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RIP Adam West
June 10th, 2017 under Batman, Obits. [ Comments: none ]

Adam West passed away yesterday at the age of 88 from short battle with Leukemia according to his family on Twitter.

Back in 1966, West landed the role of his lifetime and for the next 50 years he was known as Batman. He continued to reprise that role up until now when he will once again voice the Caped Crusader in Batman vs. Two-Face. This isn’t the only role we will hear his voice in, he was also the Mayor of Quahog on Family for the last 17 years.

When it comes to the Dark Knight, he will always be the best one! Today, honor him by watching him in his greatest role that has brought generations of fans years of joy.


Val Kilmer tries on a Batman mask again!
April 28th, 2017 under Batman, Val Kilmer. [ Comments: none ]

A post shared by Val Kilmer (@valkilmerofficial) on

It has been almost 22 years since Batman Forever came out, and yesterday Val Kilmer tried on the Caped Crusader’s mask again. Although the fit wasn’t as good as it was in 1995 Blockbuster, he still looks like he did when he played his biggest role of his career to date.

When it comes to how he ranks with the other Batmans, all the past Bruce Waynes can always say they were better than Ben Affleck. Like all Bonds, James Bond can say they were better that Pierce Brosnan. Back to Val and The Dark Knight, at least he didn’t kill the franchise off like George Clooney did.

Who is your favorite and least favorite Batmans? Mine fav is Adam West and worst is Clooney. But I hate everything Clooney does these days!


Is this the most sadistic thing that Jimmy Kimmel has ever done?
February 8th, 2017 under Batman, Jimmy Kimmel. [ Comments: none ]

Jimmy Kimmel has done many sadistic things throughout the years, like having parents telling their kids that they ate all of their Halloween candy the next morning. Yesterday, on his ABC late night show, he might’ve done his most sadistic thing ever.
Anyone who has someone in their life who plays with Legos, knows the pain of stepping on one of those things barefoot. Your body contorts in pain and you say a lot of 4-letter words that are not Lego.
Well, Will Arnett is starring as Lego Batman in the movie of the same title and Kimmel came up with an interesting thing for him to do on Jimmy Kimmel Live. He asked the actor with a sexy voice to walk on 12′ of Legos barefoot. How did it go? I winced in pain just watching him. Yet, I was oddly turned on because I love pain. Pain is something he was definitely experiencing. Although, the the plastic blocks he walked one were not the little ones they have now. Those things can make the most macho man cry like a little girl.


Val Kilmer makes a Batman joke!
December 20th, 2016 under Batman, Val Kilmer. [ Comments: none ]

Some of you might’ve forgotten, but once upon a time Val Kilmer played Batman on the big screen. Since then George Clooney, Christian Bale, David Mazouz and Ben Affleck have all played Bruce Wayne. But on February 10th, Will Arnett will take on the caped crusader in a whole new way, he is Lego Batman. (Yes he played him in The Lego Movie, but now he has his own film.)
Anyways, when Kilmer saw the poster for the newest Batman movie, he simply said, “I’ve nothing more to say. Except maybe “Been there done that…” And with that, the mic is dropped!


Who’s your favorite Joker?
August 5th, 2016 under Batman. [ Comments: none ]

It was 50 years ago when Cesar Romero took on the role of Joker in Batman the television series and since then he has been played and voiced by many other people. Burger Fiction edited a 9 minute video of The Evolution of The Joker and we watched him transform from crazy clown to a psychotic one throughout the half century. Some were better than others, one, Heath Ledger, even won an Oscar. But no matter how many men get behind the white face, Jack Nicholson will always be my favorite. Who is yours?


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