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When a Christmas program goes so wrong, you just have to laugh
December 14th, 2017 under Christmas Music. [ Comments: 2 ]

Tana Benson was so excited that her little girl was going to play the sheep in the local Christmas program, that she just had to record it. This way she can enjoy whenever she wants to see it. What she did not expect is that her when her baby sheep saw Baby Jesus in nativity scene, that she would she would take such an instant liking to it. So much so, the toddler took the doll out of the cradle and started to hug it. Well, mama Mary was not going to have that happen and tried to take her son back. Therefore, the two little girls were fighting over Baby Jesus and all the parents were laughing uncontrollably because they never saw a live nativity scene quite like this one and never will again!


The Grinch was finally caught stealing Christmas!
November 30th, 2017 under Christmas Music. [ Comments: none ]

For years the Grinch has eluded authorities, but not anymore. That is because the fine cops of Edison, NJ finally apprehended the thief as he tried to steal Christmas from an unsuspecting family. Thankfully, Edison TV was there to capture his capture on tape.

Not only that, the judge came down harder on him than Santa Claus when he comes down an oiled up chimney. She sentenced him to community service to get the holiday spirit back. All in the name of helping the police officers collect toys for their toy drive. Will it work? Of course it will because what kid would not want to show him the true meaning of Christmas?

Next year, hopefully they can work their magic on Ebeneezer Scrooge. Bah humbug!


Happy Xmas from Josh Groban
November 20th, 2017 under Christmas Music, Josh Groban. [ Comments: none ]

They say history repeats itself and in some ways it is doing just that. 46 years ago, America was going through a huge political change and now it is doing the same thing. Lyrics from John Lennon’s songs are coming back, in a way, to haunt us. Who has a voice haunting enough voice to parlay the feeling we get from the late singer? Josh Groban does and this season he is resurrecting his holiday song Happy Xmas (War Is Over). You cannot sing that Christmas tune without a children’s choir, and he got one to recreate that part. What we got is a timeless classic becoming a timeless classic again but by someone one else.

So listen to the song the first time and enjoy the Christmas Carol. Then listen to it again but to the lyrics and see how it is sadly still relevant today nearly a half a century later.

The song is available now along with 5 other new ones on Josh Groban’s 10th anniversary reissue of Noel.


Josh Groban makes Christmas even more Merry!
December 25th, 2016 under Christmas Music, Josh Groban. [ Comments: none ]

Today, I lit the fireplace and listened to Josh Groban singing Christmas tunes and it warmed my soul as I opened presents with my loved ones. It is a great way to start the holiday.
Don’t have that luxury of owning his album, then watch him serenading hotel guests at the Grand Hyatt singing those tunes It will make even the coldest of areas warm up immediately. He is the King of Christmas!
So bow down and enjoy his velvety voice!


Pentatonix’s Christmas present for their Fateful fans!
December 20th, 2016 under Christmas Music. [ Comments: none ]

We are just days away from Christmas and Pentatonix has an early Christmas present for us to wrap. Today they released the music video for their version of O Come, All Ye Faithful and I can’t stop listening to it. Adding a Lion King vibe to the holiday classic makes it something you don’t mind hearing for years to come. And we will over and over again.


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