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BTWF roles: Hugh Grant in The Lair Of The White Worm
January 10th, 2018 under Before They Were Famous, Hugh Grant. [ Comments: none ]

Before Hugh Grant was in Romantic Comedies like Four Weddings and a Funeral, he starred in a Horror Comedy called The Lair Of The White Worm. He looks the same now as he did when he was 27 in that 1998 movie which I will be watching after I post this!


The horrible pitch that Hugh Grant got to star in Paddington 2!
January 10th, 2018 under Hugh Grant, Jimmy Fallon. [ Comments: none ]

Hugh Grant is starring in Paddington 2, and yesterday on The Tonight Show he told Jimmy Fallon how they asked him to be in the film. The charming actor says they sent him a script with a letter that read, “We are making Paddington part 2, and the bad guy is a washed-up actor who used to be really famous, but he is completely into himself. He’s a horrible narcissist, and no one likes him. And we thought of you Hugh.” To rub salt even more into the wound, they told him the original script the character was named Hugh after him.

Poor Hugh. Even with that pitch, he still decided to do it. Which is a good thing because the critics are loving him as a hasbeen actor who still thinks he is a huge star.


Hugh Grant reads the wire hangers scene from Mommie Dearest
August 11th, 2016 under Hugh Grant. [ Comments: none ]

Believe it or not, Hugh Grant has never seen Mommie Dearest. One of the greatest movies that has ever been made. Even though he has never seen it, that didn’t stop him from reading a scene for the film for W Magazine. The scene is the one when Joan Crawford finds out Christina has some clothes hanging from wire hangers. As we know the legendary actress beats her adopted daughter with them in the feature.
Since Grant never saw the movie, he didn’t know that. He tried his best to capture the moment, but it just wasn’t his best work. He gave it his all, but Crawford would’ve beat him with some wire hangers for it. It was her thing, right?
Anyways, I hope Grant sees the movie and tries it again because I would love to see him try that again when he understands the context of it. How cool would it be to see him really lose his sh!t just like Faye Dunaway did so brilliantly with those wire hangers.


BWTF roles: Hugh Grant in Maurice
August 10th, 2016 under Before They Were Famous, Hugh Grant. [ Comments: none ]

Before Hugh Grant was the love interest for many different women in several Romantic movies, he was in love with a man in Maurice. How sexy was the 26 year old in that 1987 movie?


Why did Hugh Grant turn down the money from Two and a Half Men?
August 10th, 2016 under Chuck Lorre, Howard Stern, Hugh Grant. [ Comments: none ]

I forgot about this until now but after Charlie Sheen was fired from Two and a Half Men, Hugh Grant was considered for the male lead for the sitcom. Today on The Howard Stern Show, the Shock Jock wanted to know why he turned down the role, and he explained it was because they didn’t have a script ready for him. The actor was too scared to take it on without knowing what they had planned for him.
Did he regret it? Just the money aspect because what they were offering him was “stratospheric.” Considering Ashton Kutcher became the highest paid TV actor when he took on the role, it was really up there.
It was then that Grant realized that TV actors make lots of money here in The States. In fact, when he worked with The Big Bang Theory’s Simon Helberg on Florence Foster Jenkens, he had forgotten that fact. As he explained, “When he came over to work on the film, I might’ve been vaguely patronizing to him because he hadn’t done films before.” Then he added, “Gradually, you realize, not only is he a much bigger star than me, he’s maybe the richest man I’ve ever met.” Thus, the next time you feel bad for a celebrity on successful TV show, don’t!
Now back to Grant, that is the sexiest I have ever seen the RomCom lover look! I would go to Four Weddings and a Funeral with him anytime!


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