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Jennifer Love Hewitt’s pregnancy boobs make their debut!
July 18th, 2013 under Jennifer Love Hewitt. [ Comments: none ]

Fame Flynet
Ever since Jennifer Love Hewitt announced that she is pregnant; you boys have been waiting to see how big her best a$$ets are going to get and now you get to see them starting to grow just like her belly is doing. While us girls just see her getting cuter and cuter as she waits to become a mom!


Jennifer Love Hewitt is starting to show!
July 15th, 2013 under Jennifer Love Hewitt. [ Comments: none ]

Fame Flynet
Last month Jennifer Love Hewitt announced that she was expecting her first child and over the weekend she showed us that she is. In fact for the first time in a really long time, her belly is bigger than her boobs. Personally I didn’t think that was going to happen until the end of her pregnancy, but I guess it happened earlier. The one thing I did know that was going to happen, is that she was going to be so cute pregnant and she is. And just think if she looks like this now and she is only halfway along, what she will look like when it time to have her little Love!


Jennifer Love Hewitt is expanding her own personal Client List!
June 4th, 2013 under Jennifer Love Hewitt. [ Comments: none ]

(photo from Lifetime)

Jennifer Love Hewitt found a way to make herself even cuter because the actress is expecting her first child with her The Client List co-star Brian Hallisay. The TV and real life couple confirmed the exciting news in a statement, “This is a wonderful time and we are looking forward to starting our family together.”
No word if her pregnancy will effect The Client List but it could definitely make for some interesting stories. What if Riley got pregnant by that client who paid her to have sex with him? Or maybe she is carrying her BFF’s baby? So many interesting storylines could come from her joyous time.
Now back to J-Love, I am so happy for her! She is going to be such a good and cute mother.


Will Riley take money from someone on The Client List for sex?
April 21st, 2013 under Jennifer Love Hewitt. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 10p Riley is made an offer she can’t refuse from someone on The Client List, but will she turn him down?
Riley’s financial woes hit an all-time high, when everyone and their brother needs money from her. Then while she is massaging one of her clients, he offers $50,000 to have sex with him. If she does it, it will solve all of her money problems. But then again if she does it, it will open a whole new can of worms of problems. What will she do? You will have to tune in to see if she will do it.
Jennifer Love Hewitt directs herself in this potentially game changing episode, and no one could’ve done as good as a job directing her. There are a lot of poignant scenes in this episodes and she delivers every time! You don’t want to miss her excellent work tonight from both in front and behind the camera.


Matthew Perry can’t even look at Jennifer Love Hewitt!
April 19th, 2013 under Ellen DeGeneres, Friends (cast), Jennifer Love Hewitt. [ Comments: none ]

Jennifer Love Hewitt is a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Showe today and she wore a cleavage revealing dress. The top of it was so low cut that Ellen and Matthew Perry, he co-host for the day, couldn’t stop looking at her boobs. Well the Friends star tried, but he just couldn’t help himself. In fact when Ellen showed a picture of her on the cover of Shape Magazine in a bikini, he stole the magazine so he could read later. I am sure he will be checking it out in bed later and screaming the title of his NBC show…”Go On, Go On, Go Onnnnnnnnnn!”
BTW I hope Love takes him up on his offer to be on her Lifetime Show The Client List because I would love to see him in a just towel covering his privates and her massaging him with just a little bit more cloth covering her body.
Seriously wouldn’t they make a cute couple? And seriously wouldn’t he make a good replacement for Jimmy Fallon on Late Night? I would love to see him hosting a television talk show. He has the right personality for it, plus he is really quick witted and funny!
Finally now we all know he is a boob man!


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