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The Guggenheim has the best response to Trump asking to borrow a van Gogh
January 25th, 2018 under Donald Trump. [ Comments: none ]

The White House asked the Guggenheim to borrow Vincent van Gogh’s Landscape with Snow for the president and first lady’s private living quarters and they kindly offered something else from the museum instead. Since they could not go #1, they were hoping he would go for #2.

According to The Washington Post, the curator, Nancy Spector, offered him their art piece called America. Sounds fitting for 1600 Pennsylvania, but it is more appropriate for his Manhattan penthouse. What is it? A fully functioning 18-karat solid gold toilet. We have heard that he likes golden showers, so this the next best thing. Right?

Personally, I do not know why they did not give him a copy of the painting. Afterall it is rumored that he has a copy of another famous painting in his Manhattan apartment that he claims is real.

One more thing, while on paper the request seems extremely absurd, the newspaper says that it is not unprecedented for presidents to borrow major artwork. Which sounds crazy, but hey if you are the president of the United States it does not hurt to ask. Unless you are Donald Trump, then it does.


Conan O’Brien got the people of Haiti to roast Donald Trump
January 23rd, 2018 under Conan O'Brien, Donald Trump. [ Comments: none ]

Just over a week ago, Donald Trump described Haiti and Africa as 💩🕳️s. When Conan O’Brien heard this, he decided to hop on a plane, fly down to Haiti and film one of his Conan Without Borders specials there to prove that the president is wrong. While touring the beautiful country, he asked some of the residents if they have a message for POTUS and boy did they. Sadly, their words are too clever for Trump to understand what they are truly saying to him.

This was just a teaser and the full episode airs this Saturday on TBS. Make sure to watch because Conan takes you to places and introduces you to the people that no one else will show you. I always find these special very informative, interesting and most importantly enjoyable.


How do kids feel about Trump?
January 20th, 2018 under Donald Trump, Jimmy Kimmel. [ Comments: none ]

While everyone over 19 was able to vote or not to vote for Donald Trump in 2016, those who were not old enough did not have a vote in the matter. Jimmy Kimmel wanted to know how the youngest victims feel about the President. Let’s just say, they are not fans. But I am fan of watching them criticize POTUS.


The President RSVPs no to the Kennedy Center Honors!
August 19th, 2017 under Donald Trump. [ Comments: none ]

The Kennedy Center Honors honor people who have made a huge impact in Arts and Entertainment. An honor you would think that anyone who is slated to get one would attend. Not this year. First Norman Lear said he would not attend the event because of the President, then Lionel Richie and Gloria Estefan said they were not sure if they would go and finally yesterday dancer Carmen de Lavallade bowed out. Since you can have the Kennedy Center Honors without the nominees, the President decided not to attend. The White House said, “The president and first lady have decided not to participate in this year’s activities to allow the honorees to celebrate without any political distraction.” Translation, they do not want me there, I get it. In return, he will probably cancel all funding to all arts programs as revenge. At least that I was thinking he will do.

When it comes to the Kennedy Center, they told ABC News, “The Kennedy Center respects the decision made by today by the president. Then they added, “In choosing not to participate…the administration has graciously signaled its respect for the Kennedy Center and ensures the Honors gala remains a deservingly special moment for the honorees.” In other words, thank you for not coming.

45 is only the third time a President did not attend the gala and the first to due so because he was not wanted there. President Carter cancelled in 1979 due to the Iran Hostage situation and President Clinton skipped out in 1994 because he was on a trip to Budapest for a security conference on Europe.


Will Alec Baldwin play 45 again when SNL returns in the Fall?
June 26th, 2017 under Alec Baldwin, Donald Trump, Saturday Night Live, TV News. [ Comments: none ]

Alec Baldwin had hinted that he was ready to hang up his blonde wig on Saturday Night Live, disappointing his biggest fans in the White House and beyond. It has been a few months since the actor said that and CNN just had to know if he changed his mind, like 45 does every day on Twitter? Baldwin told Chloe Melas, “Probably, a little bit of that…A couple of celery sticks now and then but not a whole meal.” Then he added, “I don’t know. I mean, I got a lot of things do this Fall, little things I am working on.”

Then he explained why he will fit it in, “I think people have enjoyed it.” That is a huge understatement. We have loved it so much we want to do illegal things to it. I am willing to forego him hosting Match Game just to keep him on SNL all season long. While I have been avoiding all the comedy shows making fun of the President, the only one I can tolerate is Baldwin. I cannot stand 45 and I think he is joke. He is just not a funny one that all those shows make him out to be. SNL gets it right because they nail every stupid thing he does in a brilliant way.

And on that note, CNN this better not be fake news because that would be cruel to do.


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