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Salma Hayek shakes her money maker!
August 11th, 2016 under Salma Hayek. [ Comments: none ]

We know that Salma Hayek has two money makers and now we are seeing that she also has a third one. The actress discovered Boomerang and made her boom boom boomerang.
I don’t know if it is the shiny pants, but I find myself oddly hypnotized her booty! Doesn’t it put you in a trance too?


How do you like Salma Hayek’s melons?
August 10th, 2016 under Salma Hayek. [ Comments: none ]

Salma Hayek took over Enews’ Instagram account yesterday for the premiere of her new movie Sausage Party and she posted a photo of herself with some healthy food, two watermelons. Which, let’s be honest, are about the same size as the watermelons that Gd gave her!
Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, she also has a good sense of humor. No wonder she married very well!
BTW I wonder if the make stars posed with sausages that are equivalent to their manhood? Which star do you think got stuck with the cocktail frank and who got the foot long? Any body else craving a big juicy hot dog?


Danny Trejo has a tattoo of Salma Hayek on his chest?
June 8th, 2016 under Graham Norton, Salma Hayek. [ Comments: none ]

Salma Hayek was on The Graham Norton Show and he asked her if she has met anyone who has tattoo of her on their body. She told him that she has, but the strangest experience was that with Danny Trejo. Back in the mid-’90s she did a little film with Danny Trejo called From Dusk to Dawn.
It was her first film and one of his first after he got out of prison. The crew had warned her about his past, so she “was a little bit afraid” to meet him at first. Then she described what happened when she did, she said, “He saw me and he ran towards me and ripped his shirt off. And he said, ‘I knew you before I knew you. I dreamt you before I knew you.'” Then she explained why he said that, “Sure enough, there was a picture of a woman that looks exactly like me. The body was a little bit better, but let’s pretend, exactly like me on his chest.” Then she added, he told her, “‘I just got out of jail and I am happy. But for you I would rob another bank!”
I bet never in his wildest dreams, when he was sitting there doing time, inking that tattoo on his chest, that as soon as he got out, he would meet the inspiration for that beautiful woman. But he did and he didn’t have to rob another bank to meet her. He just had to become an actor and do a movie with her. Talk about the American Dream!
If you want to see if his tat looks like the beautiful actress, then click here!


Salma Hayek and Susan Sarandon compare cleavages!
May 24th, 2016 under Salma Hayek, Susan Sarandon. [ Comments: none ]

Salma Hayek has a new Breast Friend Forever and her name is Susan Sarandon. The two Oscar winners compared their Thelma and Louises and Hayek declared that Sarandon’s are bigger.
Whose do you think are bigger? You know you are looking at them just like they are gazing at each others boobs. It is OK to stare, but not to touch-a, touch-a, touch them.


Do Salma Hayek and Chloe Sevigny have something to tell us?
May 16th, 2016 under Do they have something to tell us?, Salma Hayek. [ Comments: none ]

Salma Hayek and Chloe Sevigny were soaking up the mesmerizing sunset in Cannes and they quickly became BFFs as in Breast Friends Forever. Hayek was seen with her hand on Sevigny’s chest and The Brown Bunny star had her tongue on the Oscar winner’s boob, and you have to wonder if they have something to tell us? I don’t know if or think that they do, but I do know what a lot of men will be dreaming about tonight after seeing this photo.


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