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Alec Baldwin gets teary eyed wishing his wife a Happy Valentine’s Day
February 14th, 2018 under Alec Baldwin. [ Comments: none ]

Alec Baldwin and his wife, Hilaria Baldwin have been married for five and a half years, and you can tell he loves her more with each passing day. For Valentine’s Day, he recorded a special message for the mother of his three and a half children and told her he is thankful he got to know her. As he got to that part, his eyes started to well up. At that moment, we all knew what they have is true love.

For all of us, who are spending this commercial holiday alone, know that that someone special is out there somewhere. Because he did not meet his soul mate until he was in his 50’s. We just have to hold tight and pray Cupid finally gets to our name the list. Where is that son of a bitch already with my gosh darn arrow. I don’t have all year. Oh wait Valentine’s Day is a year away, so I do, but not the point.


All those babies are tough on Alec Baldwin’s hip?
February 7th, 2018 under Alec Baldwin. [ Comments: none ]

Alec Baldwin will have 4 kids in 5 years, and looks like all of that sex is tough on the 59-year-old’s hip. So much so, the actor went in for a hip replacement surgery this morning, and his pregnant wife and baby mama Hilaria Baldwin says that all went well.

I wonder if this why he dropped out of starring in the straight-to-series comedy that was downgraded to a pilot by ABC yesterday? No word if the surgery will effect him playing Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live for the near future. Dr Google says it takes about 3-6 weeks to resume normal activities.


Watch a bird 💩 on The Match Game
January 4th, 2018 under ABC, Alec Baldwin. [ Comments: none ]

The Match Game was back on ABC last night and it was the 💩. Actually, that was what happened on the game show yesterday.

Alec Baldwin was introducing the contestants and it was revealed that Juan could do bird calls. Of course, the host asked him to one. When he was done, Baldwin did his own and a dove flew out on the set. I guess the bird was not ready for its national TV debut because he took a 💩 on the floor. Either that, or it was telling the show what he really thinks about it.

Actually, the show was on 🔥 yesterday. They actually asked the panel, We have been looking at Lord of the Rings all wrong, instead of the ring being placed on the finger, it is placed on the blank. Guess what they all guessed? Everyone but Jason Ritter who drew a ring around the rosey.


BTWF roles: Alec Baldwin on Knots Landing
January 3rd, 2018 under Alec Baldwin, Before They Were Famous. [ Comments: none ]

Before Alec Baldwin had a loving family in Boss Baby, he did not know his aunt was his mom on Knots Landing. How sexy was the 26-year-old in that 1984 episode?


What does Alec Baldwin call his private parts?
December 6th, 2017 under Alec Baldwin, Ellen DeGeneres. [ Comments: none ]

Alec Baldwin answered Ellen DeGeneres’ burning questions and one of them was about an area of the body that sometimes burns. She wanted to know what is his favorite nickname for his private parts? He told her, “The Presidents.” I wonder if he calls them Donald Trump when he doesn’t manscape. And now I have an image in my mind that will cause me to leave the post right here.


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