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Last Man Standing replaces one Molly with another one
August 6th, 2018 under Fox, Tim Allen. [ Comments: none ]

A few weeks ago, Fox announced that Molly Ephraim would not be returning to the revival of Last Man Standing. Today, they announced who will be taking over her role and Molly McCook is the new Mandy Baxter. When the news got out, she wrote “I am speechless and overwhelmed. So excited for this opportunity. Hope I do y’all proud ♥️.”

The actress has recurred on The Ranch, next year she will be seen in several episodes of The Fosters spinoff Good Trouble and has guest starred on several shows. McCook’s father John plays Eric Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful since 1987, a soap opera she also appeared on.

No word if she will dye her blonde hair black like Ephraim’s. I have a feeling she won’t and they will find a way to make jokes about it.

Last Man Standing moves to Fox on September 28th.


Fox unmasks a new type of singing competition
August 2nd, 2018 under Alan and Robin Thicke, Fox, Ken Jeong, Nick Cannon, Nicole Scherzinger. [ Comments: none ]

We have seen singing competitions where the judges did not know what the singer looked like until they turned their chairs around. There have been other ones with celebrity competitors. And now Fox is combining both of those elements for their show The Masked Singer that debuts in January. Take that American, what is it called again?

Anyways each week, several celebrities will skip hair and makeup and wear a costume from head to head, hiding their true identity host Nick Cannon, the audience and the judges. The judges, Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke, will have to try to guess who they are. Then at the end of the episode, one singer will go home and we will find out who that masked singer is.

Who are these masked singers? According to Fox, “Between all of the celebrity competitors on the show, they’ve amassed 65 Grammy nominations, 16 multi-Platinum albums, 16 Emmy nominations, nine Broadway shows, four stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and four Super Bowl titles.”

Not bad. Too bad we have to wait 5 months to see it. Can’t they switch it up for another show because I want to watch it now!


Cosmo’s second season is going to be epic
July 22nd, 2018 under Fox, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Seth MacFarlane. [ Comments: none ]

Even though Seth MacFarlane gives us shows, who some might say, dumb down America; he combats that by giving us one of the most brilliant shows on television that inspires kids to want to go to science. Not only that it reawakens our love for it. Something most of our science classes past elementary school do. At least it did for me even though I went to the same JHS as Neil deGrasse Tyson and probably had the same science teachers.

But it is not about me, I am just one small piece of sand in the universe and Cosmos: Possible Worlds makes me excited for what else is out there besides us. I cannot wait until the spring to see what else deGrasse Tyson is going to teach us about our universe in this Fox and NatGeo series. Because you know it is going to be fun. He has a great knack for making science interesting again. Even though he picked on poor Pluto.


The 9-1-1 season premiere will leave you shaking
July 17th, 2018 under Fox, Jennifer Love Hewitt. [ Comments: none ]

We are just over 2 months away from the start of the fall TV season on broadcast TV, and Fox released 2 sneak peeks to season 2 premiere of 9-1-1. I think we can all guess what the 2-part 2-night season premiere is going to be about. A major earthquake hits LA on September 23rd and 24th.

And we thought Jennifer Love Hewitt joining the show was the thing that was going to shake things up. Guess the ground is it doing it too?

I just wish it was not happening in LA because I live here and it is all about me!


When will your favorite Fox shows be back?
June 28th, 2018 under Fox. [ Comments: none ]

We are about 3 months away from the start of the new TV season and Fox revealed when their old shows and new ones will premiere. Therefore, get your calendars ready because you do not want to miss the two-night premiere of 9-1-1 or the return of Last Man Standing. If you are me, then you cannot wait for The Cool Kids starring a lot of cool kids like Vicki Lawrence, Leslie Jordan, Martin Mull and David Alan Grier. That and Lil Rel teaming up with his old co-star Jerrod Carmichael on his own sitcom Rel.

Sunday, Sept. 9, Immediately Following NFL ON FOX Doubleheader
8:00-8:30 PM ET/ REL (Special Preview)

Sunday, Sept. 23, Immediately Following NFL ON FOX Doubleheader
8:00-9:00 PM ET/ 9-1-1 (Special Season Two Premiere, Part 1)

Monday, Sept. 24
8:00-9:00 PM THE RESIDENT (Season Two Premiere)
9:00-10:00 PM 9-1-1 (Special Season Two Premiere, Part 2)

Tuesday, Sept. 25
8:00-9:00 PM THE GIFTED (Season Two Premiere)
9:00-10:00 PM LETHAL WEAPON (Season Three Premiere)

Wednesday, Sept. 26
8:00-9:00 PM EMPIRE (Season Five Premiere)
9:00-10:00 PM STAR (Season Three Premiere)

Friday, Sept. 28
8:00-8:30 PM LAST MAN STANDING (Network Premiere)
8:30-9:00 PM THE COOL KIDS (Series Premiere)
9:00-10:00 PM HELL’S KITCHEN (Season 18 Premiere)

Sunday, Sept. 30
8:00-8:30 PM THE SIMPSONS (Season 30 Premiere)
8:30-9:00 PM BOB’S BURGERS (Season Nine Premiere)
9:00-9:30 PM FAMILY GUY (Season 16 Premiere)
9:30-10:00 PM REL (Time Period Premiere)


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