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Nicole Kidman eats bugs like they are candy
January 31st, 2018 under Keith & Nicole Urban. [ Comments: none ]

When I see bugs, I am thinking so gnarly. When Nicole Kidman sees them, she is thinking yum. When Vanity Fair asked what her secret talent is, she told them it is eating bugs. She says she is one of the 2 million people who likes to eat insects. Therefore, they gave her a 4-course meal of the creepy crawlies and now I have the creepy crawlies.

The first course was horn worms and they were still wiggling around. You would think that would stop her, but it didn’t. She ate that little guy and said it was “moist and chewy.”

Next up, it was time to eat some mealworms and they too were still alive. That did not stop her because just like Pringles she could not eat just one.

For the third bug, she finally got one that was dead. You could hear the crickets in the room as she downed them like I gobble up chocolate when I am PMSing. She described them as they are “like a hairy nut.” When she said that I thought that she was talking about Keith Urban, but she was talking about the ones that grow on trees and not the ones that grow on men.

Finally, the last bugger was fried and she loved those grasshoppers. She says that she would recommend them for everyone. But that everyone is not me.

She eats them and she looks classy. If I were to eat them, I would look and act like a 3-year-old who is forced to eat Brussels sprouts and liver for dinner. Actually I still look that way now when I eat those things.

Have you ever eaten bugs? Would you describe them like she did?


Nicole Kidman and Milo Ventimilgia wannabe your lover!
July 6th, 2017 under James Franco, Keith & Nicole Urban, Keri Russell, This Is Us. [ Comments: none ]

Believe it or not, Spice Girls’ Wannabe is going to turn 21 this Friday and W Magazine asked some actors to do their interpretation of the catchy hit.

Nicole Kidman sexed up the lyrics while Milo Ventimilgia made me want to sex him up. Millie Bobby Brown was not even a thought in her parents’ mind when the song came out, yet she was the most enthusiastic about it. James Franco, Keri Russell and Alexander Skarsgaard read it like an audition. All in all each one of them had a blast. But then again how can you not because that song always puts you in a good mood when you sing it. Zigazig ah!


Nicole Kidman got her first kiss and more while watching The Shining
February 15th, 2017 under Keith & Nicole Urban. [ Comments: none ]

Back in 1980, when Nicole Kidman was on the cusp of 13, she cut school with her boyfriend and went to see The Shining. What happened next left her shining. She told W Magazine that she got her first kiss and more during that screening.

How did she like the Stephen King horror movie? She said, “I didn’t see a lot of it because I was like, like, it was, pretty awesome. But I’m fair, I love that film!” Makes you wonder what they were doing during that “Here’s Johnny” scene?

Is it wrong me to think, that explains why she married Tom Cruise 10 years later?


BTWF modeling: Nicole Kidman on Dolly Magazine
December 19th, 2016 under Graham Norton, Keith & Nicole Urban. [ Comments: none ]

via The Graham Norton Show
Before Nicole Kidman was gracing all the covers of magazines for her acting roles, she was on the cover of Dolly Magazine during her modeling career days. How stunning was the 15 year old on that 1983 cover?


Keith Urban was told to get out of Country music when he was 9
April 1st, 2015 under Conan O'Brien, Keith & Nicole Urban. [ Comments: none ]

Long before Keith Urban was judging singers on American Idol, he was a contestant on a talent competition back when was 9. Yesterday on Conan, he told the TBS host about his experience.
His parents told him to go on a show called Pot of Gold and he sang a Country song on it. When he was done, it was time to be judged. Bernard King told the kid, “I desperately encourage you to escape the mediocrity, get out of Country Western and get into some real music.” Then the judge added, “Otherwise, you will end up sounding like Dolly Parton and absolutely useless.”
Imagine if he took that judge’s advice, we probably wouldn’t know he is, he wouldn’t be married to Nicole Kidman and most importantly he wouldn’t be judging American Idol. Would that have been bad thing?


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