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TGIF on Fox again!
December 7th, 2018 under Fox, Gordon Ramsay, Leslie Jordan, Tim Allen, Vicki Lawrence. [ Comments: none ]

After a few weeks off, Last Man Standing, The Cool Kids and Hell’s Kitchen are all back with new episodes on Fox tonight at 8p.

The night starts off with Kyle (Christoph Sanders) being fired from his job in personnel. Mike (Tim Allen) does not want his son in law to be out of work, so he gives him a job in human resources.

Before he does that, he asks his daughter, Mandy (Molly McCook) about it. She tells her dad that Kyle is not very confident and losing another job might break him.

Therefore, Mike will do everything he can to make sure he does not fail. Which might be hard to do because the first thing Kyle has to deal with at his new job is handle a complaint brought against Mike by Chuck (Jonathan Adams) and Joe (Jay Leno). I don’t think Mike will like that? Do you?

Then at 8:30p on The Cool Kids, Hank (David Alan Grier) is dating a much younger woman and Margaret (Vicki Lawrence) thinks the 45-year-old is only after his money. Causing a big rift between the two friends.

Margaret recruits Sid (Leslie Jordan) and Chuck (Martin Mull) to expose his girlfriend’s true intentions. What could possibly go wrong? Oh wait, all of their schemes get them into trouble and tonight is no different.

If you are not watching this show, then you are missing out on comedy that makes you laugh until you need Depends!

Then at 9p, it is time for Gordon Ramsay’s daughter’s Sweet Sixteen. Tilly decides to have it at Hell’s Kitchen.

The chefs are tasked with coming up with the items that will be on the menu. They make her different choices to choose from and she will decide what will be made for the party.

Once the menu is place, it is time for one team to celebrate and the other one to set up for the party. Tilly asks her dad for one thing and that is to be on his best behavior.

What do you think is more likely to happen? Both teams will have a perfect service or Ramsay not losing his temper? You will just have to watch to find out.


You’ll need to check into Chastain Memorial after tonight’s The Resident
November 26th, 2018 under Fox. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 8p on Fox, it is time for The Resident’s fall season finale. Oh boy, what an episode it is.

Conrad’s (Matt Czuchry) dad (Glenn Morshower) is rushed to the hospital after he passes out from pain and it will force the father and son to have some serious talks. Like what his dad wants to do in case of an emergency and what really happened when his parents split. Conrad will learn something about his dad he never knew. Will it change how he feels about him?

It is Devon’s (Manish Dayal) wedding day and he meets with Julian (Jenna Dewan) before the nuptials. As he is trying to tell he has feelings for her, she shuts him down. That is because she has decided to blow the whistle on her medical supply company, report them to the FDA and leave to an undisclosed location. What happens when she tells her boss that she knows what he has been doing is illegal and kill patients? Let’s just say, he is not going to let her go without a fight.

That is not the only fight, Devon has to fight his feelings to decide if he wants to get married. And there is yet one more fight going on. But I cannot tell you that.

You don’t want to miss this episode because so much happens that moves the show forward. Plus, it is really entertaining and let’s be honest. That is what is really important.


Kristen Schaal dressed her daughter up as her Bob’s Burgers character!
November 1st, 2018 under Fox, Halloween. [ Comments: none ]

This Halloween is the first one for Kristen Schaal as a mom. That means she gets to dress her daughter, Ruby, up for the holiday.

Did she go with a pumpkin or a sunflower like most new parents? Nope! Instead, she dressed the 8-month-old up as Louise from Bob’s Burgers. Translation, as herself. Not only that, her husband, Rich Blomquist, dressed up as her TV father Bob. I will try not to get creeped out by that.

Anyways, moving past that, how cute is this Etsy costume?


Halloween time on The Resident, Damon Wayans is Happy Together with his son
October 29th, 2018 under CBS, Fox. [ Comments: none ]

We are two days away from Halloween, but The Resident is celebrating it tonight at 8p on Fox. A woman has dreams that are so scary, she needs to be hospitalized. Conrad Hawkins is assigned her case, but he is just as puzzled as she is about why this is happening. Will he be able to figure it out before it is too late?

Then a car accident victim is coming in one limb at a time. AJ Austin (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) thinks he can handle the reattachment surgery by himself until he can’t. Will he be able to get the operating room filled in time?

It is not easy for a medical drama to do Halloween, but The Resident did it perfectly.

Then at 8:30p on Happy Together, Damon Wayans Jr’s dad guest stars on the show as his…dad!

Claire (Amber Stevens West) is on a business trip, so Peter’s (Jr) dad comes by for a surprise visit. For some reason, he opens up to Cooper (Felix Mallard) and the rocker tells his friend what is going on with his dad. How will he handle it?

Better yet, will Peter and Claire be able to master e-sex? Let’s just say it will have Cooper considering moving out.

I do now know why you are not watching this sitcom because it is so funny. Every week I laugh more than the week before.


The first new show to get a full season pickup is…
October 10th, 2018 under Fox, NBC. [ Comments: none ]

We are just three weeks into the fall season and we already have a new show that got a full season pick up. NBC announced today that they ordered the bottom nine from New Amsterdam. Is the news a surprise? Only in I thought that Manifest was going to get that honor.

Other than that, I am excited that the medical drama, which is not all about scaring the crap out of us with scary medical diagnosis, got the title. Out of all of the new shows, this was the first one that I liked and made me cry. In other words, my favorite new show of the fall. As much as I love the medical drama as a whole, I do not think it would be as successful without Ryan Eggold as the lead. He is so endearing in the role as the medical director of the hospital, you cannot help but to adore this show.

New Amsterdam is not the medical drama to be asked to do 22 episodes this season. Today, Fox asked the same of The Resident which is doing well in its second season. My only complaint is there is not enough screen time for Malcolm Jamal Warner. He is my favorite part of the show.

I guess we can say that diagnosis for the 2018-2019 is that is all about the doctor shows. A prognosis I can live with since I watch them all, but Grey’s Anatomy. When it comes to that medical soap opera, they added Josh Radnor to the show. He can do so much better than this.


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