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Roll the Andrew DICE Clay tonight on Showtime!
August 20th, 2017 under Showtime. [ Comments: none ]

Andrew Dice Clay’s series that is very loosely based on his life is back on Showtime tonight at 10:30p and it actually makes you like the controversial comic because he is so self-deprecating about himself.

On the season premiere of Dice, he meets a rabbi who shows him what life would be like if he never created his alter ego. Everyone but him is better off without the Diceman in their lives. But are the lives of his girlfriend Carmen (Natasha Leggero),his best friend Milkshake (Kevin Corrigan) and David Arquette really better without him? You do not want to miss this episode that shows what Andrew Clay Silverstein would be without comedy.

Then next week, you meet his manager (Cedric Yarbrough) who sucks at his job, and his stalker (Billy Gardell) who has moved on from stalking him. Dice cannot handle not having an obsessed fan and goes too far to prove that he is still stalking him.

On the third episode, Ron Livingston plays a role you have never seen him play before and I want to see him act like that more often. That is all I will say because it is something you need to experience for yourself along with the Tony Orlando performance!

They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. I am so happy this comedy did not stay there.


Matt LeBlanc admits he is a piece of 💩!
July 17th, 2017 under Friends (cast), Showtime. [ Comments: none ]

Showtime just released a preview of the final season of Episodes that debuts on August 5th and it is the 💩. That is because Matt LeBlanc, who plays Matt LeBlanc, on the Showtime sitcom gives his producers a huge stuffed 💩 as an I am sorry gift. Then he admits, “I’m a piece of 💩.” I do not know how much is him and how much is his character in this hysterical clip. I am going to say a little bit of both, what about you?

BTW I so want that stuffed 💩! Who wants to buy me one?


I’m Dying Up Here takes the stage tonight and wows!
June 4th, 2017 under Showtime. [ Comments: none ]

Before Jay Leno and David Letterman had their own talk shows. Before Robin Williams and Garry Shandling had their own sitcoms. They were performing at the few comedy clubs in Los Angeles just for the chance to be on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson and then being invited to sit on the couch. There was no Comedy Central nor Live at The Improv, so they didn’t have the opportunities they have now.

I’m Dying Up Here on Showtime at 10p is the story of comedians in Los Angeles during the mid-’70s trying to break it. They wanted to be the next Richard Pryor or George Carlin. Before they could do that, they all had to get past Goldie (Melissa Leo). She owns the hottest comedy club and she controlled their careers. You would start in The Cellar, then if she liked you she moved you up to the Open Mic Night. When she felt you were ready, she would move you to the Main Room. Just because you got the Main Room didn’t mean you would get a good time. It was all a game for no pay, but that didn’t matter as long as they had a willing audience who would laugh at their jokes.

Some nights they were a hit, some night they were not. But every night they had each other. There is Ron (Clark Duke) and Eddie (Michael Angarano), who just flew in from Boston and they are sharing a closet for $60 a month because that is all they can afford. They aren’t the only ones stuck in The Cellar, so is Adam (RJ Cyler). He gets a break from Goldie that moves him up. Cassie (Ari Graynor) is the only female, and they see her as a woman they are no longer interested in (as in sexually) as compared to being a woman. She has the most to prove and Goldie doesn’t care that she is a woman. Cassie is dating Bill (Andrew Santino), and he has his anger issues. Finally, there is Sully (Stephen Guarino), he is the furthest one of them all. He is a new dad and he desperately needs money. But he wants to be a comedian and there is no pay.

They are all living the dream in Hollywood during the ’70s and sometimes it can really be a nightmare. I’m Dying Up Here really catches that era and the struggling comedians of that time. If you love going to comedy clubs, then you are going to love the story before they take the stage.


Sherilyn Fenn has a good reason for missing the Twin Peaks premiere
May 20th, 2017 under Showtime, Sick Bay. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday, was the premiere for Showtime’s revival of Twin Peaks and someone was missing. That person is Sherilyn Fenn and she explained why she wasn’t there. Audrey Home was not stuck at home, instead she said on Twitter, “SICK IN HE HOSPITAL: the ONLY reason I missed the premiere last night🍒💔🍒💔🍒” She did not say what is ailing her, but I hope she is home like her character’s last name and feeling better in no time.

If she is not back in her bed by tomorrow night at 9p, then hopefully her hospital gets Showtime so she can find out what is happening in Twin Peaks after a quarter of a century.


Showtime drops the mic on Roadies
September 17th, 2016 under Showtime. [ Comments: none ]

Just weeks after Roadies ended its first season run, Cameron Crowe announced that their time on the road was over. I had high hopes for the music drama, but they found a way to make life on the road with a band boring. I didn’t know it was possible, but it is. Thus, why I doubt anyone is surprised that the show was cancelled.


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