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Denise Richards needs to stop using kids for photo ops
June 24th, 2007 under Denise Richards. [ Comments: none ]

Seriously can Sam look any more miserable in those picture? Denise Richards solo is a boring picture, but when she calls (it is rumored) the paparazzi and she has either the kids or used to have Richie Sambora she was somewhat interesting. But seriously why does she feel the need to slut her kids around just to get some photograph taken of her…so sad.
And BTW doesn't Sam look like Charlie when she is mad? 

Heather Locklear still hates Denise Richards?
June 21st, 2007 under Denise Richards, Heather Locklear. [ Comments: none ]

Heather Locklear and Denise Richards have yet to kiss and make up according to Xtra. Heather has still not forgiven her former-BFF Denise for dating her barely ex-husband Richie Sambora, not saying I blame her because I wouldn't forgive her either. Well here is the latest update from an insider, "Heather is still mad as hell at Denise. She believes Denise lied to her when she ran off with Richie right after he and Heather split up." Heather's nanny Robin just opened a nursery and Denise is planning on sending her two girls there, so Heather told her, Denise or me. Robin chose Denise, so Heather fired her, "Robin did everything for Ava – and Heather came to love Robin just as much as Ava did. Heather repeatedly put pressure on Robin to kick Denise's girls out of the school," The insider added, "When Robin refused, Heather fired her. It came as a terrible shock to Ava – and Richie wasn't happy about it either. But Heather didn't bend." I am surprised the nanny sided against her long time employer Heather, but double the pay for two much younger girls is double the pay for a longer time. So doing the math it makes sense, especially in a town where loyalty is just word.


Denise Richards and Richie Sambora over
May 15th, 2007 under Bon Jovi, Break-ups, Denise Richards. [ Comments: none ]

Denise Richards and Richie Sambora are officially over according to In Touch Weekly. The magazine got a statement from her people that says, "Denise and Richie broke up two months ago." A friend of hers said that "they didn't want to make it public because they lived through public divorces and it was very painful." Although the two broke up, Denise went to visit him in New Jersey when his father past away. "She took the next flight – a red eye – to be with him," says Denise's pal. "She stayed with him in New Jersey for two weeks for the wake and the funeral."

What is interesting is she just did an interview with OK! Magazine and she said that she was still dating him. Oh well let the rumors start on who they are dating now. You know Denise will be linked with everyone. 

Somewhere Heather Locklear is buying up all the In Touch Weeklys announcing their split and hanging it up all over her house! 


Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards divorce is final
November 30th, 2006 under Denise Richards, Divorce. [ Comments: none ]

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards are now officially single again. Sheen and Richards’ divorce was finalized on Thursday after a lengthy separation. A source told Access Hollywood that Denise will receive close to $200 million in the separation and plans to use part of the money to buy a new house. The source also said that a marrige to rocker Richie Sambora may not be far off. Richards and Sambora (Heather Locklear’s ex) have been dating since April. Richards filed for divorce from Sheen in March 2005 after three years of marriage. The couple seemed to have reconciled after the birth of their second daughter, Lola, last year, but in January, they filed legal papers asking a private arbitrator to handle their divorce. Sheen was ordered to stay at least 300 feet from his estranged wife and their daughters, 2-year-old Sam and 11-month-old Lola, except during supervised visits. Richards alleged in court papers that Sheen pushed her, shoved her, and threatened her and her parents. The papers also include transcriptions of phone messages Richards said Sheen left in April 2005. Sheen, 40, denied the allegations.

Access Hollywood You can read the divorce documents over at Access Hollywood.

Other rencently finalized divorces:
Christian Slater and Ryan Haddon – E!
Rod Stewart and Rachel Hunter – BBC
Ahmet Zappa and Selma Blair – Us Weekly


Pamela Anderson bought Denise Richards a laptop
November 17th, 2006 under Denise Richards, Pamela Anderson. [ Comments: none ]

Denise Richards’ infamous laptop toss on the set of her movie Blonde and Blonder wasn’t funny. But an insider close to Denise tells Life & Style that she and co-star Pamela Anderson shared a laugh over a gift Pam gave to Denise at the film’s wrap party on Nov. 10. In the much-publicized Nov. 8 incident, after photographers reportedly harassed Denise, the star hurled a photographer’s laptop from a balcony at the shooting location — River Rock Casino and Hotel near Vancouver, British Columbia — destroying the device. Denise later apologized, and no charges were filed for the property damage. After the party, Denise called a friend, laughing, and said, “You’ll never guess what Pam got me for my wrap present — a laptop!” (The Denise insider says it was a Mac, which, coincidentally is the computer of choice here at Life & Style!) “It’s funny because Pam had bought the present before the tossing incident,” says the insider. “In fact, she reconsidered giving it to her because of what had happened.” But Pam went ahead anyway — and Denise loved it! “It just shows what good friends they are,” says the insider. “Pam and Denise have become really close.” It seems Pam is taking extra precautions to stay on Denise’s good side. We know we would — no one wants a laptop hurled at her!

Life & Style Weekly

That is too funny!



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