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Will Steve Harvey be back to host Miss Universe?
December 22nd, 2015 under Miss America/ Miss USA, Steve Harvey. [ Comments: none ]

WME IMG Chief Content Officer, Mark Shapiro, who was in charge of Miss Universe, talked to CBS Radio’s Jim Rome today about Steve Harvey’s mess up that was heard around the world Sunday night.
Rome explained how he felt about what happened and what was on the card, “It just was a flat-out mistake. I mean, on the left side of the card, and it’s been tweeted around, obviously, it says Third Runner-Up: USA, Second Runner-Up: Miss Colombia, and then, on the right side of the card in big letters, it says 2015 Miss Universe and right underneath it, Philippines,” Then he admitted they should make it a little easier for the next host.
Could it be Steve Harvey again? He said, “Absolutely, absolutely. If anything, I’m sure FOX would support it, because as I said, he did a great job. He was funny, he was informative, he’s high energy, he’s got a great following. Then he added, “I definitely want him back, and I would hate to see him not come back. He’s going to want a shot to redeem himself.”
I hope they have him back because it would be fun to see if he would do it again. Which I would want him to do because I am sadist and like watching people suffer. I mean to go from winner to runner-up in front of the whole world has got to suck for them but it is fun for us!


Reelz is crowned the new winner of Miss USA!
July 2nd, 2015 under Miss America/ Miss USA, Reelz. [ Comments: none ]

Several years ago Reelz Channel saved The Kennedys miniseries, and now they are saving Miss USA. As we know Univision and NBC dumped the beauty pageant because of Donald Trump’s egregious comments about Mexicans; but Reelz saw past that and will air it on July 12th.
Stan E. Hubbard, CEO of REELZ, explained his decision in this statement:

The decision on the part of REELZ to acquire the rights to the MISS USA Pageant was based on our belief that this special event, and the women who compete in it, are an integral part of American tradition. As one of only a few independent networks, we decided to exercise our own voice and committed ourselves to bringing this pageant to American viewers everywhere. For us, this decision is about the dreams of the contestants who come from all walks of life across the United States, the city of Baton Rouge that has proudly come together to host this pageant and the viewers who will be watching and celebrating its 54th year on television. The MISS USA Pageant is a perfect fit on REELZ where movies, entertainment and celebrity come together every day of the year.

I understand what he is saying, it is about more than Donald Trump. These worked really hard to compete for Miss USA, so let them have their day in the sun in their swimwear.
Now, since the hosts, the performers and some of the judges have dropped out, I say let’s get The Hollywood Hillbillies Mema to judge and have her grandson Michael perform. Could you imagine her critiquing the contestants, it would be the best pageant moment in a really long time.
Do you think Reelz made the right choise?


This beauty contestant does Suzanne Sugarbaker proud!
February 2nd, 2015 under Miss America/ Miss USA. [ Comments: none ]

On Friday night the Miss Amazonas pageant went off without a hitch until the very end of it. Just as the winner was crowned, the runner-up ripped the crown off of her head. Sheislane Hayalla being the Diva that she is, threw the crown off the stage and stormed off in the opposite direction. Before she exited, she screamed something at the “winner” Carolina Toledo and then stopped to blow a big kiss at all of her new admirers.
Why did she do it? She took to Facebook on Saturday to declare:

Good afternoon! I would like to make it clear to everyone that my protest, i am going to me, i do not need to go by the head of the Others, i am a woman enough to take what you do and to face all head held high. Anyone who follows my trajectory, you know that i am miss amazon globo 2013 / miss brazil globe 2013 And second placed on miss international globe, yes second placed. I fought and mourning so much for all the achievements that i have in my life, i do not accept injustices and never leave Something go unpunished, i expressed yes my repudiation of attitudes that were seen during the preparation of the miss amazon 2015 Do not regret to have protested in most of the major competitions happen these ‘ problems ‘ and they get Go unpunished, i believe that i have planted the change in this great contest. I want something clean and honest! I am sheislane hayalla and my attitude i do not diminish or makes me less miss, i am human, runs blood In my veins and i am not a hypocrite. Thank you to everyone who sent me messages positive and to those who sent the negative too. #somostodossheislanehayalla #faith #god #mundomiss #acabouapalhacada #whoisshe #she #is #lane

I am not sure if her reasoning got lost in translation (since this was originally written in Portuguese translated to English by Facebook), but does it matter? What we have is a new Beauty Pageant idol to look up to. Forget Honey Boo Boo, she is the Missiest Miss of them all!
Hopefully, she will somehow wind up being able to compete for Miss Universe because she deserves the title. Wouldn’t you actually watch the Beauty Pageant if she was a contestant? Just to see what she would do if she lost?


Miss Nebraska is all about the flash!
September 15th, 2014 under Miss America/ Miss USA. [ Comments: none ]

Miss Nebraska Megan Swanson was sitting getting ready to watch the Evening Wear section of the Miss America competition, when she did something that made her the winner of the night.
As Chris Harrison said that the judges were looking for “personal style and flair”, Swanson accidentally showed us her corn field. Luckily for her not only did she have underwear on, but it matched her shirt.
Even though she wasn’t crowned Miss America, she is the one everyone is talking about this morning. So it wasn’t all bad for her, although I am sure she is feeling like it is.
Ladies, the morale of the story, is you should always sit with your legs crossed when you are in a short skirt on national television. I personally thought that all the contestants were taught that lesson before they got to that stage of the game. Guess not. And if they were, then chances are no one would be talking about the Miss America competition today. Seriously, did you know it was on yesterday? I didn’t until Miss Nebraska’s Husker made an appearance.


Who will be Miss American
January 24th, 2009 under Miss America/ Miss USA. [ Comments: none ]

(photo credit TLC)
Who will Mario Lopez sing "There she is…Miss America" to? Find out tonight on TLC. 
This year TLC change things up with "Countdown Down to Miss America" where we got to vote 4 of the Top 15. And tonight at 8p on TLC we will find out of one of those four will bring home the crown!!!

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