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NBC sued over Heroes’ garbage disposal scene
October 3rd, 2006 under Lawsuits, NBC. [ Comments: none ]

The company that makes In-Sink-Erator garbage disposers is suing NBC, claiming that an episode of the new show "Heroes" makes the product look bad. Appliance maker Emerson filed the lawsuit in a St. Louis federal court Monday, seeking to block rebroadcasts of the "Heroes" pilot. In the episode, a high-school cheerleader (Hayden Panettiere) who has the ability to withstand injury sticks her hand into an In-Sink-Erator while it’s running, mangling her fingers (which return to normal within a few seconds). Emerson’s suit claims the scene "casts the disposer in an unsavory light, irreparably tarnishing the product" by suggesting that serious injuries will result "in the event consumers were to accidentally insert their hand into one." The suit, however, is more about NBC’s use of the In-Sink-Erator name than the content of the scene, the company says. "It’s a trademark thing," spokesman Dan Callahan tells the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. NBC hasn’t commented on the suit. Emerson is asking for a ruling barring future broadcasts of the pilot, which is available on NBC’s website and has already aired on NBC Universal-owned cable networks USA and Sci Fi. It also seeks to block NBC from using any Emerson trademarks in the future.


Think about that scene makes me go ouch ouch ouch! 


The Knack sue Run DMC for sampling My Sharona two decades ago
September 18th, 2006 under Lawsuits. [ Comments: 1 ]

On Friday, attorneys representing the Knack’s Doug Fieger and Berton Averre — songwriters of the 1979 chart-topping hit "My Sharona" — filed a copyright-infringement lawsuit in Los Angeles against the members of Run-DMC, claiming the rappers did not have permission to sample the song’s core riff in one of their most recognizable tracks, "It’s Tricky." The filing — which also names Rick Rubin (who produced the cut for 1986’s Raising Hell), Arista Records, Rush Groove Music, Rush Communications, online music retailers Yahoo, Amazon, Napster, iTunes and others as defendants — claims that Run-DMC engaged in the "unauthorized copying, reproduction and distribution of [the Knack’s] musical composition and improperly [profiting from]" use of the sample, which the suit claims was "willfully, or with reckless disregard, unlawfully appropriated." The document asserts that, because of Run-DMC’s sampling of "My Sharona," Fieger and Averre have "suffered actual damages, including lost profits, lost opportunities, loss of goodwill, lost publicity, attorneys’ fees and interest." The suit seeks unspecified damages and related legal fees, and characterizes the "signature" riff sampled in "It’s Tricky" as "the essence" of the song. In addition, the suit requests a permanent injunction barring the sale, reproduction, and commercial release of "It’s Tricky," and suggests that Fieger or Averre’s "percentage of ownership in [’It’s Tricky’]" be determined and factored into a declaratory judgment — which should also consider what profits the pair are due from the sale of the Run-DMC song. "Our clients created a unique and distinctive musical composition in ‘My Sharona,’ " attorney Dick Schultz said. "Others shouldn’t be allowed to profit from the unauthorized use of that creation. That is what copyright laws are for, and we are protecting our clients’ rights in their creation." "That [riff] is not only the essence of ‘My Sharona,’ it is one of the most recognizable sounds in rock and roll," said Fieger through his lawyers. Despite the popularity of the riff, some may wonder why Fieger and Averre waited two decades to take action against the hip-hop icons. The lawsuit claims the pair never heard the DMC classic before 2005. No date has been set for the first hearing in the action. Representatives for Run-DMC were unavailable for comment at press time.


What took them so long? Seriously they are twenty years too late to do this! I guess when they are asked to explain their actons, The Knack will say "It’s Tricky!"


Here is a switch, actor sued for comments made to the National Enquirer
August 26th, 2006 under Friends (cast), Lawsuits. [ Comments: none ]

Matt LeBlanc has been sued for defamation by a woman who claims the former "Friends" actor made sexually charged comments about her that were published in the National Enquirer. Stephanie Stephens claims in a lawsuit that LeBlanc told an unspecified person last August that she was sexually aggressive, gave him a lap dance in a private room and engaged him in a "night of sexual debauchery … at her place of employment."A call to LeBlanc’s publicist after business hours Friday was not immediately returned.In the lawsuit, filed Tuesday in Los Angeles, Stephens said she was never sexually aggressive toward LeBlanc, never made sexual requests and never gave a lap dance.The lawsuit also says that "all sexual contact between the defendant and the plaintiff took place in the privacy of (Stephens’) residence."It does not provide details on the woman’s relationship to LeBlanc, nor does it specify damages being sought.The National Enquirer is not named as a defendant.

ABC News

Isn’t always the other way around? I think she is lying.


Jackie Mason sues Jews for Jesus
August 25th, 2006 under Admirable People, Lawsuits. [ Comments: none ]

Jackie Mason is suing Jews for Jesus, claiming the missionary group damaged him by using his name and likeness in a pamphlet. "While I have the utmost respect for people who practice the Christian faith, the fact is, as everyone knows, I am as Jewish as a matzo ball or kosher salami," the 75-year-old comedian said in documents filed in state Supreme Court in Manhattan. Founded in the 1970s, Jews for Jesus practices Judaism but regards Jesus as the Messiah. The $2 million lawsuit seeks the immediate destruction of the pamphlets, which Jews for Jesus members have been handing out at various points around New York City. The pamphlets feature an image of Mason next to the words "Jackie Mason … A Jew for Jesus!?" with information inside that outlines the similarities between Jews and Christians. "The pamphlet uses my name, my likeness, my `shtick’ (if you will), and my very act, which is derived from my personality, to attract attention and converts," Mason said in an affidavit. Susan Perlman, a spokeswoman for Jews for Jesus, said the pamphlet was "good-natured." "Shame on him for getting so upset about this," she said Friday.


WTF were they thinking? Seriously logic?


Fake Redbone caught redhanded
August 13th, 2006 under Lawsuits. [ Comments: none ]

The band that headlined the Butte-Silver Bow Fair last weekend is accused of masquerading as the rock group Redbone, which released albums in the 1970s and is perhaps best known for the song "Come and Get Your Love."The band at the fair performed under the name Redbone, but the real Redbone was playing in Wisconsin, said Ron Kurtz, Redbone’s manager."I’ve been in the business for 40 years, and I’ve never ran into anything this blatant," Kurtz said Thursday from his office in Burbank, Calif. He said the fair board was conned.Fair officials dealt with a man who identified himself as Denny Freeman and said he was a co-founding member of Redbone.Pat Vegas, who founded Redbone with his brother, Lolly, in 1968, said he had not heard of Freeman.The fair board is investigating and will consult the county attorney, Chairman Dave Palmer said."The whole thing was fishy from the start," Palmer told The Montana Standard. Only two performers showed up at the fair, he said, and they claimed other band members were missing because they were sick with mumps. Local musicians filled in.Palmer and the manager of Redbone said they had been unable to contact Freeman."He’s on dangerous waters, because he’s messing with my name," Vegas said.


I am not sure what is scarier that the fake Redbone fooled everyone or the real Redbone had a gig somewhere else? 


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