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BTWF roles: Gillian Anderson in Three at Once
February 1st, 2016 under Before They Were Famous, X-Files. [ Comments: none ]

Before Gillian Anderson was calm and collected on The X-Files, she was overanxious in Three at Once. How stunning was the 18 year old in that 1986 student film?


Is Chris Carter up for more episodes of The X-Files?
February 1st, 2016 under X-Files. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight’s episode of The X-Files at 8p on Fox will bring a smile to the fans’ faces. Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) look into a strange case of what looks an unusual animal killing people. What they discover is there is a Were-Moster/Lizard stalking the town. But there is even more to the story and you will never guess what happens next. Did I mention there is a hot sex scene in this episode? This is a must not miss episode for fans of the show.
While that is about tonight’s episode, I was recently on a conference call with Chris Carter and he answered some questions about the beloved show’s revival and its future.

How has technology changed the updated version of The X-Files?
Chris: In a way, all six explore it because they are told in a contemporary context. They turn the mythology not necessarily on its head, but the mythology takes a big right hand turn and that plays most actively in the first and last episodes. But I think that technology, and it’s really technology is what you’re talking about, besides what I would call a very strong undercurrent of distrust for government, authority, and for the picture we’re being sold.
But the show is, I think, owes to people like Alex Jones, people like Glenn Beck, and all the conspiracy sites that I look at on the internet, that I digest every day. I get a lot of stuff in my mailbox every day from these sites. I’ve also been—I’ve gone to conventions. I’m actively up on this stuff and I’m actually surprised sometimes how many journalists are unaware of these, as I say, very strong undercurrents.

Why aren’t Scully and Mulder together?
: So, it was my thinking and our thinking, the producers, that Mulder and Scully would have had a very hard time living under the same roof based on their personalities and their passions. I see Mulder now as probably, because he’s got Google and the internet and search engines, he probably spends a lot of time sitting at home in front of his computer in his underwear.
I didn’t imagine that would sit well with Scully who is a serious scientist and doctor, so I think it would spell, I believe it would spell a bump in the road for them, which is why you find them not together. But I think you’ll see, through the course of these six episodes, that they begin to be drawn closer together through not just their investigations but through, I would call it, a deep love for one another.

What about their son William?
Yes. If you remember, they gave up William to protect him. They were afraid that with his whereabouts known, meaning that either one of them would have him, that they would be better to give him up and not know his whereabouts so they couldn’t be tortured into giving him up. So, obviously, William is all important, not to just them, but to others and he will play an important part in not just the episode you saw that aired as Episode 2, but also in Episode 4. But I think he’s always, even though he’s not in the show, per se, he is an absent presence.

Will the Lone Gunmen be back?
: I would only spoil it for you if I told you, but I can tell you that they come back in a way that you will absolutely never expect. If I gave you 100 guesses, right now, you’d never get it.

Can we get more episodes of The X-Files?
: You know, I think everyone had a very good experience. I think everyone’s happy with the way it worked out. I think, now, it’s waiting to see if we build it, will the audience come? I hope they will. It’s seems as if there is a viewership out there but, you know, we live in a different world now where the viewership is fractured. Fox has fewer viewers. They are able to market, do on-air promotions, reaches fewer people. Everyone’s got to get the word out there in order to get the ratings that will promote more episodes.

Will there be a third movie?
: I like doing the television show because it gives me a chance to tell a lot of interesting X-Files stories. I probably wouldn’t want to do the third movie that I wrote. I think I would have to rethink it. I might use some elements of it. I can tell you that if and when we do a third movie, I wouldn’t do it if it were not the proper budget and the proper release date. I feel we didn’t have either in the last movie, so I’d be looking to do something more like the first movie.

What about his other shows?
Chris: Right now we’re so focused on this that there are no talks about doing anything else. I can tell you, there is a constant drumbeat to bring back Millennium and I’m just always so taken by that, also that hardcore group of fans out there who would like to see it back. I have ideas how it might come back but, it’s really, once again, it’s a Fox show. They own it. It’s really up to them whether or not they would ever want to go down that road.
But, you know, I also think Harsh Realm would deserve another chance. I’m not sure if The Lone Gunmen would ever see the light of day, but Unique would be a show I would love to see done, if not at Fox, someplace else.


The truth is out there, The X-Files is just as good as the original
January 24th, 2016 under X-Files. [ Comments: none ]

The X-Files is back on Fox tonight after the football game (around 10p), and the show still scores a touchdown nearly 14 years after it went off the air. I have seen the first three episodes of the six episode event, and there is something for all the fans of the show and for people who have never seen it.
Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) have gone their separate ways. He is still looking into controversies and she is back to being a doctor. Then when Tad O’Malley (Joel McHale), an online conspiracist, is taken seriously by many people, Skinner (Mitch Pileggi) gets the two of them together again. O’Malley takes the two of them to meet with someone they have met before and she is still being visited by the aliens. When Mulder doesn’t believe something about her story, what she reveals to him, when they are alone, changes everything. Now he believes her and truth is scarier than he thought.
Tomorrow night at 8p, they are back to investigating a strange occurrences. One that is more on the serious side of The X-Files, while next Monday’s episode is more on the fun side. I always preferred the latter type of episodes and I think next week’s show is close to perfection.
I know I am not saying much, but that is because I think fans need to experience this show as it happens and not have someone spoil it for them. So like I said at the top, there is a little something for everyone and because of that everyone will enjoy it.


Gillian Anderson says working with David Duchovny ‘was complicated’
January 18th, 2016 under Larry King, X-Files. [ Comments: none ]

Gillian Anderson was on Larry King Now to talk about Fox’s reboot of The X-Files that debuts on Sunday night, and the host wanted to know what it was like working with David Duchovny. Scully didn’t hold back as she told him, “It was complicated, I think for both of us” Then she explained, “We spent every waking hour with each other, and, 9 months a year for 7 years.” Adding, “At times we both felt the pressure of that relationship, such an intense relationship. We went up and down in our relationship.”
Thankfully, that was then and this is now. Now there are rumors the two of them have different type of relationship, one fans of the show have secretly been wanting since the pilot.


I’m so ready for The X-Files 6 episode event!
January 15th, 2016 under X-Files. [ Comments: none ]

When Fox announced that there bringing back The X-Files, I was cautiously excited. Now that we are 9 days away from the 6 episode event, I am jumping out of my skin because I can’t wait for it. Especially after watching the latest trailer. Don’t those 97 seconds have your pulse racing?


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