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[ # ] Shauna Raisch’s b!tchy rant on Split Ends
May 18th, 2008 under Unadmirable People

Shauna Raisch appeared on Spilt Ends and acts like her crap and her dog’s crap doesn’t stink. If Shauna Raisch was so wonderful she wouldn’t be working in a hair salon in a Minnesota strip mall.
xoxo Ryan


  • Tracy

    Shauna deserves to be alone. Period. She’s a vain, selfish bitch that wouldn’t know reality if it hit her in her plastic face. Instead of making over younger guys she thinks she can dominate and intimidate, she needs a personality makeover for herself. Her “beauty” will only take her so far, which may be down to the stop sign at the end of the old cougar block.

  • Dick

    Shauna is pure ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. No man, no matter how desperate is going to touch her, unless he’s as vain and in need of media attention as her.

  • Anonymous

    Shauna is fucking gorgeous and knows what she is and wants! You fat bitches need to back off and stop hating on gorgeous people like her.

  • Kryssy

    Anonymous – Shauna? Is that you???

  • Anonymous

    No of course not. This is somebody else who watched the Bravo Show and was disturbed by how much people hate on this woman.

  • lcrh

    hahahaha! Of course that’s you, Shauna! Puh-leeeeze.

  • ShaunaRaischSucks

    Shauna is ***not** gorgeous. Seriously, she looks post-op.

    Any man that would consider getting with Shauna has exhausted every single possibility of woman on the planet. Then, I would suggest he try being gay.

    Guzzle on some Botox, Shauna.

  • lcrh

    Okay, I just pity Shauna. She’s obviously seriously troubled.

    Who would have that sort of strange reaction to being picked up in a limo by a super handsome guy (Marc the realtor)? Wasn’t this the man she had seen the day before? What was the surprise? And she seriously thinks he’s too old for her?!!?? News flash, Shauna — no one buys that you’re 42.

    How hard would it have been to just say “thank you” for the red dress, even though it didn’t fit (allegedly… I doubt it). Smile! Be nice! Be polite! Consider someone else’s feelings… not just your own.

    Shauna (“Anonymous”) – please get some professional counseling. Maybe consider checking out church, temple or another place of worship? You might find happiness… and Mr. Right. Good luck.

  • Anonymous

    Shauna is so to gorgeous and the only reason why she can’t find a man is because men are intimidated by her success and high standards she is obviously one of this woman’s clients and it is her right to get what she looks for. And you people act like all post op people look the same and being lesbian is a wrong thing. Cosmetic enhancements are part of our society and if you have the money why not get the botox and restylane injected in your face. Being high maintenanced is what gives this woman to the right to have what she wants and it’s what separates her from you ugly fat people.

  • Anonymous

    fuglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, wow she looks more like 52 years old! I’m 28 and thought that man MARK form Millionaire was gorgeous and sexy for an older guy, I’d date him. I think she is trying to buy the men she could not get when she was younger. This woman needs some serious therapy.

  • Anonymous

    And that lady from the millionaire match maker is a ugly biatch who has clearly admitted to having plastic surgery if you ask me she is jealous of people like shauna because even after having plastic surgery they still can’t look as good as shauna who looks like she is in her thirties instead of forties. This lady needs to get real and work on customer service because it is her job to work with difficult people like shauna and give them what they look for.

  • Anonymous

    the idea of surgery and injections welll all great if it makes you look better and not the opposite. This woman Shauna looks horrible, I’d ask for my money back. Not only is she unattractive but her personality blows too. Like what a wuss she had to run away and throw a hissy fit a 16yr old would. Nothing worse than an old chic acting like a baby.

  • Anonymous

    Take the goggles off. She must be posting about herself in here! lmao. No amount of plastic sugery in in the world could save that face. Id be scared to look at her creepy. I bet she would have looked better if she’d left that face alone.

  • Anonymous

    Even though I am defending shauna from all of these people I will say that it was pretty rude of her to do that and she should have handled the situation better. But what’s a girl to do the dress was ugly and did not fit her and the guy was old clearly not what the woman was looking for on the episode she looked like she was being pressured to date the old man even by the closet case surfer.

  • Anonymous

    I love her face, body and hair. They are all gorgeous. Her face is not disfigured and looks just like anybody else’s on the hills.

  • Anonymous

    If he is old SHe is ancient. Like She looks older than he is. She is definitely not 42. Id guess closer to 50. She has nothing to offer a young hot man except for her money. How sad. She will never be fulfilled in life knowing she gets used.

  • Anonymous

    Her nose is gross

  • Anonymous

    Shauna just needs to go lock her butt ugly face (and HORRIBLE personality) in a closet with a big ass dildo and a lifetime supply of batteries to keep her happy. And to not inflict her on the rest of human society!

  • hjon

    Although Shauna’s behavior on the show was awful, I think Patty overracted. There is nothing wrong with asking for a picture for a blind date.

  • lcrh

    Okay, these posts from “anonymous” are painful and just troubling to read. Anonymous, you are clearly Shauna. Log off and spare yourself some pain. Please.

  • observer

    Shauna Raisch: what a FREAKSHOW!! Wow, she’s seriously got to be one of the most disgusting people I’ve ever seen on tv. She’s nasty on the outside and just beyond vile on the inside. And the worst thing is that she’ll never get it. She’s self righteous, self centered and just a completely undesirable person through and through.

  • Anonymous people…I can’t believe how crude. I almost started to wonder if you were the big fat woman from Matchmaker herself? It is sooooo obvious, that she was soooo jealous of that Shana woman. I mean really.. who says things like that? I know…people who are white trailor trash, with negative hatred for everything and everybody, b/c you are where you are in life. That would explain why all you people agree with that MM woman-she obvious grew up ugly and fat and out to get back at women who are more beautiful and obviously have more tact/grace than she!

  • Anonymous

    I wish all of you haters loneliness and unhappiness for being so mean and rude to a woman you don’t even know. You people clearly did not get taught manners and should work on your own personality what loser gets online to talk shit about a woman who they wished they could be?

  • observer

    Stop deluding yourself, honestly. Patti is SO NOT jealous of Shauna…that category 5 hurricane face job?? LMAO!! Please. Patti is good at what she does, she’s honest and tells it like it is…perhaps that’s why she has her own tv show hmmm? Maybe?

  • Anonymous

    Shauna if you are on here and ever feel the need to vent to someone I am clearly the person you can talk to. People can be so hateful and bitchy when they cannot handle someone they wish to be. I am tired of fat ugly people bringing me down just because of jealousy and know what you are going through.
    You can reach me through my youtube account.

  • Anonymous

    As for all you losers talking shit about people on the internet seriously get a life.

  • lcrh

    Maybe Shauna will eventually learn It’s the ugliness on the inside that makes a person look ugly on the outside.

    Was Mother Theresa a classic beauty? Does it really matter? I’m guessing most people would call her a stunningly beautiful person.

    Pretty is as pretty does, Shauna.

    Leaving a nice guy standing by the limo with a camera rolling while you go ape s**t crazy is not attractive to anyone. Shame on you.

  • Anonymous

    Shauna seems to suffer from a pretty extreme case of narcissistic personality disorder. Seriously. But it’s that aspect of her that makes her seem so unattractive, not even her actual looks, which seem average to me.

  • Anonymous

    You’re all a bunch of assholes and you’re the fucking idiots that should get your heads the fuck out of your pathetic asses!. Shauna is awesome! She’s gorgeous, she’s classy, she has a hot body, she’s smart, she’s confident and she’s better that all of you!!! You’re all just a bunch of pathetic losers that are jealous of her and wish you could be half as hot as she is. She’s got it all! Looks, success and personality. WTF have you got! Shauna, you’re fucking gorgeous! These losers just wish they could be like you.

  • FUGLY, please shauna your face is sooo tight. how many lifts did you have. you look absolutely deformed. why not get your nose done instead with all that money. no man in his 20’s would want you, ur ugly as fuck. young men want young hot YOUNG women and ur pushing 50. please stop embarrasing yourself by writing the comments, we all know it’s you…no one would defend you unless they were blind, death and mentally ill. i can’t believe how ugly u are and still want a man. that old guy was too good for ur fugly, deformed, tight shit face, with high eyebrows and a crooked nose.

  • GET YOUR NOSE FIXED!!!!! YOU LOOK DEFORMED. your face is a manequine from hell. that hot millionaire in the waiting room that you were hitting on, was praying that you would stop humiliating yourself.YOUR CLEARLY OVER 50, thats y every man used u for meoney ur too fucked up for a relationship. get a job as the leprahaun in movies!!!!!!!!!!!!GET OFF THE BLOG WE ALL KNOW IT”S U TYPING!!!ANYONE WHO THINKS UR GEORGOUS HAD TO HAVE HIS CORNEAS REMOVED!!!!!!!!!!

  • UGLY,old crooked nosed bitch. hahah……. her face don’t move it’s very sad!u need to settle for the santa clause man who is retired from the show……. if he still wants u and call it a day, because your face looks like a one is jelous of you girl….and no one here is fat except that wide face of urs. NOSE MUST BE DONE BITCH!

  • Tom

    I’m the poster of the last comment. I should have read them all first. Some people are accusing the “anonymous” poster of being shauna. Well I dont know if that’s true or not but I know that most people are jealous. SHAUNA YOU ARE INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS AND HOT WITH A GRRRRRREAT PERSONALITY!. I WOULD LOVE TO TAKE YOU OUT. WRITE BACK IF YOU’RE INTERESTED. One more thing, Patti, is a pathetic loser with a least a pound of botox in her lips. That long stringy seaweedy hair, the long horse face, the ugliest lips in the world and her ignorant bitch attitude. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ASKING FOR A PICTURE! YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO ASK FOR A PICTURE! THAT IGNORANT BITCH PATTI PROVED HOW UNPROFESSIONAL SHE IS WHEN SHE SAID “duh I don’t have a picture”. What a stupid bitch! Anyways, Shauna you’re gorgeous.

  • shauna we know ur on the blog soo just stop embarrasing yourself. put your time into finding a suitable mask for your face.your clearly in your 60’s if u ask me.any man that would consider dating you has exhaused all options and should rater date another species.

  • Tom

    I posted #382939 and #382945. But in the #382945 when I said “I’m not poster of the last comment I was referring to
    post #382939.

  • ANON

    I’ve never posted any comments on the web EVER, but… that “woman” has to be the most vile, despicable, shallow, hideous person I have ever known of! She’s quite pitiful actually. The guy she bolted on was way too good for her. I think she needs our prayers.

  • shauna stop asking yourself out on a date…wow she needs some professional psychaitric help!!it’s worse then i thought she is writing too

  • anon prayers won’t help her face though!she need to wear a hat to cover up.

  • patti is cute, don’t hate shauna cuz u can’t move your face.stop the botox and face lifts…please im be.ginng u

  • Tom

    My name is Tom. YES TOM. Stop your stupid bullshit people!
    Shauna is gorgeous! She cold have any man and that includes young ones too. You all jealous! I’m the one that wrote the nice things about Shauna because I believe what I wrote and I am certainly not desperate by any means. To all the idiots who said that “no man would date Shauna”— YOU ARE SOOOOO WRONG! It’s Shauna that wouldn’t date you! AND SHE LOOKS GREAT! SHE LOOKS MUCH YOUNGER THAN 43. All you morons that said she looks older
    are full of shit.

  • ANON

    You would date a woman that would critique every aspect of your outward appearance, criticize a gift you chose for her sight unseen & project her neurotic insecurities onto you? I base my judgement on her actions alone, not her…uh… “looks.”

  • Tom

    I got the feeling that ugly Patti is threatened by women that are prettier, classier and smarter than her.

  • Tom

    To reply to anonymous poster of comment #382956 (why don’t you choose a name BTW)– I think fugly Patti is the anonymous poster in this case…
    YES, I would date Shauna. I don’t think she’s the woman you say she is in your post. You’ve drawn those conclusions without facts and just because you say it(the comments you’ve made about Shauna) doesn’t make it true.
    Shauna showed poise and dignity and open-mindedness. She was willing to work and compromise with fugly Patti. Shauna showed grace. Fugly Patti, by her LOUD-MOUTH attitude and ignorant remarks towards Shauna just proved
    what a low class low bred bitch she is who should be kissing Shauna’s feet when Shauna walked into her pathetic shabby office.

  • Gina

    At exactly what point did Shauna show poise and dignity or open-mindedness. This woman has psychological problems, the really bad kind that can’t be fixed.

  • Gina

    And what is her problem with fat people? I don’t think she’s hideous but she does look way to worked on, all that makeup makes her look older than she probably is. I actually think she’s in good shape but why all the hate on Patti, her and Shauna look like they are the same size so why all the Patti is fat talk??

  • Tom

    I really think that “Gina” is fugly patti in disguise but whatever. To answer your question: it’s simple — Shauna showed poise and dignity in the way she carried herslf; in knowing exactly what she wanted and didn’t want, in being willing to try it patti’s way, in refusing to let herself be spoken to condescendingly by fugly patti, also, she was never the first to lash out. Fugly patti lashed out at shauna each and every time. Shauna showed restraint and respect and demanded respect in return. Just the same as anybody would want to be respected! Fugly patti is just a loud-mouth, ignorant, trailer trash talking, truck driving, long face dumb as a brick mule who has as much in commom with being a lady as archie bunker. Shauna is the real, feminine woman NOT patti.

  • wow tom..i mean shaunna,plkease stop writing on this blog. you can’t defend against the fact that your are a middle aged..lopsided disfugured old bitch that can’t get a man unless he uses her for money which SHE MENTIONED. if she coiuld get any guy why she paying on the millionare matchmaker.

  • GET YOUR NOSE FIXED!!!!! YOU LOOK DEFORMED. your face is a manequine from hell. that hot millionaire in the waiting room that you were hitting on, was praying that you would stop humiliating yourself.YOUR CLEARLY OVER 50, thats y every man used u for meoney ur too fucked up for a relationship. get a job as the leprahaun in movies!!!!!!!!!!!!GET OFF THE BLOG WE ALL KNOW IT”S U TYPING!!!ANYONE WHO THINKS UR GEORGOUS HAD TO HAVE HIS CORNEAS REMOVED!!!!!!!!!!

  • no one is jelouse of the lop sided freak show that can hardly move her face. she doesn’t look young she is deff 50 if not more. GET YOUR NOSE DONE OLD WHORE!!!!!!!!!1

  • answer this TOM i mean shaunna, y she goes on millionare matchmaker and pays big bucks if she can find any man she wants!! i agree with Anon she is retarted and ugly as fuck..too much surgery and mack that fugly nose wholey shitt is she fucked up!!!!!!!!i would fuck any chick but this is just too scary even for me!

  • Pattie is cute and shauna’s face is lop sided big time..

  • Tom


    @stevens—fuck you! I meant what I said. Shauna is great! and my name is Tom. You don’t sound smart calling me Shauna
    you just sound stupid. Now if you said “I think this may be Shauna”, well you’re entitled to your opinion. But when you conclude that I am, thinking that everyone is going to follow suit and agree with, just because you say so, you sound stupid! Way to stupid to try and influence anyone. So just fuuuuck yooouuu!

    @michell—you’ve already made that comment, but at least you learned how to cut and paste.

    @lacy—I’m sure your mother is over 50. So I guess she’s an old whore too

    Shauna, there all jealous of you. You’re still gorgeous!

  • Listen Tom, i mean shanna..did u have your corneas removed because she is completely fucked up, she looks like a tranny, and if u would date her(u are her) then u are despret because im pretty sure she is in transition from being a man. absolutely atrocious!!!!!!!!

  • absolute digrace to humanity shaunna is, i feel bad for the two hunks who got paid on sitting through i meal with her in the first season. they are scareed for life big time.

  • patti and shaunna are both trailor trash and ugly as fuck,one looks like a horse faced fat bitch and the other looks like a lopsided,old,post surgery transvestite, whose face is way too tight.

  • Tom

    ok Bigdog. First off you have lousy taste. SHAUNA IS GORGEOUS AND YOU’RE JEALOUS.
    Secondly, don’t be so stupid. So what that she went on a reality show. EVERYBODY IN THE FUCKING COUNTRY IS GOING ON STUPID FUCKING REALITY SHOWS THESE DAYS!! Who cares! Actually, she’s gorgeous, rich, smart, etc. etc…and going on the show was a great business move on her part. Duh!! Didn’t you figure that out?

  • your over 50 too shaunna.we all know it.

  • Tom u are getting so mad and defensive because you are proly shaunna. noone gets this mad unless they are the person. wow .

  • i know your shaunna u wouldnt waste your time defending her like this so just stop.

  • Don’t be a lil bitch Tom ….you don’t like the comments then get the fuck out.

  • Tom

    listen wendy, I mean moron.
    you had three misspellings. It’s Shauna NOT shanna and it’s spelled desperate NOT despret and the contraction you used is spelled I’m not im. Fucking moron! You’re a smart one huh?

  • Tom

    I jumped in because Shauna deserved some help. It was yuou morons who starting taking shit about someone yuo dont even know. So if you don’t like what I’m saying then get the fuck out!!

  • first off shaunna let me give u a piece of advice. you can play the leprahaun in the next movie and make a lot of money cuz ur so fucked up.ur face is scarier then the woman who got hers ripped off by the chimp. stop hurting my eyes and everyone elses and get off television.LEPRAHAUN

  • I am actually 63 and I look FABULOUS! C’mon admit it, I am too hot for these old men. Everybody tells me I look just like Susan Boyle. If I could only sing! I still have to pay for sex and I just don’t get it. I look so surprised because I don’t get why everyone hates on me. How many 63 year olds can look like me? Check out my salon bitches, maybe you can get like me. I make so much money that I won’t need my social security money. Patti is so hot!!!

  • Tom

    wow djorn! you’re logic is inescapable. You probablt voted for Palin too huh?

  • first off u old desperate, nasty, lopsided transcestite, i don’t give a fuck how your name is spelled. it’s called typing fast who cares are you that old that you care about spelling on a u are a psycho.get help now

  • Tom

    @ stevens—what the fuck is a leprehaun? Might you mean leprechaun you dumb fuck..

  • actually i did vote for pallin shes a hot bitch, unlike the trailer trashed shit faced whore .

  • exactly that ugly lil creature that u know most about. oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh it was u in that movie. perfect! see u know.

  • the email from shauna was hilarious. i knew she was 63.

  • Thanks Tom!!!! Stop by the salon. I’d love to get on you. I’ve had a dry spell lately and at 63 I need it.

  • hey she looks good for 63, you have to admit!

  • Tom

    @ wendy—oh shit wendy! more misspellings huh? That’s right misspellings NOT typos. There is a difference. And oh boy your comment was sure a good one. You called me a “trancestite” and “psycho” and “get help now”. Wow! I better not mess with you huh? You’re just so smart!

  • Tom, i mean shauna stop with the grammer corrections..ur making urself seem older..if it’s possible.

  • go fuck shauna she wants you

  • Tom

    @ stevens—boy you’re powers of persuasion are just so hard to see through. Especially for you I bet.

  • lol shauna is 63,wow holey crap. i mean i thought she was in her 50’s but damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Tom

    @wendy — how can I go fuck shauna. You say I am shauna. OK, now try this—1+1=2 1+2=3, come on you can do it!

  • why is her face so tight though,seriously if she is 42..why did she fuck herself up to look like this. patti is the hot sexy one.shauna is a leprechaun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • thats right, fuck yourself, that’s what i meant.

  • Leprahaun lol…yea she does look it slightly.

  • stevens…………. ur too fuckin funny!!!!!!

  • Hey 63 is the new 33. I own salons bitches. How many women can look this good and still get younger guys. I am 63 and at least I can admit it. Age ain’t nothing but a number and I feel great. Tom, if you are in Minneapolis, stop by the Twiggs Salon and ask for me. Thanks for getting my back. You gave me the courage to reveal my actual age on this public forum.

  • Tom

    Well good night to you all. I still think you’re all assholes for messing with someone you didn’t even know but good night anyways. But you have to admit she is beautiful and successful. Do you have what she has? I’m sure you don’t.

  • that’s the only math you can do shauna,well u work at a salon so it explains it.old whore!!!!1 and a leprachaun!!!! im with u stevens

  • leprechaun lol!nice

  • do we have what she has..a lopsided face..i don’t think so loser

  • wait shuana is leaving everyone say bye!!!!!111

  • she loooks like a man,it’s so sad when women fuck their faces up like this and act like divas. she needs to settle for an old fuck the needs his diapers changed.

  • shaunna are you their i like 63 year old women.

  • Roxy

    Notice that “Tom” and “Anonymous” are not on at the same time? Additionally, they use the same words and language. Yep, they are the same person!

    Shauna is looking for a man out of her league. She has NO class and the ugly inside this narcissistic woman is evident on the outside. Look at her nose at a profile. Her nostrils arch up, making the tip of her nose look like the toe of a high-heel boot. Her nose looks like a boot! I can tell she loves designer bags; she has a Louis Vuitton under each eye! No way this C U Next Tuesday is 42. She looks Marc’s age. Except Marc is HOT!

    I LOVE Patti and how she verbally b!t@h slapped the OLD SPINSTER!


    shauna looks like a LEPRACHAUN!!!!!!!!!!

    who’s with me!

  • horse faced bitch.GET YOUR NOSE FIXED!!!!! YOU LOOK DEFORMED. your face is a manequine from hell. that hot millionaire in the waiting room that you were hitting on, was praying that you would stop humiliating yourself.YOUR CLEARLY OVER 50, get a job as the leprahaun in movies!!!!!!!!!!!!GET OFF THE BLOG WE ALL KNOW IT”S U TYPING!!!ANYONE WHO THINKS UR GEORGOUS HAD TO HAVE HIS CORNEAS REMOVED!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure that Shauna will be the star of Bravo’s next “reality” show as they continue their increasing drive to only have shows which exemplify how wonderful Bravo and Andy Cohen think it is to treat people like SH&T. The worse you treat someone – the bigger a “star” you are at Bravo.

    No wonder the next generation of kids are growing up so completely F-ed up!

  • Ellie

    This comment is for TOM (AKA-Shauna). Let’s look at ALL the facts in your posts. You defame Patti, you “speak” like a woman who has been called out and defensive. There is NO man on this blog or anywhere else in the world that would post like “Tom” or one of the particular “Anonymous” posters. What’s sad is that the way you behaved on Millionaire Matchmaker is exactly how you are behaving here. Same words, same actions. Now, I am not going to talk about your looks, they pretty much speak for themselves and I am sure some men will find you attractive. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder or BEER HOLDER :o) I will speak about how you acted. Rude, ungrateful, grandoise syndrome, almighty, crass, crass, trashy, pathetic, pitiful, etc. Youget the point. There is not a normal, average man or a normal goodlooking man on this earth that would have any desire to spend more than 5 minutes with you. You sealed your fate. You are fame hungry and you don’t care how you get it. Marc was drop dead gorgeous and I am a successful bikini model in my 20’s. He had class, charisma and charm. You are used to controlling the man. Patti was right, you have an invisible penis and you need to cut it off. Grow up. It only takes a few dollars and a search on Intellius to find out your EXACT age. Oh….for the record, your IPS is logged here so your “persona” is up. Not sure why you are so quick to call people “fat” or “ugly.” Especially when you have NO ROOM to talk. As far as Patti is concerned, well she is direct and critical but it’s her personality and that is why she is successful. She tells it like it is.

  • Mallory

    Seriously, that woman has mental and self-esteem issues that we can’t even begin to comprehend. Think about it. What self-respecting woman (or person, for that matter) would spend years letting men milk them for their money and leach off them just b/c those men have a decent body? Do you know anyone THAT desperate for sex? She doesn’t want to accept the fact that she’s aging. Then, look @ her outfit on that date last night. I’ve seen my 13-year-old cousins wear more grown up ensembles than that mess. The fringe, the minidress, the Lindsey-Lohan leggings, the sunglasses inside….all of it screams “teenager! teenager! Puberty alert!” No mature woman would wear that. Again acting WAYYY less mature than her age. She was presented w/ a VERY good looking (I’m 25 and I thought Marc was hot), accomplished, polite and debonair fella, and she was INCREDIBLY rude and self-centered…there are no words for what she did. Like someone else said…it doesn’t take much to smile, say thank you, and make the best of a night.

    That woman has no pride in herself and her accomplishments and zero comfort in her own skin. I feel really sorry for her. To get that far in life w/o getting a grasp on what’s important…that’s really sad.

  • Texas Lady

    My husband thinks Shauna looks like Danny Devito when he played the Penguin in one the early Batman movies!

  • sadtruth

    I don’t know how she thinks she’s all that with that
    nose and those frozen wide eyes. She is DEFINITELY
    not in her 40s (and a liar to boot). She can’t afford to act like the asshole she is with the way she looks.
    Poor thing. The only way she could get a man is to be a sugar mama. You can’t fuck money. What a disgusting
    DNA experiment. Patty just got sick of her ass because
    she can’t afford to be as demanding as she is and she
    just doesn’t get it. Even nobody her age would want her especially after seeing the show. After the show, she is so done. Hilarious

  • jewblaster

    Well, really, what do you people expect? Both these women are disgusting jews. Of course Shauna is a spoiled, bratty bitch; she’s a JAP cunt. A very, very ugly JAP cunt at that. What do you think jew bitches are like? Patti is the same; she’s a self-concerned, ugly, fat JAP bitch. I wish they would make a Patti pizza out of her.

  • Gina

    Well said Mallory.

  • ellie

    To JewBlaster: how disgusting and vile to use the “C” word to describe ANY woman and on top of it all, you are a racist. Shauna is definitely very insecure or she wouldn’t have the need to be desired by a younger man. She is absolutely the rudest person ever and instead of being grateful for the gift of a dress, whether it was her taste or not, she runs from that gorgeous man. My thoughts on her running away? He was way too smart to be fooled by her and she knew it. I think she was intimidated by HIM. He should thank his lucky stars and he was so cordial he picked her shoe up and kindly handed it to her bitch boy. My question is why did she need a makeup artist and hair stylist? Doesn’t she own a salon?

  • jewblaster

    @ellie: I’m a “racist”? Since when did “jew” = a race? You must be an ubermoron.

  • ellie

    @Jewblaster: from webster’s dictionary :racist – discriminatory especially on the basis of race or religion. I didn’t bother to look up the word “moron” I think you pretty much gave a perfect example of that word.

  • LAughing

    How can anyone defend Shauna’s behavior when SHE Chose to be a complete B*** for the world to see. Its not our fault you have completely embarrassed yourself on national TV.

    The PR people she hired are clearly not looking out for her!!! I have had my hair cut at Twiggs….the stylist was nice but unexceptional. She should stay in her salon and OFF national TV.

  • ellie and mallory you said it…absolutely correct

  • she looks like the leprachaun. FUGLY AS FUCK>>>>WHOLEY FUCKIN SHIT!!!she tries to pretend that she is TOM and calls herself georgous…lol…..unless u had your CORNEAS REMOVED,she looks like a tranny and yea danny devito!!!!!!. ABSOLUTE TRAILER TRASH AT IT”S WORSE>>>>SHE GIVES TRAILOR TRASH A BAD NAME

  • alright everyone!! lets take a vote to see if she should play the leprechaun in an upcoming movie,yes her fucked face is perfect for the role.

  • yea she disguised her name as Tom and was very rude to everyone on this blog…she said we are all jealous of her looks and success,and that no one is good enough to date her, and that she is gorgeous and the sexiest woman in her 40’s. she is soo fucked up, she went as far as to ask herself out on a date claiming that she is Tom and that he is interested in shauna,,,, even though tom is shauna.. Wow…..i agree with stevens she should play the leprachaun.

  • LEPRACHAUN lol…too tall but perfect face!!!!!!!!!

  • I think that Shauna is beautiful. And I don’t think she deserves people to say mean things about her face and her looks on the internet. It is so ridiculous to tell her that she’s stupid for getting surgery, and then to criticize her looks in ways that encourage surgery. Um, grow up. If she was a nice person on the show, people would have different things to say about her.

    What I think is interesting is how Shauna understands other people as only their appearance. She wants to date and only be around “attractive people” which means, in her mind, the only people who are valuable are superficially beautiful. In her mind, the only people who are lovable are physically attractive.

    A person’s worth shouldn’t be equated to what they look like. When I think of Shauna, I don’t think about all of the blame I want to throw at her for not treating that man nicely, I think about how much pain she must feel to have so much emotional weight based on her appearance. It must be very hard to think that your only value to another is your appearance.

    I would ask Shauna, on what basis did your parents value you? But the problem is not whether she is beautiful or not. “Ugly” people find happiness, life long loves, and much more everyday. Ugly people can be successful, enviable, and loved.

    Shauna, I personally think that you look beautiful. I also think that even if you were the ugliest person in the world that you would be worthy of love, and that you would still be a beautiful human being.

    We are all imperfect. You won’t ever be perfect. But you are beautiful with or without your slamming bod. I think that you can find more happiness in learning to be content with imperfection, yours and others, than you have found through being high-maintenance…. I love my saturdays when I don’t wear as much make-up, and I don’t shower, and I go for an unruly unkempt look. I like those days because I am not pressured to be beautiful. I learn that it’s okay for me to have five minutes, or a day, of time when what other people think of me doesn’t matter. Take five minutes and accept yourself……It will be the most painful and freeing moment of your life. But I know that you can do it, because you are a person who wants to grow and find happiness. By the way, I think you are beautiful.

  • KAREN H are you trying to be mother Teresa! the only reason why people are slamming her is because she treats people like CRAP on her salon show and on millionaire match maker. she has no remorse, she feels that people are beneath her ….and if u hadn’t noticed, she slammed everyone in here, including fat people.. she insulted everyone here claiming were jealous of her leprachaun face and going as far as insulting Pattie and calling fat people names. she is a disgrace and even more ugly on the inside then she is outside. she thinks her shit don’t stink…will guess what mother Teresa, we tell it like it is b/c we are real people that are sick and tired of taking shit from her and people like her.!!!!!!!! and you my dear, defending her is only encouraging the outragous behavior that she seems to have. stop trying to defend her or act like she has a decent soul….because she would treat u like shit to if u stepped in her salon. shes a bitch and an ugly one at that ….people need to be put her in her place, b/c if not they continue to walk over everyone..they need to learn their lesson..u got that mother Teresa…I’m not insulting her but her attitude is the one that turned everyone against her, and the nerve she has to call us jealous,absolutely OUTRAGOUS!!!!!!!!sweetheart i know ur trying to be nice and stick up for her,but the hell that she is, i bet she fucks the devil everyday!!!!!!1NOW WHO”S WITH ME!!!!

  • we don’t want shauna to get more surgery,we want her to stop because her face is frozen .

  • shauna is an OLD HAG who claims she is 42! lmao!!!! yeahh right.her face is all stiff & she got this scarey looking crazed eyes..can the bitch blink @ all??? she has flared nostril & a long witchy looking nose. shauna u need a nose job! u gained a few pound since the first airing of u desperatly looking for a young cock. u donot deserve anyone here in L.A. go back to ugly minnisota u old hag.u are below average here. u ugly freak!!! watch urself on t.v..u look freakish


    I never post comments on these public threads but I have to say, I was really sad when I saw this week’s show with Shauna (and it’s sad, too, because it’s clear that ‘anonymous’ and ‘Tom’ is either Shauna or someone who knows her…the writing is even the same!) I hope Shauna realizes that Karma is a bitch. She treats people with disrespect and acts superficial and then is offended when she gets it back! (though Patti wasn’t too civilized either. What’s with the bitchfest?). The reaction Shauna had to the handsome ‘older’ man was scary and so incredibly self-centered. I hope she examines HER issues in therapy (and this isn’t a cheap jab – seriously, it’s sad, and she needs help or she’ll never be able to have love or intimacy with a partner) She has to stop blaming men and start looking at herself.

  • babylove

    That woman was vile, ugly, rude, narcissistic, cruel, and deluded. I was disgusted watching her crude, deplorable behavior. If she is such a stunning success as a woman on her own, why did she pay a matchmaker tens of thousands of dollars to find the “stud” she imagines will actually want her? Oh yes, it was because she has spent a year paying a stud to bite the bullet and sleep with her while she drove him around (he didn’t have a car) and paid for everything. including his having to sleep with her, in exchange for all the money she spent dressing, feeding, and entertaining him. Even that couldn’t make him stay for long. He left her and she, AGAIN, had to pay for a younger man. How pathetic.

  • Benjamin check

    Ugh what a bitch! Shauna, sweetie, what do you think you have to offer a young man? A dusty uterus? Your last crusty viable egg? All the plastic surgery on earth couldn’t retighten your nasty body after a baby, no matter WHO you know or HOW MUCH you spend. And judging by your previous work, you go to a bargain basement surgeon, probably in Tijuana. The problem with this tramp is the fact that she USED TO BE AN UGLY LOSER IN HIGH SCHOOL!!!! Now she has “money” or think she does, and wants to date the type of guy who wouldn’t have let her suck his dick in 1986! She should be glad to meet a nice older dude like Mark. I’m 30 and still look 24. Not too many men look that good at 50, let alone 30! Bitch do you know how many guys have gotten fat or bald since HIGH SCHOOL???!! Let alone 50 with a full head of tasteful gray and in good shape. Look at Hugh Hefner, he DAMN SURE DONT WANT A BITCH OVER 30, so who the hell would want you but a gold digger guy? If Shauna thinks she is beautiful, what do you call Heidi Klum or Kim kardashian????? Bitch you are NOT FINE, you are an old nasty cunt who will be an old witch (you look like a witch with that nose), trying to cast a spell on a young prince, or suck the youth from a younger woman. If you were fine, or desireable in the least YOU WOULDNT HAVE TO PAY!!!!!! Ashton kutcher chased Demi Moore for months… don’t look as good as Demi, and your attitude sucks. And to top it all with the chocolate syrup no one will ever lick off of you, MILLIONS SAW YOU ACT LIKE A TWAT, NO ONE WANTS YOUR OLD ASS NOW!

  • Benjamin check

    The funniest thing about this whole thing is the fact that Mark will get SO MUCH PUSSY OFF THIS EPISODE! I mean it will LITERALLY rain pussy on this man. There are a bunch of rich divorcees (and I bet clients AND friends of Shauna), who have already called Patty trying to get at him. If he had enough youth in the sack for Heidi Klum, there are tons of broads who will play. And they will all look better than shauna does……

  • Jessica

    I was on The Bachelor many years ago so I know how painful it can be to read these blogs. I would never dream of writing on one of these for that reason, but after I saw Shauna’s behavior on the Millionaire Matchmaker, I am doing just that. Shauna, I know you are Tom or whatever on here (just as I tried to defend myself on the blogs back in the day) and the reason I am writing is to tell you in all my years of watching Reality TV, your behavior was the NUMBER ONE, most disgusting and disturbing thing I have ever seen in my entire life. I literally cannot believe you would treat another human being that way. A 3rd grader knows better. The man paid for a dress, which you insulted (and by the way, the dress was beautiful and FAR better than what you had on), paid for a limo and a wonderful dinner and you ran away from him (which is so rude there are no words) saying he’s too old for you. Well, I hate to break it to you, but in reality sweetie, you look MUCH older than he does. Much. Hello – he went out with Heidi Klum. And babe, you look no where near like Heidi Klum. The way you were salivating over those 20 year old guys made me sick to my stomach and your crazy eyes reminded me of a male child molester. It truly made my stomach turn. You could literally be their grandmother. I am 31 and never in my wildest dreams would I consider going out with a guy that is 22. The fact that you would and DO means you’re sick. (and no I do not have a double standard here. I think it’s equally sick when 45 year old men go after 22 year old girls). And I can PROMISE YOU, when you do go out with guys that are that young, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF THE TIME people will assume you are their mother. And then if they see you hold hands or kiss or whatever, they will want to vomit. I know I would. The fact that you would treat someone else the way that you did means you have no conscience, no soul, and seriously the ONLY possible future you have is one of dire and utter loneliness. You will be alone forever because that’s what you deserve. You reap what you sew – and what you sew is meanness, arrogance, lack of empathy, and just ugliness through and through. I would normally feel sorry for someone like you, but you’re so awful, I honestly don’t. But I do find you very sad. But congrats! You get the number one award for the meanest and most generally vile and disgusting behavior I’ve ever seen on TV. Yay for you! YOU’RE NUMBER ONE!

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Jessica is right on. She IS a perv. Even the other millionaire dude thought so when they were sitting there “choosing their prey”. And to insult any human being like that by running away like they are trying to harm you, is inexcusable. What a cunt. The dress may have not been what she would have chosen, but what she wore – black stretch pants with that awful shirt, and Louboutins that were a size to big – was much, much worse. What a disgusting old whore. Someone with any class at all would have been polite, even straight forward with the guy, which I’m sure he would have appreciated. Like everyone else, I hope you die alone in your home after falling and breaking a hip – “Help! I can’t get up!”.

  • bobo

    she is an old whore!!!!11

  • Tom

    id fuck her because i look old bitches…yea she is 63, but she looks damn good for her age…and yes i like the saggy, stretched out vagina,her eggs aren’t dry..their dust by now..but who cares!!!!!! can u blame me. Don’t listen to them sweetie, your face lifts and Botox make you look centuries younger then u are, there are just jealous of a woman that has been around since the medieval days. you have more class and experience then anyone…come over to me baby,ill warm up ur old wrinkly but!

  • Tom

    listen everyone,i work for shauna, she made me defend her…ok. she pays me for sex,it’s my job to do all her dirty work for i had to say all those things in her honor and defense. please don’t hate me! i agree she is a wack job, but com on when u have to pay sumeone like me to fuck you,you will understand! thank you for your cooperation folks. goodnite.

  • shauna

    Fuck you all,your all a bunch of low class,incompetent hating bitchs that will never amount to anything. i’m hot and successful and i can get any man i want. marc was a slow, dull motherfucker who looked 100 years old. he is not good enough for me. stop being jealous of a hot woman and go fuck yourselfs you overweight, disgusting,lowe class,idiotic scumbags. you will never be as succeful as me!!!!!!!!!!1 HATERSSSSSSS. pattie is trailor trash too!!!!!!!!1

  • Ellie

    To Shauna:

    Which one of your multiple personalities is “speaking” for you now? You are NOT hot. I am NOT fat(5ft 6in and weigh 102=successful bikini model). You can’t spell, have zero class and are just embarrassing your family and friends(if you have any left). I don’t hate you. I don’t even feel sorry for you. Why? Because you are what you are! Pretty is as pretty does and NOTHING you have done or ANY way you have acted is pretty or attractive. I am not even sure if this is the real Shauna. Either way, Shauna is Tom, Tom is Shauna and both are pretty pathetic.

  • haha

    Haha anyone who is on here defending this psychopath is obviously Shauna.Do you notice that they all mention something about fat people? Something Shauna is known to say, what a loser!! This chick is not only very very ugly on the outside I have never seen such an ugly person on the inside. I am a very pretty girl by 99% of people’s standards (not bragging just saying) and I would never dream to treat anyone like this woman does. I also make a lot of money and would never ever talk to people in the way this woman does. I am not saying these things to brag I am only saying these things to make the point that money and beauty do not make you desirable or likable. The only thing that can make you better than anyone is your actions and by that I mean I know I am better than this Shauna skank because I try to treat everyone with politeness and kindness. Shauna news flash you are ugly so even if you were nice your face would still be ugly! You have crazy eyes I don’t know how anyone can look at you and keep a straight face your eyes are terrifying! I have no clue how anyone can date you let alone have sex with you since I can’t see anyone wanting to spend any more than 30 seconds in your company! You will die alone and sad and ugly you look like you are 55 you act like a spoiled child and I think you have mental problems. Get a clue there is a reason that not even a matchmaker can help you because you are a complete waste of life. You are beyond repair and you deserve loneliness, even if you were pretty, which you are not, looks would eventually fade and all that would be left is the sad vile toxic shrew that you are. Marc was handsome polite and at the very least deserved better than you running away like a freak! He dated Heidi Klum you loser, he probably was more disappointed when he saw you then you were with him yet at least he was polite! If you ask me you did him a favor I would rather have my finger nails pull off and dipped in alcohol than spend 5 minutes with you. You are hideous, mentally ill and a total loser regardless of your net worth.

  • shauna

    stop being jealous of a gorgeous woman, Pattie is the moron who is fat, has stringy hair, and looks like a blow up doll on crack.i can have any man i want…ur all just jealous b/c u are pathetic losers with no income. i’m successful and hot, you all will never amount to anything, way beneath me like that Marc. he was so old, gray, dull, who looked like a corpse from the grave. i date younger man because i can and i won’t settle for anything less then what i deserve. who cares if he dated Heidi klum..her face is ugly as hell. Marc is old and boring and that suit he wore,don’t get me started. that ugly red shafaun dress he sent me was so out dated, way too big and meant for a 60 year old woman. so i didn’t go on a date with him, big deal..i didn’t want to lead him on……that bitch Pattie talked me into dating him, i wanted younger man and payed big bucks fore her service. she has the body of a fat whore and as much class as Archie bunker. she and all of you can go and fuck urselves, because ur all just jealous.

  • shauna

    Pattie is an ugly, fat whore..with a horse face.her boyfriend is deformed as well………..that’s the best she can do i guess!!!!!11

  • Tom

    stop all this hating,u are all rude assholes who need to get a real life.

    @Ellie: you are pathetic sweetie, you are the one with the disorder….eating disorder that is. 102lbs for 5ft 6in,eat a chess burger!

    @haha: wow ur pretty by 99 percent of standards,lol!!!ur just a fat bitch disguised under that stupid sn, hiding away in your room eating nachos,fat whore!

    jealousy is a disease.

  • Tom

    the earlier posts from Tom that INSULTED shauna,saying she was 63 and that she pays me for sex were NOT from me. i am also NOT shauna, but i am defending her because its pathetic to insult someone that u don’t even know. shauna is gorgous and successful and b/c Marc wasn’t her type you should stop dissing her. he was a walking corpse from the grave, so can u really blame her.who ever is disguising their name as Tom and writing rude things stop it..b/c it’s not from me. I am the real Tom and would never say those comments. also stop being jealous of a woman who is beutiful!!!!11

  • Tom

    everyone on this forum needs to get a life and a real job!!!!!!!!!

  • Ellie

    Chihuahua….I mean Shauna……it’s spelled Chiffon. Then again you did pronounce Louboutin’s incorrectly.

  • Tom

    @Ellie, what are you talking about, you need to stop taking those diet pills because you are hurting those little brain cells that you still have left.

  • ellie

    Tom: I don’t take diet pills or starve myself. I graduated from Harvard Law School. I must be doing something right. I’m debt free and paid for school myself with modeling. You are clearly Shauna. No guy speaks or writes the way you do. Hahahaha.

  • melanie

    I just watched “Millionaire Matchmaker” for the first time yesterday. I saw the episode with Shauna Raisch. It was like watching a train wreck. I just couldn’t turn away. This woman is absolutely the most foul human I have ever witnessed. She is living in a dream world. Accept that you are growing older, change your plastic surgeon and seek therapy immediately. Patti Stanger is 49 years old and looks younger than Shauna. While Patti may be harsh and insensitive, she is right on when i comes to this woman. I do believe youshould be given a picture of a potential match but I think it was Patti’s way of just eliminating this fiasco of a client. Shauna:you are rude, hateful, racist, immoral, shady, and think way too highly of yourself. You are not “ugly” on the outside but you are definitely UGLY on the inside. Youdid Marc a favor by running away. Then to compare it to leaving your fiance on your wedding day at the alter…..lady he had you figured out when you couldn’t even THANK him for the gesture of the dress. How hard is it to be gracious, whether you liked the dress or not? Grow up! Seek therapy and PLEASE don’t accuse me of being fat or trailor trash.. I am far from it. Get over yourself.

  • Laura G

    Shauna is unbelievably diluted to think that the Realtor was too old for her. She is the one who’s old, and it scares her to date anyone in her age range because it reminds her of her own advanced age.

    Furthermore, everyone can tell that Patti is NOT jealous of Shauna because she’s treated women FAR more beautiful than Shauna very well. Remember the beautiful blonde millionairess she fixed up with that hot millionaire? Patti was very good to that beautiful woman, and that woman actually gave Patti reason to be jealous– the woman had brains, real beauty and a great personality. Of course, Patti is brainy, beautiful in her own right, and she has a fabulous personality as well.

    By the way, I LOVED seeing Shauna wobble around and lose her shoe like a total loser. It was so funny, and she so deserved it.

    Marc is hot. He dated Heidi Klum for Godssake! The truth is that Shauna probably realized she couldn’t compete with the memory of a supermodel, and she rejected him before he could reject her.

    Patti looks natural. Shauna looks fake. Anyone who says otherwise is obviously as diluted as Shauna and should not be given any credibility.

  • Anonymous

    She is ugly inside and out. As a middle aged man I wouldn’t give her the time of day.

  • Lolly

    well said Laura G.

  • Teena

    I was truly appalled by Shauna’s behavior on Millionaire Matchmaker. Everybody knows that Patti is going to lay it out and tell the truth as she sees it. Many times it is harsh, but people who go on the show should expect that. She does seem to want to help people and get results. I cannot understand why Shauna would go on that show and then exhibit behavior showing that she just wants to have sex with a younger man. It is very unflattering — especially considering that she is no Demi Moore. She does work out and maintain herself, but I don’t believe she is very attractive — and her personality and behavior make her very unattractive. I was shocked at how rude she was to the 51 year old real estate guy. He seemed very polite and was trying to be thoughtful. The dress did seem to long for her, and she couldn’t have it altered in time; however, she could have been courteous and gone out on the date. It might have taught her something about herself. Instead, she was so full of fear about dating her grandfather — somebody who was only 9 years older. Patti was right on — Shauna is going to be hard pressed to find a rich younger man — they are always going to look at her like a sugar mama. And, that is fine if that is what she wants; however, the relationship will never be balanced. Poor thing!

  • Avalis

    All I can say is that SHAUNA REALLY CAN USE A NOSE JOB AND PRONTO! That’s the ugliest nose I’ve ever seen.

  • Laura G

    To Lolly:

    WOW!!! Lolly’s my nickname, too! Nice to meet you.

  • Tilly

    So Marc is good enough for Heidi Klum but not Shauna?? hahahahahaha

  • dani

    Shauna, you would be the type to get on a message board and try to make it look like there is anyone who thinks you are better than average or like there is anyone who didn’t notice your lack of personality and intelligence. When you decide to do a reality show, you open yourself up to people discussing how crazy you are on a message board so get off of it so we can talk freely!

  • svlad cjelli

    Shauna is looking for a man that doesn’t exist. She wants a rich, young, good-looking, exercise enthusiast, who wears just the right shoe. AND he has to be into mean spirited old women who walk around with a permanent “boo!” look on their faces.She could really use some $250/hr. “Couch Time”

  • HT

    As a handsome, young cougar-hunter with family I will say this…I would totally date Shauna on several conditions:

    I don’t have to look at her.
    She doesn’t open her mouth.
    She pays for everything all the time.
    I get to punch her assistant in the face for being a douche and posting on this forum on her behalf.
    She doesn’t touch me with her evil little mits.
    I get to bring another woman along so I can actually enjoy myself after Shauna leaves.

    Seriously, it’s not rocket science to see she’s damaged goods. You don’t have to “know” her, “Tom”. She’s a nuthatch deluxe. Normal people don’t act like her. They just don’t.

  • HT

    Above should read “family in Wayzata, MN”. I’d hate to have my sentence corrected in some fashion.

  • KIttie Fahey

    She is truly revolting. Millionare Matchmaker is right,m she actually does deserve to be alone. No man in the world is evil enough to be saddled with her. Hey, bloggers, don’t blame Minneapolis!

  • Bychplz

    All Shauna is, is a reality show FREAK: she thinks that by being a pretentious a-hole on reality television–that she’ll actually get LAID!! LMAO I wonder how much she’s paid people to come on here and defend her sorry-azz! And Shauna: all the crapola you keep talking about Patti–at least she HAS A MAN, and CAN KEEP A MAN!B***h, YOU paid HER to FIND YOU A MAN! And I highly doubt any man would want to get with “The Second Circle of Hell” that YOU seem to be from the way you present yourself on NATIONAL TELEVISION! lol You OBVIOUSLY need family therapy! I’m sure there’s more to the reason why you’re a complete a-hole, and any idiot with a “HARVARD DEGREE” looking for TRUE LOVE, would KNOW WHEN THEY NEED HELP! I’m sure there’s a LONG LINE of a-holes, and you’re just living up to the legacy–maybe a therapist can help you, if you stop acting so SUPERFICIAL and IGNORANT!! Otherwise, there is really no hope for you: enjoy basking in the afterglow of the reality telvision archives! It’s a sad and lonely road…

  • Snooky

    Shauna Raisch owns a home in a suburb of Mpls with a 58 year “old” man and he’s not her father. Interesting.

  • KATE

    I’m not going to bother commenting on Shauna’s looks because in the grand scheme of things, they are unimportant. What is important is that she is claiming to be a professional woman and yet, she has been rude from the beginning of her stint on Matchmaker until the end of the show. Her behavior towards a man she chose to go out with was rude and there is no excuse for it. That crap about his energy being bad is nothing but b.s. He sent her an evening gown to wear and she showed up in jeans and a tank top. She never had any intention of going out with him. It is not difficult to see why she is still single and it’s because of her attitude. She clearly thinks she is better than everyone else. Where she got that idea, I have no clue, but it certainly is far from the truth.

    She goes out with young men, some of them young enough to be her son. It’s a sign of insecurity on her part. She’s trying to pretend she’s younger than she is by dating young men. They are using her for her money and she even admitted it on the show.

    At the rate she is going, she’ll end up old and lonely, except for those she pays to be with her. How very sad!

  • Not Tonya

    Tonya shut the fuck up you retarded cunt. With a name like “Tonya” I’ll tell you, those who live in trailer courts shouldn’t talk shit. Shauna is a snatch but Minneapolis has tons of culture and money. Fucking idiot.

  • vanessa

    Think u disrepected patty…u have be able to join a company like this…however.. u were a complete BITCH!!!!!…u are NOT that fact ur NOT attractive at all…..I am only a few years younger then you and have had 4 kids and way hotter than u…..
    ..and your portrayed as a complete bitch…..i would have gone out with that guy in a split second…….why did u not trust patty.????..u want ur young studs…and guess what honey……u will not get them….especially that ur exposed……

    U NEVER deserved the chance!!!!!…now u just fucked urself…completely.!!!!!!..any guy that would be with ur ugly ass……..would use u for ur money!!!!!u are NOTHING!!!!!!…what a piece of shit u are…….if i had ur opportunities.i would have been soo grateful…….and never deserve to be on TV again!!!! U deserve to be single for the rest of ur life….

    Patty should just shove her high heeel up ur disgusting ass……

  • joe

    Has anyone else noticed how much better Shauna looked the first season she was on with Patti? The first year she had some bad angles but seemed like a pretty woman. This season she looks bad all the time. What happened?

  • Scott

    Shauna is definitely NOT 42 yrs old. She has subtracted at least 10-15 yrs from her age. Get a clue!!! Her nose – hideous!! The bulging eyes are a total turn off. I would never trust her spa cred!! Maybe she’s successful, but there are a lot of foolish clients out there. Look at how there are so many plastic surgery disasters walking around today. And there are alot of rich doctors out there because of this. Shauna needs therapy inorder to realize she is too old to think the way she does. She doesn’t listen and ridicules anything that she is in denial about. Psycho bitch!! Pattie should have thrown her out after to second with her. Period. I fantasized about her decking the bitch, but that would not be in Pattie’s best interest. I hope we done with Shauna. Seriously!! Ugly, evil troll!!

  • Bychplz

    All I have to say is: for a b***h from “Harvard” (ALLEGEDLY)–the guys she chooses to date must be dumber than her! Her “old acquaintance” doesn’t know how to spell “acquaintance”–but must have since, become the wiser, as he realized in his dealings with her(along with the rest of the world) that this b***h is CRAZY!! And “Old Acquaintance” you have come a long way!! I’m not trying to diss you! But Shauna–REALLY?! YOU WENT TO HARVARD?? YOU F**KING LIAR! For what? A Bachelor’s in Cosmetology?? GIVE ME A F***ING BREAK!!Nothing this b***h says is true–and she obviously can’t get intelligent men, because ANY intelligent man would run when they saw her coming!! LMAO! I honestly don’t think Shauna knows how to soul-search, because the b***h HAS NO SOUL! But, in the off-chance that it would happen: MAYBE there’s hope for her! But really–if you want to make yourself out to be upper-class, educated, and successful: then date MEN who are upper-class, educated, and successful! (Although, with the way you humiliated yourself and your image on NATIONAL TELEVISION, that would be close to impossible!) But wait: I forgot–your invisible penis! YUP, that’s not gonna happen! GOD FORBID, a guy is SMARTER than you! Well, when you are eventually committed to a nursing home, you can hit on the doctors with your prune juice sippy cup on-hand! OYEA! WHAT A TURN ON, BABY!! LMAO! What a sad life you have, for a “HARVARD” graduate!:P PATTI’S GOT IT BETTER THAN YOU, AND ALL SHE DOES IS MATCH UP MILLIONAIRES! DAMN, THAT MUST HURT!! No wonder you’re such a vile wench!

    Oh yeah, and for your information Shauna: I bleep out my swear words because I HAVE CLASS: something I noticed, you are in desperate need of when typing on the message boards! Goodness, you’re an UGLY MESS!! I’ll pray for you. You need it.

  • Anonymous

    Shauna looks and acts like a train wreck. Great for stupid reality shows.

  • kuryaki

    Well no matter if u find the fallopian tube nosed b*tch attractive or not.. her personality takes it all away.
    I totally flipped the channel when she came back as tempted as I was to watch but I just can’t get over those creepy staring eyes and that hideous nose.. she scares me and creeps the h*ll outta me.

  • I.K.

    To: the “real” Tom..

    Are you kidding us? how can you expect us to believe it is you when you’re posting such ridiculous sh*t on here? We can see for ourselves what she looks like and what she is like.. u can’t fool us. hahahahaha

  • SRurAnIdiot

    HEY that’s definitely SHAUNA hahhahahaah look at the post below that’s exactly how SHauna reacts and talks.. hahahahah U can’t disguise urself shauna.. ur too obvious!!! ahahahah

    [ # 382972 ] Comment from Tom [February 2, 2010, 11:50 pm]


    @stevens—fuck you! I meant what I said. Shauna is great! and my name is Tom. You don’t sound smart calling me Shauna
    you just sound stupid. Now if you said “I think this may be Shauna”, well you’re entitled to your opinion. But when you conclude that I am, thinking that everyone is going to follow suit and agree with, just because you say so, you sound stupid! Way to stupid to try and influence anyone. So just fuuuuck yooouuu!

    @michell—you’ve already made that comment, but at least you learned how to cut and paste.

    @lacy—I’m sure your mother is over 50. So I guess she’s an old whore too

    Shauna, there all jealous of you. You’re still gorgeous!

  • Kate

    The Botox Bitch just wants to try and make a name for herself on reality tv just like sooo many losers do. I actually feel kind of bad for her because she has no personality, no awareness of others, is superficial, shall I go on? To think that a man isn’t good enough for her when he was good enough to date Heidi Klum for 9 months is way out of line.
    Pray for her because she needs it more than any one I can imagine!

  • Kate

    If you don’t believe she’s ugly look at a pic of George Hamilton. She looks exactly like him with a wig on! Hahaha. Same nose! EEeeeeeewwwwww!

  • Kate

    Oooops one more! As far as Patti goes, she may not be the most beautiful person physically but she has a great personality, knows what she wants, and gets it! I would much rather deal with her any day than spend one minute with the botox bitch.

  • Angela

    I used to get my hair cut at Twiggs by her orginal partner in the business. She was a freak then and she’s just gotten freaker. Newsflash, if she was that damn hot she would have landed some rich Minneapolis man candy. She is delusional if a) she thinks she’s a Demi like cougar and b)that her shitty, classless behavior on Matchmaker will do any good for her business.


    since you come on here shauna or any of her pawns, you are THE biggest and most evil bitch that i have EVER seen and you need some SERIOUS therapy before you try to find your human sex toy. Talk about picky!!!!!!! Enjoy being a spinster and old maid with that WEIRD FUCKED UP nose of yours!

  • B

    Seriously! you need to get a life! You totally have made an ass out of yourself in front of the whole world, being such a bitch and acting like you are too good for just about anybody. You really haven’t changed much from 25 years ago, You still haven’t come to realize that this world doesn’t revolve around you. Being successful is great, but,if you don’t change ur ways you are going to be the lonest person ever.. obviously you already are..

  • Hannah

    I just finished watching Millionaire Matchmaker and decided to google Shauna Raisch, to check out her salon, because I just couldn’t believe that someone so rude could be that successful in life. I then found a clip of her at: stating she was the newly crowned “mosted hated person on TV”. I watched the video and could not believe that I was seeing her tirade, so similar to her performance on M.M.
    Not only is this woman unattractive, her personality is extremely ugly. Really, who treats people like that? I can say that she is likely going to end up alone for the rest of her life. Her personality is so awful; she comes across as HOSTILE, condescending, argumentative, rude, controlling and seriously lacking in any human decency. I have a feeling that she was spoiled and her parents enabled her growing up. I would be surprised that she got to be successful on her own merit, because clearly she doesn’t have the personality for that.

  • Hannah

    Some of these posts on here are pretty funny? One from Tom especially, who wrote:

    the earlier posts from Tom that INSULTED shauna,saying she was 63 and that she pays me for sex were NOT from me. i am also NOT shauna, but i am defending her because its pathetic to insult someone that u don’t even know. shauna is gorgous and successful and b/c Marc wasn’t her type you should stop dissing her. he was a walking corpse from the grave, so can u really blame her.who ever is disguising their name as Tom and writing rude things stop it..b/c it’s not from me. I am the real Tom and would never say those comments. also stop being jealous of a woman who is beutiful!!!!11

    1)”but i am defending her because its pathetic to insult someone that u don’t even know.” Do you think the guy on Millionare Matchmaker felt insulted when Shauna just turned around and stormed off upon meeting him? The guy sent a dress to her, even, trying to be nice and she was offended. Then she meets him and storms off ranting and raving.
    Also, she was insulting in the clip that is linked in my previous email. She should not have assumed her dog was welcome at someone else’s spa, and she shouldn’t have insulted them by asking them if they all needed miracle ears because they told her that they didn’t want the dog there and she insisted the dog was staying.
    2)”and b/c Marc wasn’t her type you should stop dissing her.” If Marc was not her type, she should have cancelled the date prior to the second she was getting into the limo. That is common courtesy. There is no excuse for that rude behavior. And he was good enough to date Heidi Klum, so he can’t be that bad.
    3)”also stop being jealous of a woman who is beutiful!!!!11″ I am not sure what the 11 means, and I know you meant to spell beautiful, but trust me when I tell you–NO ONE is jealous of her. I would rather be poor with nothing, then be wealthy with a personality like that. She has no endearing qualities. She should start investing in herself in other ways beside cosmetic enhancements. Learning socially acceptable behaviours will be a greater investment to her happiness than botox. Deep down, it is very apparent that she is unhappy with her life–her behavior shows that. I will be googling her again in another 20 years. Bet there will be more clips of her tirades and I bet she will still be alone.

  • Wondering

    CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED ON THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER EPISODE WITH SHAUNA??? I saw the beginning of it but had to leave. I am dying to know why she was screaming at the end of the episode? Thanks!

  • Hannah

    Hi Wondering,
    Shauna agreed to go out with Marc, an older guy, who had once dated Heidi Klum for 9 months. The guy seemed very nice and Patti felt that Shauna should go out with an older guy, instead of the young and penniless guys she had been dating (seriously, this chick is a control freak and I think she likes the uneven power that comes from dating in this manner). In any event, she agreed to date the guy, and pre-date, the guy has a dress delivered to her. It was a hot looking red dress, but she was totally offended by it. So, date time comes, and she goes downstairs and he is there with a limo. She walks towards him as if she is going to get in through the door he has opened, then she turns around (can’t recall the comment she made) and takes off. She drops her shoe in the process and just keeps on going, ranting and raving about how Patti could do that to her. Hmmm…she had agreed to the date, so nobody was really doing anything TO her.
    There really was no excuse for her rude behaviour. If she didn’t want to go out with the guy, she should have done the courteous thing and let Patti know to cancel the date–prior to just about getting into it.
    I have embedded a link in a previous email, for you to look, I mean, laugh at. Manner are apparently not this woman’s strong points. She may as well lay off the botox and enhancements, because no amount of work is going to make her beautiful. She is ugly inside and until she changes her narcisstic ways, she will likely remain ugly, and unfortunately for her, she will remain alone.

  • Hannah

    Here’s the link:
    I wouldn’t even let her cut my dog’s hair. This woman is seriously narcisstic and needs therapy.

  • Lisa

    Went to school with Shauna and she is really 48 years old (not 42). Shauna was and still is a COKE WHORE! Snorting cocaine for 30 years will make you psycho. Oh, by the way, Shauna is also bi-sexual (remember Shauna, licky licky?). We didn’t call her Shauna “Snatch” for nothing!

  • Cindy

    I just saw the episode this afternoon…I am 37, I would date Marc the Realtor who is 51…hot damn. As for Shauna she could benefit from some rhinoplasty and maybe while they are so close to her brain give her an attitude adjustment as well. Patti was right when she said Shauna should stay single forever…and she probably will. As for Shauna being gorgeous, I don’t think so…she is very ugly on the inside (and a complete wack-a-doo), so her looks don’t matter much.

  • christine

    Wow, if I was a millionaire the first thing I would do would be fix that nose! I guess it works in her favor though- after looking at her hideous nose her awful personality looks a little bit better.

  • Anonymous

    He dated Heidi Klum, and this stupid bitch Shauna thinks she’s too good for him? He is very attractive, and extremely well mannered.
    I can’t believe Patti was so kind enough to bring her back to the club a second time.
    Patti handled herself so well the whole entire time with Shauna. Go Patti!

  • Janet Jackson

    Many people talk about Shauna’s botox but I think the real issue is:

    A. no way in hell she’s 42… NO WAY IN HELL

    B. her amazingly bad facial surgery

    Her nose is like a slice of paper. Who every worked on that nose should be reported to the surgery board. Her eyes are so scooped out and hollow they look really really bad. Very bad surgery. I feel very sorry for her. Everytime she’s smiling at a young man it makes me sick because I know they’re just looking at a warped dollar bill.

    What she did to Mark was the most immature horrible thing I have ever seen somebody do to somebody’s face. Most people bitch privately, not be so obvious. This is exactly what a four year old child would do.

    I would love to know the story of Shauna’s childhood because whe was either raised by day care or her mother is out to lunch and never spent a quality second with Shauna teaching her any manners.

    What a sad sad story this Shauna is. Good t.v. Bad life. God damn it her eyes look so bad. Honey, you deserve a refund, whoever did that to you should be shot.


  • Jax

    Most comments here are about her appearance on MM, but the post refers to another reality show she was on – Split Ends. The video above wasn’t working for me, but I found a clip of it here –

    She is truly the worst kind of pathetic, attention-seeking narcissist. I hope people in MN know how awful and insulting she is and as a result refuse to patronize her salon, Twiggs. (As in – only skinny botoxed twiggs like her will get service there.)

  • PP

    Obviously, that woman needs help. She has no soul. She’s all about materiality. No substance.

  • jess

    Wow… I cant believe all of the posts on here. You are all right. Shauna is just an awful awful person… I know her from 12 years ago. Here is the scoop. Back then she was actually pretty nice, then she got a nose job (yes the nose you see now is not her original)… The original nose was absolutley the biggest I have ever seen, now its a ski slope. Then she got her boobs done, then more work. Somehow, over time, she changed and became a very bitter, sad, shallow person.
    Along the way she dumped her life-long partner (I wont mention his name) and today is an entirely different person. I often think of her and try to understand what caused her to change.

  • Tiffany

    Shauna is working on a new salon concept I am told by people in the know.

    It’s called Rode Hard.

    It suits her.

  • Missbday

    First of all, Shauna u are a hot mess!! Hagsville times 50. Secondly Mark u are drop dead gorgeous so why on earth were u on the show just wondering? I’m sure u are not losing sleep over that self centered hagsville train wreck. People like that always get what they deserve, smh.

  • Lina

    I was dismayed when I saw the episode. I could understand that everybody is allowed to have their own criteria and unique tastes; but nothing merits that sort of behavior that Shauna displayed towards the gentleman, nothing.

    Perhaps the underlying reason why she chooses to date younger men is because her lack of maturity does not allow her to engage in a conversation with the men of her age. It is sad. Nobody sees it as an achievement; it is but a sign of psychological troubles, and it is very unfortunate because nobody deserves to suffer through that.

    Beauty exists at all ages, regardless if one is 70 or 20 years of age, but there is nothing more unappealing and desperate than the fixation of a human being to look as if they are stuck in time. We all age… it is a fact, and plastic surgeries as well as other enhancement procedures do not alter how young a person looks… in the end of the day all that shows is that they are insecure about their age.

    There is nothing more beautiful than the tiny wrinkles at the corners of the eyes from a sincere smile. Plastic surgery doesn’t allow for smiles to look genuine anymore, a lot is lost.

    A big applause to all the women here who work hard each day and still look beautiful as nature intended, who are not threatened by the changes in the mirror. Every crease allows for expression… the maximum manifestation of beauty.

  • olivia

    wow that shauna chick was crazy…just saw her on millionaire matchmaker. Poor Mark, he was s ohot! Shauna should be ashamed of herself… i mean really who ats that way? Geez.

    Mark can get it tho, what a silver foxx!!

  • ForensicDOC

    I had to stay home from work one day and MM was on; the episode with Shauna. I grew up in Mpls, so I Googled her to see where she went to high school and stumbled on this site.

    I’m in the forensics field, so I wanted to point out a couple of things. While there are obviously multiple ‘Toms’ on the forum, this is in reference to the Tom towards the end of the postings. If you look at Tom’s and Shauna’s posts, they have EXACTLY the same and consistent grammatical errors. They both start their sentences with a lowercase letter (in forensics, that’s extremely telling), they both type “b/c” for because (almost no one else on this site does that and it’s used in chats much more than in public forums). Neither of them corrects their posts for grammar; both of them make the same mistake of not placing any spaces after a period. That fact alone is significant as most people are consistent in placing either one OR two after a period, but rarely none.

    They also both use ‘ur’ incorrectly (on many levels, as it’s already an incorrect usage). Neither of them do any editing of their posts and both are abysmal spellers in strikingly similar fashions.

    If I had to testify in court, I’d say that both are the same person to an extremely high probability (about 95% or higher).

    Just so you don’t think I’m posting this out of jealously, my portfolio is well over the 8 figures, I own my own business, I work at extremely high levels in the DC area, and I take care of myself physically.

    I don’t think I knew Shauna in high school. But then again, I left HS two years early to go to college. So I don’t know many people from that time.

    It’s really too bad she cares what people think so much. Her posts are really angry too, so she must care quite a lot.

  • Cindy

    My goodness, sorry to all the Shauna lovers, who tend to dismiss anyone who doesn’t agree with them as fat and ugly, but, lets look objectively as if I had never seen the show. I looked at online photos, hey I don’t photograph well (in my youth a few agencies offered “girl next door” modeling jobs, but I didn’t like the photos, I looked like an extra from Interview with the vampire), so I give a little leeway. FACE: I thought she was a decent looking woman for her 50’s. BODY: Good tone overall, decent figure, but she needs a new bra, those girls are sagging (I know, I have been a 34G since I was 13 and if I wear the wrong bra, it makes all the difference). Now, lets add not her rancid personality, but take out the emotion and just look at her words and actions. The show where she went out with “Mark” he absolutely looked younger than her, she “chose” him, pressured or not, the day before, then says she can’t believe Patty set her up with this “old” guy, hmmm. Sending someone a dress on the first date is a little creepy, but, Shauna poopooed “feelings” or “energy” when Patty had her meet with an expert…then says she couldn’t stand Mark’s “energy.” End result, she looks alright, she does not look significantly younger than her years, but when she “touched his hand” if she “felt” the “energy” wasn’t right, well, sometimes you make a decent friend, the least she could have done was said, “look, I really appreciate that you set all this up, and I thought I was ready, but, I just can’t.” BTW, if younger men were attracted to her, they would persue her, not for her money. I am 44y/o and am mistaken for 30s all the time, no surgery, no needles, just good skin care with frequent exfoliation and moisturizing…and…she looks about 15 years older. I must be doing something right because young guys hit on me regularly they are young enough to be my son or sometimes grandson! (18 y/o Marine who wanted a late 20- early 30s woman) ewww! She should stop “looking” enjoy life and TALK to men her age…she may find someone she really connects with, at her current frame of mind, I don’t think she is going to grow spiritually or ever be truly at peace and happy.

  • Cindy

    To Shauna, Some of the images of you online look like a little older and….plumper, perhaps that is the root of your issue, insecurity that, after monetary investment in surgery and substantial hard work on your own part to get in shape, you feel you must be happy with the results. As far as a successful woman, in your posts, you did not spell successful correctly, nor “trailer” etc….guess you have the money to pay someone else to spell check any business related or legal documents for you. I have never had to pay for a young guy to go out with me, I don’t tend to date young, but have inadvertently (he looked older) went out with a guy much (15 years) younger…he pursued me for weeks before we went out. I found out a few months into the relationship how old he was..oh, and he paid for every date and set most of them up. If they want you, again, they will pursue you, they will make the plans, and they will pay for the dates…sharing the expenses once in a committed relationship and living together is a different story.

  • Yeah, she’s a washed up dog

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