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Matthew Koma put a bowling ball in Hilary Duff
June 8th, 2018 under Hilary Duff. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday, Hilary Duff’s sister, Hayley, gave birth to her second niece, and today Lizzie McGuire had her own baby news. She posted the above photo and wrote, “Guess what guys! @matthewkoma and I made a little princess of our own and we couldn’t be more excited!!!!!!🤰🏼👶🏼🎀.”

No other details were given like how far along she is with her second baby, her first with professional bowler, Matthew Koma. The actress has a son, Luca, 6, with ex-husband, Mike Comrie.

The star has done a good job hiding her pregnancy because you couldn’t even tell she is with child during all of her press appearances she did this week for Younger. Although, looking back at some of those photos, you can tell she is hiding something. Sneaky, sneaky.


Hilary Duff captures Sharon Tate’s beauty for an upcoming movie
February 6th, 2018 under Hilary Duff. [ Comments: none ]

A year before Sharon Tate was killed by the Manson family, she told Fate magazine about a dream she had over a year beforehand. She was staying on at her then boyfriend Jay Sebring’s house while he was away on business in New York City.

Sebring’s house was once owned by Hollywood agent Paul Bern, who married Jean Harlow. Shortly after the actress left him, he was found dead with a gun shot in 1932 in that very house. Some say it might not have been suicide. We will never know.

Fast forward 45 years later, Tate went upstairs to try to go to sleep. She saw a creepy little man in front of her. Scared of what she just saw, she went downstairs to calm down. When she did, she saw a someone tied the staircase with their neck cut open. She could not tell if it was Sebring or herself, but it haunted her for the rest of her life.

On August 8, 1969, Tate and Sebring were murdered by members of the Manson family. People have wondered if she had a premonition about her death. According to Deadline, The Haunting of Sharon Tate is going to tell that story and Hilary Duff is playing the doomed actress, who was murdered two weeks before she gave birth to what would have been her child with husband Roman Polanski.

When it comes to Duff in the title role, the makeup department did a remarkable job transforming her into the beautiful actress. So much so, you can barely tell that it is her. She really captured her essence.

When this film comes out, I will be there on opening day. As you can tell this story has always fascinated me.


Is Hilary Duff pregnant?
January 23rd, 2018 under Hilary Duff. [ Comments: none ]

A post shared by Hilary Duff (@hilaryduff) on

Hilary Duff shared a video of herself rubbing her baby bump? Therefore, is that her way of telling us that she is making 5-year-old Luca a big brother? Not yet, she is just going to be pregnant in an upcoming movie she is currently working on. If she was really pregnant, could you imagine the scandal? Lizzie McGuire pregnant out of wedlock. Like do we really care anymore?


BTWF ads: Hilary Duff for Subway’s Kids Pack
June 28th, 2017 under Before They Were Famous, Hilary Duff. [ Comments: none ]

Before Hilary Duff was a book editor on Younger, she was a news anchor for Subway’s Kids Pack. How cute was the 11 year old in that 1999 commercial?


How does Kelsey feel about Liza now that she knows she isn’t Younger?
June 28th, 2017 under Hilary Duff, TV Land. [ Comments: none ]

Younger is back on TV Land tonight at 10p and it picks up exactly where it left off. Liza (Sutton Foster) finally came clean to Kelsey (Hilary Duff) and now they have to redefine their friendship. The first few episodes deal with Kelsey trying to understand how her good friend Liza has been lying to her all along. Someone she thought was her age, is really 14 years older than she says is. How does anyone accept that?

To top it off both women are dealing with their breakups. Will Liza get back with Josh (Nico Tortorella) or will things heat up with her boss Charles (Peter Hermann)? What about Kelsey and Colin (Jay Wilkison)? If that is not enough for Kelsey, she has no where to live.

And then there is the work thing. Millennial is picking up speed and that is keeping Liza and Kelsey busy and forcing them to talk to each other. Which also gives Liza more time with Charles.

This season there will be a lot of tension, some new love couplings, some more secrets revealed and someone will get a new job offer. Will they take it?

A lot happens in the first three episodes and you do not want to miss a single second of it. The thing I like about Younger is each season has its own feel, so it always feels fresh which keeps the show feeling like it is 26 even though it is like 40.


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