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Who does Hugh Grant want to play him?
February 19th, 2007 under George Michael, Hugh Grant. [ Comments: none ]

Grants Wants Michael To Play Him In Biopic…. British actor Hugh Grant has earmarked pop star George Michael to play him in a potential biopic of his turbulent life. The Notting Hill actor, who was arrested for lewd conduct after cops found him with a prostitute in his car in 1995, insists Careless Whisper star Michael holds a burning ambition to play him. He tells British radio station Heart, "I know that it’s something that George has always wanted to do.films "He sent me a script the other day actually. It’s not my whole life – just really the years between 20 and 25 – and it’s very flattering."

Female First 

I think George Michael is too old to play him and doesn’t have that cuteness that Hugh Grant does. I think Sean Maguire from the Class would be great!


Celebrities who had sh!tty jobs
August 16th, 2006 under Boy George, Hugh Grant. [ Comments: 1 ]

Boy George may think he has it bad sweeping the streets of Chinatown as punishment for falsely reporting a robbery and cocaine possession, but he’s shuffling in the footsteps of some of America’s favorite celebrities. Many have had it even worse. Stars who can list toilet scrubbing on their résumé include Al Pacino (for $4 a week), Jamie Kennedy (he once wiped out Janeane Garofalo’s bowl) and Stanley Tucci (who emptied outhouses at a summer camp). Those who made it through are happy to admit how far they’ve come. # "I had to clean houses it was gross," Madonna once confessed. "I had to clean the toilet bowls of boys I went to school with. No, there’s nothing more degrading than being someone’s housekeeper. I mean, God bless my housekeeper and … well … all my housekeepers!" # "I used to have to clean bathrooms in a Mexican restaurant," admits Sean (Diddy) Combs. "It was a job. But I was the best bathroom cleaner there ever was." # "The worst job I ever had was cleaning lavatories at IBM in London," says Hugh Grant. # "I was an usher at the Capitol Theatre in Sydney," Nicole Kidman once revealed. "One time the latrines broke and I had to clean it all up. It was not fun at all. I was on hands and knees cleaning everything up. It was disgusting."

Rush & Molloy 

If I am correct Boy George opposed the street cleaning because he used to clean hotel rooms before Culture Club.


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