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Another crazy night with Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse
May 15th, 2008 under Amy Winehouse, Pete Doherty/Kate Moss. [ Comments: none ]

Why do I have feeling that Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse are going to get married someday and relive Sid and Nancy's love affair. 

Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse kiss
May 14th, 2008 under Amy Winehouse, Pete Doherty/Kate Moss. [ Comments: 1 ]

The Sun (check them out for more)
Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty are so gross together that I don't think I will be able to keep anything down for days after seeing these pictures. So ewwww.
BTW looks like Pete Doherty is no longer sober. Hopefully they will get the cats away from him before he does something to them, afterall he admitted that almost killing one of cats is what got him sober for (what looks like) a very little while. 

Almost killing one of his cats convinced Pete Doherty to get clean
May 13th, 2008 under Pete Doherty/Kate Moss. [ Comments: none ]

Pete Doherty who has given his cats drugs finally decided to get clean after almost killing one according to The Sun.
He recalled: “I got a shovel and was going to kill one of the cats. That was when I was, like, you know, ‘I’m a bit of a mess’. It was a bit of a crazy time.”
Let's see how that long that lasts. Personally I don't understand why he still had his cats at that time he tried to kill one of them after The Sun published the above picture. They should be taken away ASAP. He should be locked up and the key thrown away for all the torture he has done to his poor cats. 

Fresh out of jail Pete Doherty is already posting on YouTube
May 7th, 2008 under Pete Doherty/Kate Moss. [ Comments: none ]

Obviously he shot this before he went into jail, but it is just incredible that Pete Doherty posted this less than 24 hours after being in jail for 29 days.
BTW the video is called i’ll kill him, wonder if that is how he really sees he is going to die as compared to how we all see him dying of a drug overdose.


Pete Doherty is a free man
May 6th, 2008 under Pete Doherty/Kate Moss. [ Comments: none ]

Pete Doherty was released from jail 29 days after he went in according to The Sun

He described prison life as “a lot of gangsters and Radio 4” and when asked if he had taken any drugs whilst inside the west London prison, he replied:

"Well, I knew it was going to be a bit rough to start with, with the overcrowding and the medical facilities although they do their best – they are good, they can’t really cater for the average junkie…”

As he walked through the prison’s exit Doherty, who will be returning to Marlborough in Wiltshire, said: “Thank you Mrs Thatcher for putting me in the company of the most dangerous criminals in the country.”

Looks like drugs were not the only thing he did without while he was in jail, brushing his teeth, showering and brushing his hair were some of the other things he didn't do during the month he was incarcerated.


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