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Travis Baker and DJ AM updates
October 8th, 2008 under Shanna Moakler/Travis Barker. [ Comments: none ]

US Weekly got the first interview with Travis Barker since that horrible plane accident almost two weeks ago that left 4 people dead and DJ AM and him suffering second and third degree burns.

"I hate planes," the ex-Blink 182 drummer, 32, tells Us exclusively. "My biggest fear ever is to be involved in a plane crash, so when that happened … well, I'm just thankful to be alive! I'm just grateful to be here at all."

How are you doing?
"I am doing the best I can possibly be. I'm so anxious to get out of here. …I've just been in surgery after surgery. I have third degree burns basically from my feet up to my waist and both hands. One of my hands was second degree burns and one was third degree burns. I'm trying to have a quick recovery and play the drums again and be able to hold my kids again. [Barker has two children, Landon, 5, and Alabama, 2, with Moakler.] I'm going nuts not being able to see them and spend time with them!"

How much longer will you be in the hospital?
"Oh gosh, I hope not much longer. I sit here and I read books and watch TV. I think if this surgery went well, I'll be here for at most two weeks."

My friend reminded me, when Travis broke his arm a few years he reworked the drum set so he could play. So if any one can come back from this and bang on the drums, it is Travis Barker!
To read the rest of this interview you can pick up Us Weekly on stands now. May his recovery be speedy.
Now on to DJ AM, People is reporting that his friends are putting on a benefit concert in his honor with proceeds going to the memorial funds established crash victims.
The bash – to be held Oct. 14 at Avalon Hollywood – will include performances from celebrity DJs, including Mark Ronson, Steve Aoki, Danny Masterson and Mixmaster Mike.
If you WantTickets, you can get them for only $20 each.

Pray from Travis Barker and DJ Am
September 20th, 2008 under Shanna Moakler/Travis Barker. [ Comments: none ]

Both Travis Barker and DJ were critically injured in a leer jet accident last night in Columbia, SC. The two survived the crash while 4 including Travis’ assistant, Chris Baker who was featured on his show did not. Reports are saying DJ AM suffered burns on his face and 50% of body and Travis suffered burns below his waist, both are listed in critical but stable condition.
Here is video of them performing last night before the crash.

My thoughts and prayers are with them and the families of all of those who were involved in the accident.


Regis Philbin can’t say Shanna Moakler’s name
June 19th, 2008 under CBS, Shanna Moakler/Travis Barker. [ Comments: none ]

I just love that Regis Philbin messes up names on Live with Regis and Kelly all the time, but I thought that he would at least be able to get the names correct on Million Dollar Password.
BTW Steven Webber gets better with age!!!
So check out Million Dollar Password on CBS this Sunday at 8p and see if Regis will ever say Shanna Moakler’s name correctly before the credits roll.


Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler dunzo again
February 11th, 2008 under Shanna Moakler/Travis Barker. [ Comments: none ]

Once again Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler are officially divorced again according to People. 
"No, I'm no longer with her," Barker told PEOPLE over the weekend at the 5th annual Roots Jam benefiting Rock the Vote at West Hollywood's Key Club. "We were actually divorced a few days ago."
I was hoping they were going to make it this time, guess not…at least not for the time being. 

Shanna Moakler bares her soul
January 25th, 2008 under Shanna Moakler/Travis Barker. [ Comments: 6 ]

Friday, January 25, 2008


"A woman is like a teabag, only in hot water do you realize how strong she is"
Current mood: betrayed

Im gonna TRY to make this short and sweet….

I am VERY far from where I would like to be in my career, I'm from a small town in the smallest state, I've started working as a teen model and lived in every city and beat the streets in every town, taking every audition, I modeled, I did pageants I took every meeting I could, I've been rejected 1000 times and I never gave up…I took every one liner, bit part I could, I didn't have my daddy's name or some hollywood connection, I worked my ass off, and no I may not be in the A list, but I have drive and conviction and ambition… and I wont ever stop trying to be involved in projects that I enjoy and get the opportunity's that allow me to show what it is I strive to do…
I grew up watching musicals with talents such as Ann Miller and Fred Astaire and that is the sole reason I moved across the country to this city with the dream to be a part of this industry.

with that said,

never in all my life, if I thought for one second with all that I have done, (and I am actually proud of what I have accomplished), did I ever think having a confrontation with a whore in a club or the complete heartbreaking ups and downs of my marriage which sadly have to play out in front on the public, would take center stage from what it is I actually LOVE doing…

it makes me fucking sick and sad….. that the reality is having a sex tape and letting men piss on you, getting dui's , flashing your crotch and going to jail is apparently today, the image young men and woman strive for to get their foot in the door… thats not talent and it sure doesn't deserve fame. I mean thats the message i see everyday in my TV, in my papers, on my radios…

i dont want to be known for any of this!! ill keep my small time reality show and my dignity and keep it moving! my marriage is just not up for entertainment anymore.

and perez hilton…go fuck yourself. i guess making fun of everyone in times of trouble shows exaclty the caliber of your class. but look who you named yourself after. maybe i just dont get the "jokes". but its a form of entertainment ill pass on.

signing off.

health, wealth and yes all the happiness you can stand!

Sadly she is so right on on what makes a celebrity today and it is nice to see someone who is not going to go down that path to make a name for herself! Way to go!
Tune into the season finale of Crowned: The Mother of All Pageants on The CW this Wednesday at 8p. I am so sad it is the season finale because I have really grown to love this show.

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