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Didn’t Jessica Alba have her second baby just 4 months ago?
January 2nd, 2012 under Jessica Alba. [ Comments: 2 ]

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On August 14th Jessica Alba gave birth to her second daughter Haven Garner and 4 and a half months later she was showing that she already has her abs back. The mother of two is on vacation in Cabo San Lucas and she was showing off her toned body in hot pink bikini.
Seriously how is it even possible that her belly looks that flat and tight after two babies?


Didn’t Jessica Alba just have a baby two weeks ago?
September 1st, 2011 under Jessica Alba. [ Comments: none ]

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Jessica Alba gave birth to Haven Garner on August 13th and she already looks like she lost most of her baby weight. I just have one word to say about it…bitch!


Jessica Alba has another daughter!
August 14th, 2011 under Jessica Alba. [ Comments: none ]

(photo from Fame Pictures)

Jessica Alba gave birth to her second daughter this weekend. She posted the news on her Facebook and said “Hope you’re enjoying the weekend. Cash and I are so excited to announce the birth of our daughter, Haven Garner Warren. She was born on Saturday, weighed 7lbs, and was 19 inches long. Healthy and happy! Big Sister Honor couldn’t be more excited about the new addition to our family.” No reason was given why she named her Haven Garner, but I am wondering if it is because she is a fan of the Syfy show Haven and also of Jennifer Garner? I am sure when she does the mandatory post-birth photoshoot with whichever weekly magazine she chooses, she will explain the name.
BTW she also didn’t mention if Jimmy Kimmel was in the delivery room with her, afterall he attended birthing class with her earlier in the week.


Jessica Alba is Jimmy Kimmel’s birth coach!!!
August 10th, 2011 under Jessica Alba, Jimmy Kimmel. [ Comments: none ]

Jessica Alba was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday, so the ABC late night host thought it would be fair to be her guest at a birthing class. I am sure the pregnant actress regretted her decision as soon as he said vagina for the first time. In fact he said it so much, even she had to say it. But it didn’t stop just with words, he also was the class demonstrator and at one point he opted to birth a baby with Jessica as his birthing coach. It is a side of Jimmy Kimmel we have never seen and I pray we never seen it again.
Can I tell you that bit was great birth control for me because if the father of my baby acted like Kimmel did in that birthing class, I will be a single mother by the time my baby is born.


Jessica Alba makeup free!
June 2nd, 2011 under Jessica Alba, No makeup. [ Comments: none ]

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Jessica Alba is very pregnant with her second child and I guess she doesn’t have time to put makeup on. But you know what it doesn’t make a difference because she looks the same with or without it. I wish I had that problem!


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