumptious gem full of beautiful smelling farts. How many other actors would do what he did in that photo above and with a big smile on his face. That is the perfect way to describe this show, a big smile. You can tell this was a cast that loves working on the show and each other ever more than that. A combination that is rare these days. I can go on, but I am only on my first glass of wine. Also, I am not ready to handle the fact that the show ended with such a cliffhanger that will not be resolved just like what happened on Soap, Benson, Alf and V.

Now, as I get ready to pour the second glass in honor of Mary Steenburgen’s character, I am sad that The Mick is ending too. This is a comedy that pushed the envelope so far it fell off of the flat earth and went into a black hole. How many other shows would have a sex scene with a 100-year-old woman and a 30-year-old female for diamonds? Did I mention, they showed a lot of nudity and then they killed her off the rich old lady by having her mix her oxygen tank with one last cigarette. What other show would do that? None, for a very good reason but still it was very funny.

Finally, Fox also gave the ax to Brooklyn Nine-Nine after 5 seasons. Never got that show. I guess Fox is getting out of the Saturday Night Live business.

What about some good news? NBC picked up AP Bio for a second season, which is good for Glenn Howerton since he quit It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. They are also staying with Blindspot for a fourth one and J-Lo’s World of Dance for a third. The latter is a summer show.

Back to f*cking Fox, they are staying with Star to see if the third one will be a charm. I do not watch that show, but I still watch Empire. Who else besides me, would like it to be put out of our misery? Seriously, the show is not even a shell of what it once was. It is barely watchable which is why I watch most episodes and have no idea what just happened and I don’t care that zoned out for a whole hour.


Clayne Crawford responds to being fired for Lethal Weapon
May 9th, 2018 under Fox. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday, there were several reports that Clayne Crawford was fired from the Fox show Lethal Weapon, and the actor had a message for his past employers. He wrote, “Hmmmmmm?…Wait, wait, wait……you can’t fire me on my day off!” Aren’t all of his days, days off now?


Clayne Crawford’s behavior proves to be too lethal for Lethal Weapon
May 8th, 2018 under Fox. [ Comments: none ]

On April 23rd, there were several reports that Clayne Crawford’s actions on the set of Lethal Weapon were making people feel uncomfortable. The next day, the actor confirmed that he had some problems on the set and was sorry about how he handled the situations.

I guess his apology was good enough for the producers because The Hollywood Reporter is saying that he was fired from the Fox show that has not yet been picked up for a third season. The trade also says that they are looking to recast the role. They have offered it to a few actors who have all turned down the offer.

I say cast either Ashton Kutcher or Mark-Paul Gosselaar in the part because both actors have successfully come on to show as a replacement and gave it a few more seasons. Or give the role to Chace Crawford because, well, their names are similar? Or better yet, just cancel it? Give us some revivals instead of a small screen version of a big screen movie.

We will probably find out more on Monday when Fox announces it plans for next season. Do you want to see the police show back for another season or is it time to let it go?

The moral of this story actors, is count to 10 before you lose it on the set or you will lose your job.


Clayne Crawford confirms the rumors about Lethal Weapon and apologizes
April 24th, 2018 under Fox. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday, there was a report that Lethal Weapon is danger of getting cancelled because of Clayne Crawford. The report said that he has been reprimanded several times because of his actions and made people feel uncomfortable on the set.

Today, he took to social media to explain what really happened and apologize if what he did might cost people their job. He loves his job and and sorry if his passion made people feel uncomfortable.

Hopefully this mea culpa will be enough to save the show. Well that if he actually means what he says. That is the biggest factor in this scenario.


Could Lethal Weapon be cancelled because of Clayne Crawford?
April 23rd, 2018 under Fox. [ Comments: none ]

Did you know that Fox has had a remake of Lethal Weapon with Damon Wayans on the air for the last two seasons? Well, there might only be a few episodes left because Deadline is reporting it might be cancelled due to the other lead, Claybe Crawford. The site says that he has been disciplined several times because of bad behavior. So bad that they are hearing people feel uncomfortable on the set.

Warner Bros and Fox have to decide what to do next. Do they keep the show as is? Do they recast his role? Or do they just cancel it? Since neither the studio nor the network has commented on the cop drama’s future, I am assuming we will have to wait until next month to find out.

Do you think they should save the show or blow it up like they did the toilet in the movie? On that note, it seems like Riggs is a cursed character.


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