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The third hour of Good Morning America gobbles up The Chew
May 23rd, 2018 under TV News. [ Comments: 1 ]

Did you know that there is a daytime talk show on ABC called The Chew and it has been on for 7 years? Turns out there was one. I say was, because today it got cancelled to make room for a third hour of Good Morning America at 1p.

I think they are going to have to dump the word morning from the title since it is on in the afternoon. That is just one of the things we will be waiting to find out before the show debuts in September. The other thing they are still deciding on is who will host it. I betcha a penny Michael Strahan gets that hour along with someone new.

One thing ABC won’t be answering is who asked for it and why it’s airing 4 hours after GMA goes off the air for the day. Do we really want to have a cheesy news program with our lunches? I do not think so. What we need is a new soap opera, something they got rid of to make room for The Chew. Which they finally cancelled.


Watch a reporter mistake a baseball player for another one!
May 23rd, 2018 under Celeb Oops, Sports figures, TV News. [ Comments: none ]

KTLA’s David Pingalore was covering the Colorado Rockies game yesterday and he was so excited to interview Carlos Gonzalez. Therefore, he pulled the baseball player aside and stared talking to him about their Orlando days.

There is only one problem, it was not Gonzalez. Instead, it was Noel Cuevas, who told him, “I’m not Carlos.” How did Pingalore handle the embarrassing moment? He checked Cuevas’ jersey to confirm the numbers were not the same and told his anchors, “Looks just like him…That is a live TV moment right there.”

That it is, do you think the players look alike? Below is Gonzalez and then Cuevas or is it the other way around? I will just have to ask Pingalore!

photos via MLB


Katie Couric now denies that Matt Lauer pinched her butt
May 2nd, 2018 under Andy Cohen, TV News. [ Comments: none ]

Back in 2012, Katie Couric was on Watch What Happens Live and she told Andy Cohen that Matt Lauer used to pinch her butt. Since then, the disgraced anchor has been accused of sexual misconduct by several employees and was fired from his job. When that news broke, people found that old quote from Couric and assumed it was true.

Yesterday when she was on the Bravo show, she said that it was a joke. She also says that she regrets making that joke. Do you think she was telling the truth then or now?


The cast of Dallas reunited for the show’s 40th anniversary
April 2nd, 2018 under Dallas, TV News. [ Comments: none ]

On April 2, 1978, television changed forever when a little show called Dallas made its debut. No one knew what to make of it, and expected it to just ride off into the sunset after 5 episodes. As we know it did not. In fact 3 years after it premiered, around 90 million people tuned in to find out Who Shot JR?

An event we still talk about until this day. What made the series so special? Charlene Tilton said on Good Morning America today, “Just the chemistry we have off camera really came through…It wasn’t fake, it was real.” Patrick Duffy said he used to leave for work early just so he could get there and play with his coworkers.

The show was also a trailblazer on taboo topics like breast cancer and mastectomies, coming out and alcoholism. Linda Gray says she still gets letters from people today that tell her they got help for their alcoholism because of her storyline from the primetime soap. Tilton shared this tidbit about the coming out storyline, back then they were not allowed to say gay, so they had to say homosexual.

As we know, 5 years ago we lost the heart and soul of the show and they revealed how Larry Hagman was nothing like his villainous character JR. His TV wife said that he used to hate that she would tell everyone how lovely he was. Why? Because the viewers were supposed to hate him, not love him like we do. Talking about loving, Grey also revealed that he was also a bad boy because he used to eat onions or peanut butter before their kissing scenes.

Back in 1985, Bobby Ewing was killed off of the show, only to return a year later. His death was explained as a dream and the viewers did not like it. So much so that Steve Kanaly says they lost about 10% of their audience because of it.

They ended their reunion interview with one very important question, are they up for another revival of the show? Yes, they are! In this day and age, what are the networks waiting for? There is obviously a desire for it because why else would be tuning in for Empire and Dynasty? We want to watch crazy rich families go crazy and no family can out-crazy the Ewings.


Savannah Guthrie accidentally cursed on Today
March 28th, 2018 under TV News. [ Comments: 1 ]

Savannah Guthrie was reading a script for an upcoming segment on Today today when the camera accidentally went to her. When it did, she was caught saying, “💩, sorry guys.”

When she realized what happened, she took the Twitter and wrote, “Check, check – is this thing on? Yeah I guess it is. So sorry guys. Thanks for being kind and understanding. And guess it’s good thing I don’t wear a mic all day. #ohdarn.” If I had a mic on my all day long the FTC would be billionaires.


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