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[ # ] Michael Damian is Young and Restless again!
April 16th, 2008 under Michael Damian

Michael Damian just posted some exciting news on his site…he will be rejoining The Young and the Restless again in May! Last month he returned to Genoa City as Danny Romalotti to celebrate Y&R’s 35th anniversary, and I guess a lot people agreed with me that it was nice to see him again on the show, so the show decided to bring him back sooner rather than later!
Last month I asked Michael Damian what could get him back on the show:

SOW:Any chance of you going back to Y&R full time?
MD: That depends on 3 things. 1. Y&R would have to make me an offer. 2. It would depend on my schedule as a film director. 3. I would only return to Genoa City full time if I could wear my 80’s hair and spandex.

I can”t wait to see him with the ’80s hair and spandex again!!!
If you can’t wait to until May to see him on Y&R you can download his single Getting So Much Better on iTunes and check out his new movie Moondance Alexander on April 29th that he wrote and directed!


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