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Jennifer Lopez’s Shades of Blue is ending this season
April 4th, 2018 under J-Lo. [ Comments: 1 ]

The good news is that Shades of Blue is back for a third season. The bad news is the third time will be a charm. So much of a charm, that it will be its last season. NBC broke the news today after they announced that the show’s final 10 episodes will begin airing on June 17th.

Jennifer Lopez said, “I have enjoyed producing and starring in this beautifully complicated world and playing such an empowering yet flawed character – a women, a detective, but, first and foremost, a mother.” Then she added, “Now looking at it with a little distance, playing Harlee strengthened me and helped me grow into a more self-assured woman. It’s crazy how some parts permeate your soul and change you forever and for that I am grateful. We crafted a poetic three-season arc on how her journey ends, which is true redemption. The way only Harlee could have done it – the hard way, the road less traveled.” A journey she enjoyed being part of for these last three seasons.

Along with Shades of Blue, her competition series World of Dance will also air in June. Plus, she is still working on a live production of Bye, Bye Birdie with the network that could air sometime before 2020.


J-Lo woke up like this!
October 21st, 2017 under J-Lo. [ Comments: none ]

We are used to seeing Jennifer Lopez all glammed up, but in the morning it is a whole different story. Here is the singer with any makeup on, wearing a nightgown, being served breakfast in bed with her kids, and I think we can all agree that Alex Rodriguez is a lucky guy to wake up and see that.


Jennifer Lopez shows off her a$$ets
August 21st, 2017 under J-Lo. [ Comments: none ]

Before Jennifer Lopez was known for her singing and her acting, she was known for her butt! Since she has been known as a triple threat, she has not shown off her double one. Not anymore because here they are, so enjoy them while you can can!


J-Lo’s LBD leaves little to the imagination
July 24th, 2017 under J-Lo, Sports figures. [ Comments: none ]

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodgriguez are in Miami and as someone who lived in the 305 for 6 years, I can tell you the summers are hot 24 hours a day. Therefore, if you go out at night to celebrate your birthdays, you want to wear as little as possible even at a formal event. J-Lo figured out a way to do just that with a little black dress that has a lot of breathable aka see-thru fabric. Because of that the LBD showed off a lot of her curves and for the mom of twins who turns 48 today that is very impressive. Can you believe she will turn 50 two years from today? Proving 40 in the new 20!


Jennifer Lopez wants you to look at the bathroom!
June 16th, 2017 under J-Lo. [ Comments: none ]

Jennifer Lopez found herself in the prettiest bathroom she has ever seen, so she just had to take a Selfie in it. But no one is looking at all of the squares around her, instead they are looking at all of the circles. As in her curves because you can see them all in the mirrors. Giving new meaning to, “Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the prettiest one of them all?”


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