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Has Jennifer Garner hit hard times?
February 12th, 2018 under Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner. [ Comments: none ]

Last week, Jennifer Garner signed on for a TV show on HBO and this weekend she was seen selling cookies outside of a supermarket. So has the soon-to-be-divorcee hit hard times? If you consider being a mom to Girl Scouts during cookie season hard, then she is.

On a positive note for her, with Seraphina being 12 and Violet, 9, she only has a few more of suffering and asking everyone she knows to buy those yummy thin mints. I am so craving them now.

BTW Jennifer, you know pot is legal here in California? That means there are better locations for you sell the cookies at like a dispensary.


Jennifer Garner eats a hot pepper
January 22nd, 2018 under Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner. [ Comments: none ]

Jennifer Garner tried farming and she saw a jalapeño pepper. Being brave she decided to see how hot it is. After one bite, she quickly regretted her decision. Proving that even when she is suffering in pain, she is still the cutest actress in Hollywood. Is there anything she cannot do and make it extremely awwwdorable? Even her bad movies are made with sweeter with her in it. Although, I cannot think of any bad movie she has done. I am upset we will not get a sequel to Nine Lives for obvious reasons.


Jennifer Garner looks extremely manly
January 3rd, 2018 under Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner. [ Comments: 1 ]

Jennifer Garner is very feminine looking, most of the time. Yesterday, she shared a photo when she was not. Why? Back in 2011, she was set to do a movie (that did not happen), and she had to bow out when she found out she was pregnant with her third child, Samuel.

Now we know if she is ever asked to play a male part she could do it easily with the help of Rick Baker’s magic. Seriously, doesn’t she look more like her twin brother than herself?


Jennifer Garner reads a kids’ story to her dog!
October 27th, 2017 under Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner. [ Comments: none ]

Jennifer Garner and her dog Birdie sat down for some storytime before bed. The human was dressed as a skeleton and her friend as witch. As she read each word, the hat came off of Bird. Once Birdie lost her magic cap, she lost her interest in the tale. And with that they lived happily ever after never knowing how Room on the Broom ended.

What we got from the story is that Jennifer Garner has the cutest Instagram out there!


Jennifer Garner woke up like this…
September 29th, 2017 under Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner, No makeup. [ Comments: none ]

You know how celebrities post photos of themselves, waking up in the morning look all perfect? Jennifer Garner is not like those other celebrities. She spent the night in the tent in her backyard and she woke up like someone who spent the night in the tent. Makeup free and grumpy. Not happy and all made up like someone who went Glamping, but someone who is pissed off they slept on the hard ground all night instead of a comfy bed.

You might say I am making like her movie The Invention of Lying, but I still think she looks stunning. She might not be her chipper self, but she is still beautiful even after roughing it. I would look really rough after doing an all-nighter like that.


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