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[ # ] Joaquin Phoenix is so weird
January 9th, 2008 under Joaquin Phoenix

I am speechless when it comes to reacting to the way that Joaquin Phoenix reacted to winning his People’s Choice award. And I don’t have the benefit of writers to say that.
BTW he needs a writer ASAP because he spelled his own name wrong, unless he did that on purpose to prove some point or something…Or maybe he changed the spelling of his name kind of like he changed what he used to be called himself when he first started acting in movies like SpaceCamp??? Remember Leaf????



    You people really need a life, celebrity culture is a fucking joke. On the other hand Joaquin is awesome, he’s not a ‘celeb’ to me because he has a talent and has a huge heart especially for animals. He’s vegan. Maybe that’s why he’s ‘weird’. Us Vegans are so weird. Like omg, like wtf, like pgf. Duuuuh

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