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Jerry Springer sinks to a new high with a Lesbian Stripper Threesome!
January 21st, 2013 under Jerry Springer, Talk Shows. [ Comments: none ]

Jerry Springer has had some interesting (how else would you put it) topics on his show and I think he might’ve topped himself with a Lesbian Stripper Threesome episode. That’s right the three most beautiful words to a guy’s ears are combined to make up the title for today’s Jerry Springer show. Stripper Terry needs to decide between her two female roommates who also strip, so she went on the talk show for Jerry’s help. Watch the video all the way through for an ending that will make boys very happy!
I am sure this episode will be DVRed and re-watched by many many men over and over and over again until they need a new DVR. Don’t you agree?


Jay Leno does Fresh Prince of Bel Air
October 31st, 2012 under Talk Shows. [ Comments: none ]

Jay Leno knocked on the door on some random person’s apartment and what happens next is total hilarity. A sweet old man by the name of Paul Drew greeted the The Tonight Show host with such warmth and then Leno asked him to recreate the opening of Fresh Prince of Bel Air. To be honest I think that Drew might have done a better job with it than Will Smith himself. Don’t you just love him?


This Jay Leno video is mesmerizing!
October 4th, 2012 under Talk Shows. [ Comments: none ]

Over the summer everyone and their brother was doing their own version of Call Me Maybe. Now that the leaves are starting to change colors, there is a new phenomenon among us and that is Psy’s Gangnam Style. Psy has been doing all of the talk shows, and one of the ones he didn’t do was The Tonight Show. So I guess that is why Jay Leno felt he needed to do his own version of it and call it Open-Denim Style. I have no idea what the hell just happened in that bit, but I can’t stop watching it. There is something so hypnotizing about it. What is so mesmerizing about it, can you please tell me?


Jeff Probst creates his own talk show’s theme song?
September 19th, 2012 under Talk Shows. [ Comments: none ]

Jeff Probst is moonlighting in daytime with a talk show, but the one thing it is missing is a theme song. Well that is no longer the case because on October 4th he has Derek Amato, a man who just started playing the piano after a concussion, on the show. Probst asked him to play a song, and then the Survivor host came up with a song on the spot. While I am impressed how quickly he created his theme song for The Jeff Probst Show, I really he needs to stick to his night job!
No word if that song will be used on the show starting on October 5th, but I kind of hope they decide to use it every day.


Chemical Engineer Dolph Lundgren got a Fulbright scholarship to MIT
August 31st, 2012 under Talk Shows. [ Comments: none ]

I remember when I was younger someone told me not to judge a book a by its cover and boy was I wrong about how I judge Dolph Lundgren. When I look at the action hero, I think he looks like a dumb blonde bodybuilder. Turns out he is actually really freaking brilliant. He confirmed to Jay Leno yesterday on The Tonight Show that he went to MIT on a Fulbright scholarship and he is actually Chemical Engineer. Boy do I feel stupid for thinking he was stupid.


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