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Brinkley/Cook/Bianchi updates
July 26th, 2006 under Christie Brinkley. [ Comments: none ]

Peter Cook can beg all he wants, but Christie Brinkley isn’t ready to forgive. "She’s still very hurt, very shocked. He carried on a two-year affair," a family member said yesterday, laughing at the suggestion Brinkley will reconcile. "She has to be careful because they did a prenuptial agreement. She can’t say anything bad because the prenup will be broken," the relative said. "It’s not in her personality to say anything bad anyway." The family member, who asked not to be named, said it would be one thing if Cook, 47, was guilty of a meaningless one-night stand. But his philandering was a prolonged and devious relationship with a teenage assistant named Diana Bianchi. "You think when there are kids involved, maybe you can find forgiveness. But this girl [Bianchi] was on TV saying all this stuff about Peter pursuing her. It’s really hurtful," the family source said "I can’t say for sure what [Brinkley will] do next. But whatever it is, the family will totally support her," the relative said. "I think she’ll find love again. Everything is possible. She’s very strong."
Cook’s friend Trish Bergin, a TV news anchor who once dated Brinkley’s ex-husband Billy Joel, also rushed to Cook’s defense yesterday."Peter is not a cad," Bergin told "Inside Edition." "He is a good man who made a very bad mistake. I am hopeful they will now be given the privacy to work through this."Bergin described Cook as "distraught," "truly remorseful," and "committed to saving his marriage."
Bianchi’s lawyer Joseph Tacopina said Cook’s attempts to rehabilitate his image are fine when it comes to mea culpas, but dangerous when it comes to painting his client as an eager participant in the affair. "If he’s going to take a position not based in reality or truth, then [Bianchi] may wind up in a position to have to file a lawsuit," Tacopina told The News. Tacopina specifically disputed Cook’s comment, delivered through his lawyer, that he "took no advantage" with Bianchi. "No one ever said Diana was forced physically. The question is whether or not the advances were welcome and whether she believed there would be collateral consequences if she didn’t give in to his advances," Tacopina said. "She was making $12 an hour at a toy store when they met, and she became financially dependent on [her job at Cook’s architecture firm]. She was put in a difficult position, one that the law frowns upon," he explained.Tacopina said he had no immediate plans to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against Cook. But "if he keeps pushing us, invoking Diana in the newspapers, she’s going to be forced to defend herself," he said.

NY Daily News

Dang Bianchi is one smart whore at 19! Screw them after they are done screwing you. 



Peter Cook and his lawyer speak out
July 25th, 2006 under Christie Brinkley. [ Comments: none ]

Christie Brinkley’s husband, Peter Cook, about whom all civilization has recently read, wants to say: "I love my wife. I have loved her since the day I met her. Please . . . I love her." Then: "For a lifetime I’ve tried to prove how much I love her. This is an aberration." Then, amid tears: "I’m sorry. I’m contrite. I’m stupid. Foolish. No excuse." Christie, a very private person, does not wish him to speak out or to widen this story. Peter Cook is NOT speaking publicly. Not to the press. Not to me. To no one but his lawyer. Norman Sheresky asked me to deliver his client’s message. I meticulously wrote down Norman’s words, which are Peter’s. I then read my notes back to the lawyer who approved them. Now, with exacting care, I have delivered them. Said Sheresky: "He also denies that any relationship with that person was nonconsensual." And what’s this mean in English? "It means, as he told it to me, quote, ‘I took no advantage.’ The idea that the other person involved didn’t knowingly consent to this relationship is garbage." Norman Sheresky is a divorce lawyer. His history is usually representing the party who is racked with pain. He was there for James Gandolfini’s wife, Marcy, and for Patricia Duff, the middle one in the chorus line of Mesdames Ron Perelman. I asked what does he foresee in a coming divorce action. He said: "WHAT coming divorce action? There is no divorce proceeding that is proceeding. Christie Brinkley has not sued her husband." So what does his client actually want? Says Sheresky: "He hopes there’s no divorce. IF she wants one, and he certainly hopes this doesn’t happen, but IF – it will not be nasty. She can have whatever she wants. "Look, nobody’s been saying anything decent about this man who loves his wife and who loves his children. He adopted one of her other children. He’s been a great husband. He’s a great father. Excellent relationship with his kids. Talks to them even now every day. He wants this to go away. He wants for the children to be protected. To beg her forgiveness. For her to take him back. He says he’s married to a terrific woman. He got involved, in over his head somehow, and he wants to make it up to her for the rest of his life. "He’s not looking to be a star on his own. "He’s just going to his office where he’s hounded. He’s just sitting . . . and . . . crying. "I’ve dealt with a laundry list of husbands. I personally think Peter Cook is a terrific guy. He didn’t invent adultery. He didn’t invent the certain kind of person who would engage in it with him, either. He may, however, have invented the huge profuse unending enormous heartrending apologies he is directing toward his wife." So you say he wants this to go away. How can this go away? "Well, for one thing, people like YOU can go away. Every day the media keeps refueling this story makes the whole thing harder. He, me, she, all of us, just want all of you people to go away."

Cindy Adams 


Janice Dickinson goes off on Peter Cook!
July 24th, 2006 under Christie Brinkley. [ Comments: none ]

Beware the wrath of Janice Dickinson. The self-proclaimed "World’s First Supermodel" had a few choice words for Christie Brinkley’s estranged husband at a polo match over the weekend. Dickinson did not hold back saying, "Being a supermodel along with Christie back in the day, my heart goes out to Christie and her family and her children for that slob, slovenly rat bastard husband of hers. How dare he. How dare he, you pig. That’s all I have to say." Luckily for us, that wasn’t all she had to say, as she continued to go off on Cook and his mistress, 19 year old Diana Bianchi. "I think she’s [Bianchi] an opportunist . Rule #1, you stay away from married men. I just think that’s a very naughty thing to do to a sweet lady." One thing’s for sure, Janice definitely scared her own daughter from ever being in a similar situation to Bianchi’s. "My daughter is 19, the same age as that little slut that went out with Peter Cook . She would not behave like that. I’d be in jail, I’d have to go and kill her"


You have to love Janice! She says it like it is! 


Christie’s ex was hot
July 20th, 2006 under Christie Brinkley. [ Comments: none ]

Us Weekly found this smoking hot picture of Christie Brinkley’s ex Peter Cook on the cover of GQ six years before his 19 year old mistress was born!

Did Diana Bianchi’s dad tell Christie about the affair?
July 20th, 2006 under Christie Brinkley. [ Comments: none ]

Christie Brinkley’s family remains in shock that the supermodel’s husband Peter Cook cheated on the blonde bombshell. In an exclusive interview wirh Star, Julie Brinkley, married to Christie’s brother Gregory, said, "Christie is in a lot of pain right now; she’s just very upset. As her sister-in-law we all just thought that this is who is going to grow old with and we’re all very shocked by what’s happened." Julie confirmed Christie knew nothing of her husband’s cheating until she was approached by his mistress’s own father. "The girl’s father spoke to Christie, and she was very shocked. For now she is thinking what’s best for the children, who are on summer vacation from school and are too young to fully understand any of this. They have left the Hamptons and are resting elsewhere. It’s difficult because every time you turn on the TV it’s there."

Star Magazine


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