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Prototype This premieres on Discovery tonight
October 15th, 2008 under Reviews. [ Comments: none ]

(photo © Discovery)

In a warehouse on an island in San Francisco Bay, a team of engineers and PhD's are inventing the future one prototype at a time. From finding solutions to today's problems, to conceiving cool machines that are just fun to have around, the Prototype This crew imagines and then invents the future by using emerging technologies to build the craziest, one-of-a-kind prototypes of tomorrow.

Tune in Wednesdays at 10 e/p for loads of zany brilliance, hi-tech wizardry, and a inside look at some of the latest tools and gadgets that just may change the way we live and work.

Prototype This is premiering tonight on Discovery Channel tonight at 10p and you don't have to be a genius to enjoy this show. In tonight's episode the team come up with a prototype that will eliminate road rage. They create a helmet for the driver to wear that measures biorhythms and if the driver gets aggravated the car will slow down or stop until they calm down. It was a lot of fun to watch them come up with the idea, then on to how they make it and then finally making it work. Watching them test it out was the best. Guess how many of them couldn't get their cars started because they were too stressed! 
In the coming weeks they attempt a waterslide stimulator and a traffic busting truck (I want one!) to name a few. So tune to Discovery tonight and every Wednesday at 10p to watch a bunch guys come up with an idea of the future and make it happen today!

Dean is back from hell tonight on Supernatural!!!
September 18th, 2008 under Reviews, Supernatural. [ Comments: 1 ]

Supernatural is back tonight on The CW at 9p and it wastes no time getting Dean out of hell. The show picks up 4 months later with Dean being returned to mortality, Sam missing and Bobby missing his adopted sons. Once Sam and Bobby realize that it really is Dean that stands before them the trio try to find out how that happened. Things have changed over the last four months and with the direction the show is going this season, they are most def changing for the better. Just when I thought that the show couldn’t get any better, it proved me wrong and is back stronger than ever!!! Seriously after watching the first two episodes of the season, I was literally blown away and I am not talking about a few of the scenes in those episodes! Now that Dean is back from hell it is time to face the apocalypse…
So tune in to The CW tonight and every Thursday at 9p for the best season of Supernatural yet!!!


Put on Coco Chanel tonight
September 13th, 2008 under Lifetime, Reviews. [ Comments: 2 ]

“Coco Chanel” is the rags-to-riches tale charting the rise of one of the most influential fashion icons of the 20th century. From her humble childhood in a French orphanage, through her early days as a young dressmaker’s assistant, to her passionate and tragic love with a dashing Englishman, and ultimately to her success as a pioneering icon, “Coco Chanel” is the story of a glamorous woman who was hard to love and harder to ignore. This epic true story stars Shirley MacLaine, Malcolm McDowell and Barbora Bobulova.

Shirley MacLaine is Coco Chanel on Lifetime at 8p and she is in a movie as fashionable as the real Coco Chanel. This movie is amazing, not only is it the story of how Coco Chanel became the name became in fashion it is also a story of love! Coco Chanel is a real rags to riches story, and she had to work many years to become the woman she was known for. And she had a man who helped her to make her that way, but their love story was not an easy one, but a beautiful one. Barbora Bobulova is amazing as the young Coco Chanel who struggles with love, life and fashion.
This is a great movie for a Saturday night or any night, so tune into Coco Chanel tonight on Lifetime at 8p!


Gossip Girl is back tonight and boy is it back!!!
September 1st, 2008 under Gossip Girl, Reviews. [ Comments: none ]

The summer is over and what is better way to ease in to fall then to have Gossip Girl return to The CW tonight at 8p? Gossip Girl is back in full force and I have to admit the first three episodes are O-M-F’ing-G better than last year. The show picks up 3 months later and lots of new relationships have started and some are still questionable. But who is with who and who wants who and who will get back with who, you will just have to watch to find out? There are new loves starting and old loves ending and some rekindling.
They are spotted on The Hamptons and you will see how they spent the summer. Jenny has an internship that will make the Stylista wannabes jealous. Dan on the other hand has an internship that will make Clark Kent envious, but has he moved on from Serena? Then there is Chuck and Blaire she has moved on with a man who has a secret identity and Chuck well he is Chuck afterall. Finally Nate, he is no longer a one woman man and I do mean “woman”. All this happens in the first three episodes and guess what school hasn’t even started. Imagine all that will happen once they are back hitting the books.
So tune into Gossip Girl tonight and every Monday at 8p on The CW for a show that will have you reaching for your blackberry for the latest gossip on your friends.


For The Love Of Grace premieres tonight on Hallmark Channel
August 30th, 2008 under Hallmark, Reviews. [ Comments: 1 ]

With a great career, close friends, and an upwardly mobile fiancé, ‘How To’ book writer Grace (Chandra West) appears to have the perfect life. Meanwhile, local firefighter Steve (Mark Consuelos), having just been suspended for his reckless, yet heroic style, seems to be heading in the opposite direction That is, until a fateful fire rescue fans the flames of attraction and gives them both a new perspective on life. Corbin Bernsen also stars. Watch the sparks fly in this heart-warming Hallmark Original Movie.
Watch the sparks fly in this heart-warming Hallmark Original Movie. With a great career, friends, and fiancé, Grace (Chandra West) appears to have the perfect life. Meanwhile, local firefighter Steve (Mark Consuelos) seems to be heading in the opposite direction. That is, until a fateful fire rescue fans the flames of attraction and gives them both a new perspective on life.

For The Love Of Grace is a lovely movie for a Saturday night Hallmark Channel movie at 9p. Mark Consuelos is fast is fast becoming one of my male romantic leads. I can’t believe I am saying this about Kelly Ripa’s husband, but after watching him in a second romantic lead, I so want a man like him. In For The Love Of Grace he plays such a sweet hero that is going through the loss of his wife. His brother is his best friend trying to help him move on, but he has been unsuccessful. That is until Steve, a fireman, saves Grace from a fire in her house. That fateful fire saves them both and changes them in way they never thought. Grace an engaged workaholic author realizes life is to short to work all the time and Steve learns he can love again. But as the two move on will Grace be Steve’s one, or will she stay with her fiance’. While going through all of this they put together a Gourmet Firehouse Cookbook with a lot of yummy recipes.
For The Love Of Grace is a sweet movie that will leave you feeling good, so check it out tonight on Hallmark Channel at 9p.


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