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Watch a reporter mistake a baseball player for another one!
May 23rd, 2018 under Celeb Oops, Sports figures, TV News. [ Comments: none ]

KTLA’s David Pingalore was covering the Colorado Rockies game yesterday and he was so excited to interview Carlos Gonzalez. Therefore, he pulled the baseball player aside and stared talking to him about their Orlando days.

There is only one problem, it was not Gonzalez. Instead, it was Noel Cuevas, who told him, “I’m not Carlos.” How did Pingalore handle the embarrassing moment? He checked Cuevas’ jersey to confirm the numbers were not the same and told his anchors, “Looks just like him…That is a live TV moment right there.”

That it is, do you think the players look alike? Below is Gonzalez and then Cuevas or is it the other way around? I will just have to ask Pingalore!

photos via MLB


Lady Antebellum screws up a line of the Star Spangled Banner
May 7th, 2018 under Celeb Oops. [ Comments: none ]

Lady Antebellum was given the task of singing the National Anthem before the Game 5 between the Winnipeg Jets and Nashville Predators on Cinco de Mayo, and they decided to harmonize it in their own special way. They were doing well until about midway through they flubbed a line. Instead of giving up, they got back on track and finished the Star Spangled Banner.

Sadly, we did not see their faces when they messed up, but the two hockey players they did show had a good laugh. So did the trio for the night once they were done singing the song that we have been singing since we were in school.


No Bull, Freddy Rodriguez split his pant on the set
April 3rd, 2018 under Celeb Oops. [ Comments: none ]

You would think nothing bad could happen to an actor while playing a lawyer on a TV drama, but bad things can happen. While Freddy Rodriguez was shooting a scene for Bull, the back of pants of his pants split open. He did not say how it happened, so we are left to imagine what caused them to open up.

I am thinking that Michael Weatherly, who loves to drop trou, was trying to do the same to his costar. Either that or they were too tight and as he went to sit down he let one rip. Not a fart but the seam of his trousers. What do you think?


Can you peep why Netflix pulled this cartoon?
September 21st, 2017 under Celeb Oops, Netflix. [ Comments: none ]

Remember all the controversy over a hidden penis in The Little Mermaid poster? Well looks like that artist got another job, but this time on Netflix’s Maya the Bee. A mom noticed something strange on the screen when she was watching Episode 35 of the cartoon with her kids. That strange thing was a drawing of a penis. Outraged by what she saw, she took to social media to complain, and according to Variety the streaming service pulled the episode. So no more dicks for you and me.

When it comes to the drawing, I never know how people see those things on their own. I have a dirty mind and even I cannot find those hidden royal jewels or should I say gems until someone points it out. Can you?


John Stamos pants split on stage!
April 3rd, 2017 under Celeb Oops, John Stamos. [ Comments: none ]

A post shared by John Stamos (@johnstamos) on

John Stamos was performing with the Beach Boys in Westbury, NY, and his pants somehow ripped open in the back giving him good vibrations.

Instead, of running off the stage and going help me, Rhonda, he kept on playing like nothing happened. All in all, it was fun, fun, fun for the audience to see his Kokomo. Wouldn’t it be nice if we were there to see it in person, but, I guess, this is also nice.


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