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Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston try to remain friendly
May 4th, 2007 under Whitney Houston/Bobby Brown. [ Comments: none ]

In a recent interview Bobby Brown admitted Whitney Houston and him are remaining amicable for Bobbi Christina according to IOL. Brown said, "We're trying to work everything out so the divorce goes right – not like a Hollywood divorce. We're friends. I'm really looking forward to her doing her thing, and me doing my thing. And that's raising a child. It's beautiful. Our child is beautiful. We just appreciate each other now that we know the direction that we both want to go."

It is so interesting to hear something so normal from a couple that was not so normal. 

(photo from TMZ



Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown divorce approved
April 7th, 2007 under Whitney Houston/Bobby Brown. [ Comments: 2 ]

People is reporting that Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's divorce was approved by an Orange County Judge. Whitney Houston wiped away tears when the Judge said her divorce would be final on April 24th. Whitney also received full custody of their daughter Bobbi Krisina. She did not have any comments for the press after the proceeding.

Bobby Brown's lawyer says that he will appeal the decision.

I thought this couple was going to last because she stayed with him for so long. Looking at her now it is a good thing it didn't.

(photo from TMZ)




Bobby Brown wants a Flavor of Love show
March 16th, 2007 under Whitney Houston/Bobby Brown. [ Comments: 2 ]

Just when I thought Flavor Flav could be the worst musician that 20 unsuspecting girls could have as their bachleor on a dating show comes the news that Bobby Brown wants to do the same thing. Bobby Brown, is looking for his next Whitney Houston and he is choosing to do it on TV. He wants to have 20 women fight for him, I hope those women will get paid a sh!tload of money because why else would anyone do it? He is so not a prize. To make it even worse insider describe one challenges on the show as "Bobby believes the best way to win a man's heart is through his stomach, so he's planning to have the women cook for him while they parade around in thong bikinis." Yeah I want to be part of that show…not? Luckily according to WENN it is just in the shopping it around phase because let's be real even VH1 would not want to help Bobby Brown find Booty.


Bobby Brown pays back Hot 99.5 and they pay it forward
March 8th, 2007 under Whitney Houston/Bobby Brown. [ Comments: none ]


So Bobby Brown, who reneged on his deal with the radio station that bailed him out of jail, has paid the station back. I wonder where he got the money from since he didn't have it last week? Well anyways the station has come up with a plan to make good of the money that came out of something, well, bad. Here it is:

Bobby couldn't cut it, but we know you can!

We're going to repurpose the money we got back from posting Bobby Brown's bail and give $1,000 to 20 people who promise to "pay it forward."

We'll hand out the cash as long as you have a legitimate need for it and promise to make the world just a little bit better along the way. For instance, say you have a broken water heater and can't afford a new one. Tell us that you'll read one extra book to your kids each week, and we'll give you the dough. Use however much you want for whatever you need…as long as you promise to make a difference. You know, "Pay It Forward" (we all saw that movie, right?)

Use the form below to tell us how you would spend $1,000 and what you promise to do to make life a little bit nicer. Then, listen to The Kane Show on Hot 99.5 to find out if you're a winner.

If you want to Pay It Forward, go to Hot 99.5's website and fill out the apllication 



Bobby Brown arrested again for not paying child support
February 26th, 2007 under Whitney Houston/Bobby Brown. [ Comments: none ]

Bobby Brown was arrested on Sunday and jailed in Massachusetts for failure to appear in court and pay child support fines. "He was picked up last night outside his daughter's cheerleading competition" at her high school, Patrick McDermott, clerk of Norfolk Probate Court in Canton, Mass., tells PEOPLE. "He went very cooperatively. According to the constable, no one was really around." Jerry Loomis, one of the constables who arrested Brown, said he stopped the singer in the school's parking lot "because we didn�t want to embarrass him or anyone else in there… He was very cooperative." Asked if Brown was able to see his daughter perform Loomis said, "No. He was begging us to go in there, but we felt for safety reasons we couldn't allow him. It wasn't even in the cards." Brown, 40, owes money to his former girlfriend Kim Ward, who lives in Massachusetts and with whom he has two teenage children: LaPrincia and Bobby III. Brown spent Sunday night in jail and will remain in custody until Monday afternoon, when a judge will decide whether to charge him with contempt of a child support order. If the charge is criminal, Brown could land in jail, McDermott said.


You would think with all the problems he has had with child support he would pay his bills on time. Guess not?


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