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Kelly Osbourne stole Ronald McDonald’s hair color!
August 28th, 2017 under The Osbournes. [ Comments: none ]

For years Kelly Osbourne has had the same lilac colored hair, but yesterday she dyed it Ronald McDonald red. In fact, it is so bright red, that it is hard not to mistake her for a clown with the new hair color. At least that is the excuse, I have, for today…

I mean, in my opinion, who goes on Battle of the Network Stars, if they are allergic to the sun when they know the competition is held outdoors in the sunlight? You would think they would say no I will pass, but not her.


Kelly Osbourne peed in her pants
June 26th, 2017 under The Osbournes. [ Comments: none ]

Kelly Osbourne really really really had to go to the bathroom, so she went into a Starbucks in Manhattan to use their restroom. But she Tweeted that the employees refused to let her use their facilities. Instead of going to another store and using their toilet, she opted to go in the coffee shop and got pee in her shoe.

When it comes to Starbucks’ excuse on why they said no, they have a very good reason. They do not have one in the store. Something that was confirmed by several patrons who complained about that on Yelp.

When it comes to Kelly, you are 32 years old, start acting your age. If you have to pee, then either hold in it or find another store. You are not toddler, grow up already because you acted like a baby. I am so over her childish ways.


Sharon Osbourne reveals how she punishes Ozzy!
September 28th, 2016 under Conan O'Brien, The Osbournes. [ Comments: none ]

A few months ago, the World was shocked to hear that Ozzy Osbourne cheated on his wife, and yesterday on Conan she talked about his affair. She told Conan O’Brien, he is addict and his addiction comes out in many different ways and one of those ways is sex. In order cure him of it, besides going to rehab, she says she got him glasses so he can see what he is literally getting himself in to.
And in to her is how she is punishing him. She is making her husband go from eating bats to eating her vag for 3 hours a day. I wonder if that helps or hurts his singing because his mouth, tongue and throat are all getting a major workout.
Is the visual stuck in your mind too?


Sharon Osbourne says she kicked Ozzy out of the house
May 10th, 2016 under The Osbournes. [ Comments: none ]

Sharon Osbourne returned to The Talk today for the first time since the rumors started that Ozzy Osbourne and her split after almost 34 years of marriage, and she had a glass of lemonade with her. I guess that is her way of confirming he cheated on her. Although she did not say that on the CBS show.
What she did say is when Julie Chen wanted to know if it is true that she kicked her husband out, Sharon said yes. Then when Chen asked if he is “still out of the house,” Osbourne told her, “No he’s back.” Wait, what? She then added, “And I’m out of the house.”
At this point, Sharon doesn’t know where things are going with her marriage, but she knows she couldn’t keep living that way. She’s 63 years old and she can’t spend the rest of her life like that.
For someone who is normally so open about every aspect of her life, she seemed a little closed off today. Which to me means that this is not something she can and is ready to talk about. When she is, I am sure we will learn more. But for now, this is all she is saying.
Do you think the two of of them will get back together or is this the final nail in their wedding coffin?


Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have split again
May 8th, 2016 under The Osbournes. [ Comments: none ]

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s marriage has survived a third of a century, drugs, abuse and a Reality Show, but there is something it couldn’t survive. As of now we don’t know what it is, but we do know that he has moved out of their home according to Eonline.
I am sure she will talk about their sad split tomorrow on The Talk, but until then we will just have to guess what it is.
If they can’t make it work, who can?


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