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Big Brother 8 will also air on Showtime Too
June 11th, 2007 under Big Brother- US, Showtime. [ Comments: none ]

Showtime Too will be airing 3 hours of live unedited feeds from CBS’s Big Brother 8 every night from 12m – 3a according to Variety. They will be taping stuff from multiple cameras in the house from 9p – 12m for Big Brother: After Dark. Because the show is on cable there will be nudity, cursing and sex if the housemates are doing any of that, so we will be able to see exciting things like Mike “Boogie” Malin jerking off in the jack box. This makes me wonder what type of people they are bringing into the house this year if this is the first time they are spinning off the show and putting it on cable? Sounds like they are going to be of wild and crazy people that will make this summer hotter! Big Brother and Big Brother: After Dark will premiere on July 5th.
On a related note, Mark Burnett’s latest failure Pirate Master will be moving Tuesdays starting on July 10th


Party at Mike “Boogie” Malin’s – The winner of Big Brother All-Stars
September 13th, 2006 under Big Brother- US. [ Comments: none ]

A message to my fans:

Hi, this is Mike "Boogie" Malin. Thanks for visiting my official website.

Thanks for watching the show all summer. I will be having a big party at Les Deux on Monday, September 18 2006. I love my fans and want you to send me an email and come and celebrate with me. If you cannot make the party, come visit me at one of my restaurants or night clubs when you are in Los Angeles, Atlanta, or Reno.

Thanks again for the best summer ever!

Mike "Boogie" Malin

Who is going to go with me? I am so glad he won! I knew the winner was going to be someone from Chilltown. I just wish Chicken George would’ve got the money over Janelle. 


Big Brother jurors leave sequester house to party
September 9th, 2006 under Big Brother- US. [ Comments: none ]

The all-stars from the hit CBS show, "Big Brother", are secretly shacking up in our town… Or maybe not so secretly, thanks to our Eye on the Desert spies. The "Big Brother All-Stars" have been in town for about a week after hurricane John forced them to abandon their original location, Cabo San Lucas in Mexico.The reality stars were sighted at a restaurant-bar in Indio, singing karaoke, playing some golf, and well… from the picture, as you can probably tell, drinking. But they weren’t there for long… Once the producer of "Big Brother" found out what was going on, he put a stop to it.

KPSP via Reality TV Magazine

I wonder how this will change who is going to vote for the winner? If Will and Danielle are not allowed to vote Erika might have a chance?


Big Brother All-Stars’ Janelle talks about Chilltown and being eliminated
September 8th, 2006 under Big Brother- US. [ Comments: none ]

TS: What happened? What went wrong?
JP: It was completely my fault. The last competition was a fluke. Whatever. I switched hands. So I couldn’t compete in the final. The other competition was the car suspended from the air or whatever. That was a physical competition. There was no way I could beat that. It was kind of geared toward a male, I think. Whatever. I knew I was toast.

TS: Well, you did make a power play there at the end and win back a lot of respect, I think. What happened with Will? Was that all game? Did you really have feelings for him?
JP: I think it started out as game. Obviously after Howie left, I knew I kinda needed him. I think for him he was all game and toward the end, I think because we had spent so much time together, I was starting to get a little bit of feelings for him. We couldn’t really talk about it because we didn’t want it on the Internet. You know what I mean? It was weird. We couldn’t talk about it. But yeah, I had feelings for him.

TS: What did you see in him?
JP: Who knows? It was the environment. In the house, you get to know people so well. There’s even family members I don’t spend that much time with. I think being in the house with someone for three days is equivalent to dating someone for three months. It’s just so intense because you’re always together. I liked him as a person. I thought he was funny. He was really smart. He interested me.

TS: Why did it take you and Erika so long to figure out you were being played by Chill Town?
JP: There were several indications. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I started to realize it when I put "Chicken" George and Erika up and Boogie was not voted out and "Chicken" George was. I think it took us so long because the boys had pinned us so far against each other. I was hating her in the game. For me, I just wanted to hang out with Will and didn’t want to see anyone else in the house. And he kept it that way. He never left me alone. So I never talked to Erika. The game was over for me so it didn’t matter for me to spill a few secrets. I asked her if Chill Town asked her to be a part of Chill Town and she said "Yes!" and that’s when we realized it.

TS: If things had gone further with you and Will, would you have taken him to the end?
JP: Obviously, I was targeting Boogie for several weeks. I think if I would’ve gotten Boogie out, I probably would’ve taken Will to the final two. I wouldn’t have had another target.

TS: Why didn’t y’all get rid of Chill Town earlier? Everyone knew they were a threat.
JP: We knew they were aligned. We could’ve gotten rid of them in the end. And in the end I would’ve been dealing with Nakomis and Jase. You can only take people out one at a time. And I think at that time, competition-wise, Nakomis was a bigger threat and so was Jase, who’s, you know, psycho. The thing is we didn’t want the floaters to float. We wanted them to play.

TS: Knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently?
JP: I would’ve got rid of Boogie week six. Instead of putting Marcellas up, I would’ve put him up. I could’ve said I was putting him up as a pawn. I’m sure the guys in my alliance would’ve much rather gotten rid of him. That was a huge, stupid mistake for not putting Boogie up.

TS: How do you feel about going into sequester?
JP: It’s really sad. I don’t really get to go see my houseguests. They’re making me stay in a hotel room by myself. I really wanted to go see Will and Howie and Marcellas and hang out with them. They’re not gonna let me see them until the round-table where we ask the final two questions.

TS: Since you basically witnessed everything that happened, what are you going to say to the jury?
JP: I think I’m going to discuss with the jury what Erika and I had discovered. I don’t know who I’m voting for yet. It’s 50/50. I don’t know who I want to try and persuade the jury to vote for. I want to vote for the best player.

TS: How does it feel to be evicted at the same point in the game as you were before?
JP: I have mixed feelings about it. To make final three with the huge target on my back was extremely hard so I feel proud. But getting third place? It’s not fun. You don’t get any money. You know what I mean? It’s so close. It’s just like I was last year. I guess everything happens for a reason.

The Slug 

I wonder why she is not going to the sequester house?


So who do you think will win Big Brother All-Stars?
September 7th, 2006 under Big Brother- US. [ Comments: none ]


Please this is so easy, unless there is a twist, it is so going to be Mike Malin! But it will be interesting to see if the two really are dating?

(Thanks Becca for the East Coast update!) 


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