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[ # ] What color is this purse?
October 6th, 2016 under Odd

It has been a while since we have had a viral question that causes the World Wide Web to go bananas and now that drought has finally ended. @WhyOfCorso asked her Followers to, “Everyone say hello to my new baby.” When someone referenced that the color of her Kate Spade purse is white, she told them that it was blue.
Now, we can all take a break from fighting over who should be the President of the United States, and get to the real issue of the day. I know what color I see, what color do you see?


  • LaPerlaDelSur

    I see white.

  • beccaboo1212

    Blue. Even before I read the article. Very pale baby blue.

  • MissKLB


  • The Bad Slayer


  • dw


  • Hannah


  • Flora Posteschild


  • Alipatz

    This WHITE bag will look lovely with the WHITE AND GOLD dress!

  • luvit

    It’s a Kate Spade bag…. *rolls eyes* ….who cares?!?

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