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Drake is making it rain in Miami by donating A LOT of money
February 8th, 2018 under Admirable People, Degrassi, Drake. [ Comments: none ]

Miami is a magical place that you cannot help to fall in love with when you visit. Drake has been filming a music video there and he loves it so much that he throwing his money all over the place. Not on himself, but on other people.

According to WPLG, it started on Monday at Miami Senior High School where he was filming his video. He not only gave the school $25,000, he is designing the school’s uniform next year and giving them to the students for free. After that, he graduated to my alma mater, University of Miami, and gave one student at the music school a $50,000 scholarship. The next day, he went in the Lotus House homeless shelter for around 260 women and children and gave them a $50,000 donation. People reports that he gave all of the moms $150 gift cards to Target and the kids got toys and games. He made one more stop on his donating spree and that was to a supermarket on Miami Beach. He grabbed the megaphone and told all the shoppers he was paying for their groceries. The bill reportedly came out to around $50,000.

Drake has not said why he so generously gave away around $200,000 in 2 days, but who cares. If you see him, shake his hand because we need more celebrities like him. That and if he says he wants to shoot something in your town, welcome him with open arms.

BTW I wonder how The Rock feels about being one upped on the niceness in his hometown and at our college. DJ, time to match him!


Has Degrassi’s Stefan Brogren finally lost it?
April 27th, 2017 under Degrassi. [ Comments: none ]

For most of Stefan Brogren’s life he has played the good guy Archie Simpson in the Degrassi franchise. It seems like Snake is sick of that goody two shoes image and wants to change things up. His Zit Remedy’s bandmate Pat Mastroianni aka Joey Jeremiah shared this photo of his childhood friend holding an axe and he looks really scary. Maybe it is time they do another Horror movie at Degrassi and he is the killer killing off all of his students.


A mini Degrassi High reunion!
March 20th, 2017 under Degrassi. [ Comments: none ]

Before there was Degrassi: The Next Generation, there was the original generation. This weekend 5 of those cast members reunited at Toronto’s Comic-Con and we got these wonderful photos of them together.

How much fun is it to see Pat Mastroianni aka Joey, Stefan Brogren aka Snake, Stacie Mistysyn aka Caitlin, Kirsten Bourne aka Tess and Dan Woods aka Mr Raditch together again. Yes, we saw them together again a few times when Degrassi: TNG premiered, but they were sharing the spotlight with the new students at Degrassi. It is about time they got their own show. Degrassi: The First Generation. Netflix can add it to their lineup with the new Degrassi episodes and it can be a lot more real than it was on PBS back in the ’80s.

Only sad part is there will never a be a Zit Remedy reunion. RIP Neil Hope aka Wheels.

If you have never seen the original Degrassi episodes, you need to find them. It was the best show ever done for teens and adults could enjoy and learn something from it too.


Travis Scott falls through a hole in the stage, Drake offers a full refund!
February 2nd, 2017 under Degrassi, Drake. [ Comments: none ]

Travis Scott was performing his song Goosebumps with Drake at the latter’s show in London yesterday and the two men ran up on the stage from the crowd. Caught up in the moment, Scott didn’t see the hole in the stage that holds an inflatable globe and fell through it. The Degrassi star, walked over to check on his friend and helped him up.
Even though the show went on and Scott was OK, Drake told the audience, “London England, I love you, I hope you enjoyed your free show”. According the BBC, they don’t when or if it will happen, but that is a pretty grand gesture!


Nina Dobrev stakes her hair
January 10th, 2017 under Degrassi, Haircut. [ Comments: none ]

Ever since Nina Dobrev did Degrassi, she has the same hairstyle, long brown locks half way down her back. Well today is her birthday and she decided to give herself a new look. Her long hair is now layered down to her shoulders and she said, Short hair. Don’t care🙅🏻😉 New year. New Do(brev). 💇🏻”
No matter how long or short her hair is, she looks fantastic. Although I think she is going to have a lot more being wild with this new do.


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