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Abby Lee Miller gets even cattier on Dance Moms this season
August 26th, 2016 under Dance Moms, Lifetime. [ Comments: none ]

Dance Moms is back next month on Lifetime, and it looks things are going to catty this season. At least in this purrfect promo that is.
What is really scary is even with all of these meowvelous kitties acting out the parts, Abby Lee Miller comes off even meaner when she has a hissy fit. Which is every scene she is in on the show, as we know. Meow!
The claws come out again on September 6th.


Oh baby, Britney Spears is getting her own Lifetime biopic
August 24th, 2016 under Britney Spears, Lifetime. [ Comments: none ]

A few years ago, Lifetime turned Brittany Murphy’s life story into a movie of the week, and now they are doing the same for another Brit, Britney Spears. I guess they ran out of television shows to do Unauthorized stories on, so they are giving actors the same treatment. Who is next Charlie Sheen? Robert Downey Jr? Lindsay Lohan? Rob Lowe?
Britney begins production next month and will air sometime next year. Who do you think should play the Pop Princess?


Center Stage: On Pointe is on point!
June 25th, 2016 under Lifetime. [ Comments: none ]

Center Stage is one of my all-time favorite movies, so I have been waiting a long time for it to get a descent sequel. Tonight at 8p on Lifetime it gets just that with Center Stage: On Pointe.
Jonathan Reeves is still running the ABC, for the time being. Their biggest donor wants to see more modern ballet performances. If he doesn’t deliver, then she won’t deliver her money to him. Knowing he needs the money, he decides to hold auditions for classically trained and modern dancers. Bella (Nicole Muñoz), who is not a ballerina, never thought she would have a chance to be a member of ABT, but now she does.
She auditions and she gets into the summer camp that could lead to her getting in to the Academy. Along with several dancers, she will spend the next few weeks taking dance classes. At the end of it, they will audition again but this time they will officially become members of the American Ballet Academy.
It will be tough time for all. It’s old vs new and both sides won’t get along. Some will drop out, some will be injured and one person will be kicked out. Who will get it and who will go home will surprise you as much as by how enjoyable this telemovie is which also stars Sascha Radetsky and Ethan Stiefel from the original film.
I just have to add that Dance Moms’ Chloe Lukasiak was completely under utilized in this movie. I can’t count how many lines she had in the movie on one hand, yet she is in most of it. She was always the true star of the show, even though some people wanted us to believe otherwise.


Mother May I Sleep with Danger, but you don’t want to
June 18th, 2016 under Lifetime. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 8p on Lifetime, James Franco decided to resurrect the telemovie Mother May I Sleep with Danger with a twist. This time Tori Spelling is the mom and her daughter Leah (Leila George) is the one sleeping with danger. Leah is dating a woman from her school, who has a secret. Pearl is a Vampire (Emily Meade). The other Vamps want Pearl to turn Leah, but she refuses to do it.
Will Pearl tell Leah her secret? Will Leah let Pearl turn her? Will Spelling let her daughter sleep with danger?
I would tell you tune in to find out, but it really isn’t worth it. If you are going to take a premise and screw with it like they did. then you need to be in on the joke. They weren’t. They tried to make a serious movie, but it comes off as an unfunny joke that is torturous to watch. I like crap TV, but this isn’t even good crap TV. It is just crap.


Summer is getting hotter cause Devious Maids and UnREAL are back!
June 6th, 2016 under Lifetime. [ Comments: none ]

Devious Maids is back on Lifetime tonight at 9p and it picks up a short time after the season finale.
Zoila (Judy Reyes) and Genevieve (Susan Lucci) are on the outs since Genevieve made the decision to save Zoila over her unborn child. Rosie (Dania Ramirez) is now her new maid because Mr Spence (Grant Show) still doesn’t remember their relationship. Something his ex-wife Peri (Mariana Klaveno) is totally taking advantage of while doing press for her movie based on the book that was written by Marisol (Ana Ortiz) about the maid who they thought Marisol’s son killed. Eva Longoria is playing Eva Longoria who is playing Marisol in the movie while Peri is playing Mrs Powell.
Talking about the Powells, Evelyn (Rebecca Wisocky) is stuck taking care of Adrian (Tom Irwin) who was left paralyzed from the explosion. Carmen (Roselyn Sánchez) is still their maid and she gets a visit from her cousin Daniela (Sol Rodriguez) who comes with a secret.
But the biggest secret is who killed the person who dies at the end of the tonight’s episode. All I will say is that is an original cast member.
You just have to tune in to find out who it is…

Then at 10p UnREAL is back and it is unreal. Rachel (Shiri Appleby) is running things and she is a B-I-T-C-H. Almost as bad as Quinn (Constance Zimmer), who is still the King of bitchiness. That is until her ex Chet (Craig Bierko) shows up and tries to everything. Just when they think they have a winner among three or them, the network has a surprise that throws a wrench into everything.
And then there is the Everlasting the show they are working on. This season they have chosen an African-American Bachelor and he is trying to find love with a special woman. Those special women he has to chose from are special in their own way. How far will they go to land their man? Seeing is believing, so you have to tune in to see it.
I know I am not saying a lot because I want you to experience the show like I did. Enjoy it as it is meant to be enjoyed.
UnREAL proves that scripted is better at doing unscripted than unscripted is at doing it.


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