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Guess who actually went food shopping?
June 15th, 2007 under Kate Bosworth/Orlando Bloom. [ Comments: none ]

Think you know who is finally eating then click here!


How many orifices can Orlando Bloom expel water from?
January 8th, 2007 under Kate Bosworth/Orlando Bloom. [ Comments: none ]

I never thought he was sexy to begin with, but now there is no chance. Ewwww.  

Pictures from the second TomKat wedding party
December 10th, 2006 under J-Lo, Kate Bosworth/Orlando Bloom, Penelope Cruz, Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes/Suri. [ Comments: none ]

If you want to know more about the party, you can read about it at E!
Where are all the Scientologists? 

Who looks the best with a platinum blonde bob?
September 19th, 2006 under Better than..., Kate Bosworth/Orlando Bloom, Madonna, Nick Lachey/Jessica/Ashlee Simpson. [ Comments: 1 ]


Hollywood Gossip Whores

Trick answer, they all look horrible with their new dos. I think Maddona aged herself at least ten years with the new do and actually same thing goes for Jessica Simpson and Kate Bosworth! 


Kate Bosworth has a nip slip you do not want to see
September 13th, 2006 under Celeb Oops, Kate Bosworth/Orlando Bloom. [ Comments: none ]


I Don’t Like You In That Way (If you want click on the pix for a larger version) 

Eww Eww Eww. Hollywood needs to do the same thing that Madrid did to models, if you are too thin you can not work. That is one of the nastiest things I have seen. Even Nicole Richie looks better than that. Ewww. 


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