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[ # ] Remember Molly Ringwald?
January 18th, 2008 under Brat Pack, Remember?

Is it just me or does Molly Ringwald's boyfriend look a lot like Sixteen Candles' Jake Ryan, Michael Schoeffling? BTW whatever happened to him?

  • Angela McCann

    It’s just you…..Nobody can look like Jake Ryan. I wish someone would produce a movie and reunite the brat pack……and some extras like Jake Ryan, Long Duck Song, and Carolyn Mumford….it would be great….hey maybe I could do it.

  • Anonymous

    long duck dong*

  • Anonymous

    long duck dong = crazy chinese

  • Anonymous

    Ahhh Michael Schoeffling was so hot. Why didn’t he make any more movies? Ok well, since I stalked him online, I do know. It makes him more cool because he chose a normal life over stardom .. which he would gotten if he’d continued.

    I just wish I knew what he looked like now. And that there were more guys as hot as him and as perfect as Jake Ryan. And the name of his furniture shop so I could go buy something from there.

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