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[ # ] Oliver Stone accused of using the N word 16 years ago
April 16th, 2007 under Unadmirable People

NY Daily News did an interview with screenwriter Barry Michael Cooper who said that Oliver Stone used the N word at a party 16 years ago. "Oliver Stone's my hero, so I went over to him," Cooper recalls "[I said,] 'Man, I love your movie 'Wall Street.' … He said to me, 'Okay, thank you very much. I bet you like [the Stone-scripted] 'Scarface,' too. All n—s like 'Scarface.' [Stone] stumbled off. Right before I could go after him and commit career suicide, [director] Stan [Lathan] and [hip-hop mogul] Russell [Simmons] pulled on my arm and said, 'No you don't. Let it go. That's just him, he's high.'?" 

So how does Cooper feel about Stone 16 years later, "I don't think he's racist," Stone's rep had no comment about the incident.



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