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Lance Bass Broadway bound?
July 6th, 2007 under Broadway, Lance Bass. [ Comments: none ]

Planet Gossip is reporting that Lance Bass is in final negotiations to star as Corny Collins in Hairspray. Bass would most likely sign on for the role for five months starting next month. If that is true we can cross off the rumor that he will be doing Dancing with the Stars 5. Just because he won't be doing DWTS does not mean we will not be seeing him on the small screen, he is currently filming a reality show for LOGO.
Back to Hairspray, I think he will be great in it. I openly admit I loved him in On The Line!

Lance Bass needs your help to beat his boyfriend
August 11th, 2006 under Lance Bass. [ Comments: none ]

I need your help in a fundraising effort. Reichen and I have joined a friend of our’s team for the Aids Walk LA.  We are in a competition with each other to see whos myspace buddies will donate the most. I would love it if you could sponsor me this year. I have a modest goal of $5000. All that means is out of the thousands of you.. 500 only need to donate a little ole $10 bill! "what’s that Lance? Only $10?! I find that much lying in a gutter!" So please help by clicking on this link 2006 AIDS Walk Los Angeles – Sponsor Participant and type in my name.  With your help we can raise a lot of money for this organization.. and better yet kick R’s ass! And if you feel torn between supporting me or Reichen you can do $5 to mine and $5 to his.  I guess that’s only fair.   AND if you are in the area you should wak the walk! It will be a lot of fun and an amazing experience.  Thanks! LB

P.S. Now I see you cant just donate $10 sorry… maybe you can find 2 other friends and do a group donation? And totally understand if you cant! I know what its like to be the poor college kid!

Lance Bass’ MySpace blog 

I will be donating because it is for a good cause! 


Amen to Dlisted on Perez outing Lance Bass
July 28th, 2006 under Lance Bass. [ Comments: none ]

Lance Bass came out earlier this week to People Magazine confirming the gay rumors and also going public about his relationship to Reichen Lemkel. Access Hollywood asked Perez Hilton his take on helping to out Lance Bass.

Back in September 2005, Perez started posting about Lance possibly being gay. Over the next few months his coverage of the N’Sync member intensified when he broke the news that Lance was involved with Amazing Race winner, Reichen. Perez also had contests on what to the name the new couple and settled on, Princess Frosty Locks.

Perez defended his actions: "“I know there is some controversy about outing people, but I also believe the only way we’re gonna have change is with visibility. And if I have to drag some people screaming out of the closet, then I will. I think that lot of celebrities have an archaic fear that being gay will hurt their career but look at Rosie. Look at Ellen."

I personally don’t think Perez did anything wrong with writing about Lance. His readers should see it as speculation. I mean, there’s only a few ways we would really know that Lance is gay. He could either straight up say it or he could get caught in the act. Yes, Perez might have added to the fire by constantly posting about it…but in the end I think it is Lance’s choice.

That being said, I think that Perez’s reason is a bunch of bullshit. Come on, I don’t think this is about creating "visibilityty" and opening doors. How is forcing someone to deal with something that has probably been very painful, opening doors? This isn’t about gay rights, it’s about entertainment and gossip. Had Perez said "I’m just doing my job. I’m reporting what I’m told and what I think to believe is the truth", then ok…I buy that. Sometimes gossipers decide to take a more direct approach and sometimes (ala Ted Casablanca) they decide to not make it so obvious.

There’s nothing wrong with what Perez did, however I think he’s really fooling himself if he believes that it’s about gay rights.


He is so right, Perez Hilton needs to come out and say he is doing it only for the hits so he can get more money from the advertisers. I saw his wide load a$$ on KTLA one morning bragging how he can make 6 digits (Over $100,000) in ads off of his site. So for him to say it is for gay rights, what and ever, it is for the money. But then again what was I expecting, he makes sh!t up all the time, that is why true bloggers and blog readers do not take his wide load a$$ seriously.


Access talked to Lance Bass’ boyfriend
July 27th, 2006 under Lance Bass. [ Comments: none ]

Lance Bass’ boyfriend, Reichen Lehmkuhl, talks exclusively to Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush about Bass’ coming out and his book "Here’s What We’ll Say: A Memoir of Growing Up, Coming Out, and the U.S. Air Force." On Thursday afternoon, Lehmkuhl told Bush, "I will say that Lance is happier than he has ever been. It has been a long ride and it’s a huge relief and I couldn’t be happier for him and I couldn’t be more proud of him."When asked if bloggers’ speculations about their relationship forced Bass to come out, Lehmkuhl said, "I think through the entire time of being in the closet anyone is going to feel pressures from this or that. You know, obviously from the article, this was the time that Lance decided it was, you know, that he was ready to come out."When asked if he is concerned about Bass’ career, Lehmkuhl said, "No, not at all. I think it is always best in your career to be honest…He is going to have more support and more happiness and more freedom than he has ever had before and it is going to be a liberating experience. I guarantee it." In discussing public reaction to Bass’ admission and whether or not the couple has been following the coverage, Lehmkuhl told Bush, "Yeah, we’ve seen a few shows and, you know, it’s all very positive." In regards to the timing of his book’s release and Bass’ coming out, Lehmkuhl said, "I have been thinking about writing this book for over ten years. Lance and I have a very new relationship here. Is Lance supportive of the book and excited about it, ‘yes.’ Did he prompt me to write it or prompt me to put it out, ‘no.’ Did I have a contract that the book was going to come out October 1 of this year before I even met Lance, ‘yes.’"

Access Hollywood 



‘N Syncers speak out about Lance Bass
July 27th, 2006 under Admirable People, Lance Bass. [ Comments: none ]

Bass no longer feels compelled to hide his private life to protect his bandmates, since the band has been on hiatus for four years. When ‘NSYNC were in full swing, he worried that coming out would hurt the band. "I didn’t know: Could that be the end of ‘NSYNC?" he told People. "So I had that weight on me of, like, ‘Wow, if I ever let anyone know, it’s bad.’ So I just never did … I had four other guys’ careers in my hand, and I knew that if I ever acted on it or even said [that I was gay], it would overpower everything."Bass said he’s known that he’s gay for his "whole life … from childhood on," but struggled because he knew it would be "something that I would have to hide my whole life." Bass hid it from his bandmates — who suspected anyway "because we were like brothers," he said, and they wondered, " ‘Why aren’t you hitting on women all the time and acting like a rock star?’ Because I was a good Christian boy, that’s why."Their suspicions were also complicated by the fact that Bass was dating women until he was 22 (he’s now 27). "I’ve definitely, you know, been with women," Bass said. "And I’ve had great relationships with them where I was definitely in love. It’s just I grew to a point where deep inside I knew that I could never truly have a relationship with a woman. I don’t know if they ever suspected. It was never brought up.""He took years to really think about how he was going to tell everyone," Joey Fatone told People. "I back him up 100 percent.""I’ve know Lance for more than 10 years," JC Chasez told MTV News. "We have been through so much together. He is family and I support him unconditionally."Fatone was the first ‘NSYNC bandmate Bass told about being gay, after Fatone walked in on Bass and a male date at his house in Orlando, Florida. Fatone’s response at the time? "Dude, I don’t care," Bass recalled him saying. Chris Kirkpatrick found out last summer and JC Chasez three months ago. "Very few people have the guts to come up to you and say, ‘Hey, are you gay?’ " Bass said. "I’m pretty sure they all knew and they probably all talked to each other, but they had the respect to let me tell them. I haven’t had the conversation with Justin [Timberlake] yet. I know he knows, but I’ve never really sat him down and said it." I will be calling him.""Lance is one of my great friends," Timberlake told MTV News Wednesday (July 26). "I support him and wish him all the happiness in the world."Telling his bandmates has been easy, but telling his family was another matter. His sister became pale and started crying when he told her, while his mother "broke down." "The worst part about it was my mom found out not from me," Bass said. "She found out on the Internet, and that’s what just killed me. … It destroyed her for a little bit." His father, in the meantime, was concerned about diseases, telling Lance that "It’s much easier for gay people to get AIDS," and "Statistics show that these relationships don’t last. You know it’s not going to last." "I was like, ‘Dad, wow!’ "In Bass’ hometown of Clinton, Mississippi, where his mother is a middle-school teacher and his father works in real estate, being gay is "not looked at very highly," he said. But as worried as he was that his grandparents would take it even worse, his maternal grandmother, who was told last week, handled it "so well," he says. "She was like, ‘You know what? I may not agree with it, but I love you just the same and you’re welcome in my house anytime.’ "For now, Bass and Lehmkuhl are "taking it one day at a time," since the relationship is only a few months old. They met because Lehmkuhl was Bass’ real-estate agent, and the two became friends, then lovers. "This is a huge turning point in my life and also in his life too," Bass said. Eventually, Bass would like to have a family and hopes to have his own kids as well as adopt. "I want people to take away from this that being gay is a norm," Bass said. "That the stereotypes are out the window … I’ve met so many people like me that it’s really encouraged me. I call them the SAGs — the straight-acting gays. We’re just normal, typical guys. I love to watch football and drink beer." And if people ask him now if he’s gay, Bass said he plans to respond, "No, I’m also gay." Meaning that it won’t define him — just the part of himself that he doesn’t have to hide anymore.



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